Each vehicle in Minnesota has a VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, which acts as an ID number to provide a history of the vehicle. A driver can use a VIN lookup in order to gather necessary information about a vehicle, especially when he or she is looking to purchase a used vehicle. The VIN code is a critical component to learning as much information about an automobile as possible.

When a driver is looking to purchase a used vehicle, there might be some issues with the car that a seller does not disclose. For instance, whether or not the vehicle has been in a car accident, or if there is a lien, can all be found by checking VIN numbers. In order to find out the various ways in which the VIN number can be checked in Minnesota, continue below.

How to Perform a VIN Number Lookup Online in Minnesota

Perhaps the easiest way to perform a VIN code lookup in Minnesota is through the online option. The reason why an online vehicle history report is preferred because it is the fastest way to retrieve results.

To lookup VIN number information online means that there is no waiting in line at the DMV or counting the weeks it takes for results to come back in the mail. If a driver needs to learn about the history of a car – and learn fast – this is the best option. There are not many private vehicle sellers that will end up waiting a few weeks for a decision on the sale of a car, if a potential buyer needs to wait for the VIN report.

Ordering a VIN Number Check by Mail in Minnesota

Another way to order a Minnesota VIN history for a vehicle is by mail. Requesting a mailed VIN number report tends to take the longest to receive, and also requires a few different steps. To order the vehicle history by mail, a driver should:

  1. Download and print the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) record request.
  2. Provide written consent, if the record is for another person.
  3. Include a legible copy of driver license, government-issued identification card or notarized signature.
  4. Add the necessary information about the vehicle, including the year and make, the license plate number and the VIN number.
  5. Pay the necessary fees.

Checking VIN Numbers at the DMV in Minnesota

The final option to request a VIN number check in MN is through the DMV, in person. Drivers should find the closest DMV which provides assistance, and either make an appointment (if applicable) or walk in on their own time. Make sure to bring a driver’s license, a VIN number and payment for any necessary fees.

While visiting the DMV to lookup VIN numbers might seem like the most obvious choice, it often comes with the most drawbacks. For starters, visiting the DMV tends to be a drawn-out process, with long lines, crowded spaces and extended wait times, to name a few. For circumstances that require an in-person DMV visit, like obtaining a driver’s license, there is no other option. But, when a driver has the option to order online, there really is no reason to spend the day waiting at the physical DMV office.

What info is in a Minnesota VIN history report?

A Minnesota VIN lookup can offer some of the most comprehensive information that is attached to a vehicle. A few of the most important things that come with a VIN report include the following:

  • Car title information
  • Recalls and defects
  • Manufacturer’s information
  • Accident history
  • Online sales history
  • Vehicle specifications

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Minnesota?

Knowing why a VIN report in Minnesota is necessary is just as important as how to check VIN number information. Understanding the history of a vehicle is important, especially for potential buyers. Buying a used vehicle in a private sale can be a risky move for anyone. However, the VIN code report can provide reassurance that the seller of the car may not. The vehicle report will verify whether or not the deal is a good one, and if there are any issues within the car’s history that a driver should know about.

Additionally, the VIN history for a vehicle can also be beneficial for the seller of a car. By ordering a vehicle history report and providing it to potential buyers, it can make the process of the sale go by much smoother. When a buyer sees that a seller has nothing to hide, then it can provide the necessary reassurance for a quick vehicle sale.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

The VIN number on a vehicle can be located in a few different places, all depending on the vehicle, itself. For instance, sometimes the most obvious place for a VIN code is on the bottom of the windshield, on the driver’s side.

However, the serial number is also often located on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door, where the door latches. Look for a number that includes letters and numbers between 11 to 17 characters in length. Keep in mind, too, that a VIN number can be found on the car registration documentation, so make sure to verify any discrepancies between the two numbers.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Minnesota

The fees for a vehicle report in MN are as follows:

  • If requesting your own records:
    • Non-certified copy – $9.00
    • Certified copy – $10.00
    • Certified copy and license issuance date letter – $11.00
  • If requesting records for someone else:
    • Non-certified copy – $9.50
    • Certified copy – $10.50
    • Certified copy and license issuance date letter – $11.50
Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.