An Alaska DMV motorcycle handbook is a valuable resource for new and seasoned motorcyclists, as operating a motorcycle requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. The AK motorcycle handbook has been updated and expanded with the newest information available from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). A free copy of this educational motorcycle manual is available from the Alaska Department of Administration’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

A DMV handbook is intended to help motorcyclists learn about motorcycle driving laws before obtaining their M1, M2 or M3 motorcycle license in Alaska. Sometimes referred to as a motorcycle test book, the manual is the best study tool an applicant can use when preparing for the motorcycle knowledge exam and hands-on driving test.  Review the following sections to learn more about Alaska’s handbook and get tips on other ways to study for your AK motorcycle license.

What topics are covered in the Alaska DMV motorcycle handbook?

The Alaska motorcycle operator manual provides in-depth information and tips on a wide range of topics related to driving a motorcycle or motorized trike. The manual is organized into chapters devoted to motorcycle license testing, motorcycle familiarity and how to find proper safety gear.

As in many other states, Alaska’s DMV motorcycle handbook is meant to serve as a supplement to the Alaska Driver Handbook. Motorcycle enthusiasts must study both to adequately understand the state’s traffic laws and how they relate to obtaining a motorcycle license endorsement. Handbook topics include:

  • How to prepare for your M1, M2 or M3 Alaska motorcycle driver’s license.
  • Preparing to ride, including getting familiar with your motorcycle’s controls. This section also explains the importance of wearing the right motorcycle safety
  • Maximizing safety by learning how to see and be seen on the road through blind spot avoidance and helping other drivers see you.
  • Learning how distance relates to maintaining control of your motorbike in various driving and parking situations.
  • Handling hazardous situations including uneven surfaces, various weather conditions, railroad tracks and riding at night.
  • How motorcycle safety and performance is impacted by fatigue, alcohol and drug use.
  • Driving laws related to carrying passengers and gear on your motorcycle and when traveling in groups with other cyclists.
  • Motorcycle knowledge test preparation tips and what you can expect to see on a motorcycle test course.

Can a motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for an Alaska motorcycle exam?

An AK DMV motorcycle handbook is the best tool available to prepare for a motorcycle license exam. All the information on the Alaska motorcycle knowledge test comes from this operator manual.

While other resources are available online, the official state handbook is the only one that clearly outlines all the facts you need in order to pass. When you study your manual, you will learn about Alaska’s motorcycle permit laws, safe motorbike operation and other material that will appear on the knowledge test.

The Alaska motorcycle handbook also helps applicants learn the motorcycle test rules that will be covered during the on-cycle driving test. The manual outlines which safety procedures and driving actions are required to pass. It also includes information about the specific factors your test examiner will be looking for, such as how well you stop within a specified distance and your ability to keep your motorcycle in a proper path.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for an Alaska motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

Though a DMV motorcycle handbook is the best source for up-to-date educational information on driving a motorcycle in Alaska, it is not the only source of information when preparing to get a motorcycle license. Online motorcycle practice test apps can help you uncover and address gaps in your knowledge of the material.

The AK motorcycle DMV book is not just used to prepare for knowledge test questions. The manual provides valuable insight into the types of crash-avoidance skills that you must exhibit during your on-motorcycle road test. The motorcycle manual mentions safety factors that test examiners look for, but the best way of preparing for a road exam is to spend as much time driving as possible after you obtain your motorcycle learner’s permit.

Who else can benefit from an Alaska motorcycle manual?

The AK motorcycle operator manual benefits experienced motorcyclists and drivers new to motorbiking. Refer to the manual if you are switching to a three-wheeled vehicle after driving a two-wheeled motorbike. The manual contains a supplement devoted to the special issues three-wheel motorcycle drivers can face.

The AK DMV motorcycle handbook can benefit anyone interested in highway safety in Alaska. As the manual indicates, motorcycle use in Alaska has increased in recent years and that has resulted in an increase in motorcycle injuries and deaths on the state’s roadways.

All Alaska drivers can benefit from reading the motorcycle manual to gain a clearer understanding of the challenging factors motorcyclists can face and how to ensure motorcycle safety. Sharing the road properly is especially crucial when considering Alaska’s extreme weather and uneven terrain.

How to Get an Alaska DMV Motorcycle Manual

In Alaska, it may not be convenient to get a DMV motorcycle manual in person because of the long distance many must travel to reach the nearest office. Instead, click here to download the most recent copy of the motorcycle operator manual, which can be read entirely online or printed for your convenience.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.