The Oklahoma DMV motorcycle handbook is a manual that includes information about motorcycle operation and the various laws and regulations associated with operating a motorcycle in the state. The motorcycle manual is a great resource for you if you want to earn your motorcycle permit, license or endorsement because it can help you to prepare for the required exams. By studying the motorcycle DMV book, you are gaining important knowledge about how to properly drive a motorcycle, what gear to use, how to avoid crashes and much more.

The motorcycle handbook that you can access in Oklahoma is not only a great resource for you if you want to obtain your license or permit, but it is also a great tool to use if you already have your license. This is because the information included in the booklet is important to be understood no matter how much motorcycle experience you have, so keeping a copy and using it to refresh your memory is certainly a good idea.

What topics are covered in the Oklahoma motorcycle handbook?

The DMV motorcycle manual has eight main sections, with topics ranging from preparing to ride to a full three-wheel vehicle supplement. The topics covered in the manual are as follows:

  • The Rider and the Motorcycle. The first section of the motorcycle test book discusses the differences between operating a car and a motorcycle, and also touches on the fact that riding is a more active and full-body experience than driving a car. Therefore, additional information is needed so studying the guide is a great way to become a more experienced rider.
  • Preparing to Ride. Motorcycle helmet laws are discussed in the next section along with additional information about other highly recommended gear items you may want to use. You will also learn about how to become more familiar with your motorcycle, how to check your motorcycle equipment and how to be a responsible driver.
  • Ride Within your Abilities. Basic vehicle control is covered in this DMV motorcycle manual section along with information on keeping your distance from other vehicles, handling a variety of different problems and increasing conspicuity while riding. You will also learn important information about carrying passengers and cargo and how to safely participate in group riding.
  • Being in Shape to Ride. Operating any vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous, whether the vehicle is a car or a motorcycle. This next section discusses the consequences of driving under the influence and also points out that driving while drowsy can be very dangerous as well. This section is extremely important for understanding motorcycle safety as it pertains to being in a good mental and physical state for riding.
  • Earning your License. If you are working towards earning your motorcycle license, it is important that you read this section in the OK motorcycle operator manual on the requirements you must meet in order to get your license. Riding safely requires both knowledge and skill, so both a written motorcycle knowledge test and an on-motorcycle skills test will be required. This section also includes a few sample test questions that can help you to test your knowledge and practice for the written test.
  • Three-Wheel Supplement. Operating a three-wheel motorcycle is different from operating a standard two-wheel motorcycle, so there is additional information in this section that is useful for three-wheel motorcyclists.
  • Hand Signals. The motorcycle handbook also has a section dedicated to the various hand signals that are often used by cyclists when participating in a group ride. Look at the photos provided here to learn how to signal to those around you that you want to speed up, go single file, stop and more.
  • Pre-Ride Checklist. Lastly, you will find a pre-ride checklist sheet that you can use to ensure that you are properly prepared for going for a ride before you even hop onto your motorcycle.

Can an Oklahoma DMV Motorcycle Operator Manual Help Applicants Prepare for a Motorcycle Exam?

If you want to study for the motorcycle exams, the DMV motorcycle handbook is one of the best resources that you can utilize. All of the information that is going to be found on the knowledge exam and the maneuvers requested in the on-cycle skills exam can be found in the motorcycle handbook. Therefore, by studying the book as a motorcycle permit study guide, it can help you immensely and may help you to achieve passing scores on your first attempt.

What Other Materials Can Help Applicants Prepare for a Motorcycle Knowledge Test or Road Exam in Oklahoma?

Although the motorcycle test book is a great resource for studying for the knowledge and skill test, there are other materials that can be beneficial as well. For example, taking a practice test can be a great way to prepare for the written knowledge exam because it can help you to understand what information you need to study more, and it can also help you to familiarize yourself with the structure and format of the exam.

Another resource that can be very beneficial when used in conjunction with the OK motorcycle manual is enrolling in an approved motorcycle school. Participation in an OK motorcycle safety school will not only help you to become a better motorcyclist through hands-on instruction and practice, but it may also waive your requirement to take both the knowledge and skill test.

Who Else Can Benefit from an Oklahoma DMV Motorcycle Handbook?

Everyone can benefit from having a copy of the DMV motorcycle handbook in Oklahoma. Whether you already have your motorcycle license, or you are working towards your license, the information in the manual can be very beneficial for you to understand. There are so many different tips and techniques and motorcycle laws in the handbook that both beginner drivers and experienced drivers can benefit from reading.

How to Get a Motorcycle Operator Manual in OK

Getting your own copy of the motorcycle guide book is quite simple. You may either get your copy online, or you can call your local Oklahoma Division of Public Safety to see if they have copies of the motorcycle manual on-hand. To view the OK Motorcycle Operator Manual, click here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.