Obtaining a VIN lookup in Alaska is an important step if you are interested in purchasing a used car. A VIN number lookup can also be used to help you sell your vehicle. The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be used to show the history of the vehicle so that you can determine whether or not it is up to safety standards before making the purchase or listing it for sale. To learn more, read the sections below.

Checking VIN Numbers Instantly Online in Alaska

You can easily do a VIN code lookup online for fast and accurate results. This option is perfect for anyone who needs the information quickly and wants the easiest and most effective method available.

Moreover, an online report will provide you with a variety of important information, including the car accident history, manufacturer information, a safety report and any recalls or defects regarding the vehicle.

Looking Up VIN Number Reports by Mail in Alaska

A different option involves submitting a request for an Alaska vehicle history report through the mail. To lookup VIN numbers, you must print and fill out the ‘Request for Research or Verification of Motor Vehicle Record’ form, and then mail it into the Alaska DMV Research office. A separate form must be submitted for each VIN number check in AK you want to perform.

The physical report form has a section for payment information to be provided, and this is where you can either write down your credit card information so that the appropriate Alaska VIN lookup fee can be charged, or, you have the option to leave that section blank, and provide your credit card information via phone. Additionally, you can enclose a check for the fee in the envelope if you would rather not pay with a card. Keep in mind, however, that payment information must be provided within three days of the office receiving the request, or the request will be discarded.

Part of how to check VIN number histories via mail includes completing the form in its entirety, and also providing written permission from the owner of the vehicle – if you are not the owner. Keep in mind that this process will take a longer time than the online method, and you will not receive the VIN report for at least a few days after mailing in your request. If you are not in a hurry to receive the report, this option may work for you. However, you can get started immediately by obtaining a quick and comprehensive VIN history.

What info is in an Alaska VIN history report?

If you order a VIN lookup in Alaska, you will easily receive all of the information you need to either successfully sell or buy a vehicle or become more comfortable with your current vehicle’s history. The comprehensive VIN lookup report will provide you with:

  • Manufacturer information.
  • Vehicle specifications.
  • Car title information (including the number of previous owners and any vehicle title problems).
  • A full safety report.
  • Any recalls or defects.
  • A full accident history.
  • Online sales history.
  • Odometer readings.
  • Theft status.
  • Information on any towing or impounds.

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Alaska?

Checking VIN numbers in Alaska before purchasing a car or another vehicle, such as a boat or a truck, is a very responsible thing to do. Obtaining a VIN number report can provide you with valuable information about the vehicle and its current condition.

A VIN lookup is equally as important if you are the seller of a vehicle. Providing the VIN history to an interested buyer will allow him or her to feel comfortable with purchasing your car from you, without worrying about whether or not it is a safe choice. Having a clean report can also help you to find interested buyers, and eventually negotiate the price of the vehicle in your favor.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

A VIN check can only be performed if you have the VIN number of the vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number is 17-digits long, and is typically found both somewhere on the physical vehicle, and in certain documentation. For example, you may be able to find the VIN on:

  1. The outside of the car, on the driver’s side windshield where it meets the dashboard in the lower corner.
  2. The inside of the car’s driver-side door, close to where the door latches closed.
  3. The auto insurance card or paperwork for the vehicle.
  4. The registration documents for the vehicle.

Keep in mind that if you cannot find the VIN for the vehicle, or you are unable to get it from the seller, there may be issues, such as theft, or something else to consider.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Alaska

A vehicle history report costs $10 in Alaska.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.