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How to Apply for a Motorcycle License in Minnesota

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You can apply for a motorcycle permit and license at any DDVS (Department of Public Safety - Division of Driver and Vehicle Services) office in Minnesota. In order to apply for a motorcycle license you must first have a regular license.

New Applicants Over 18

Listed below are the requirements to obtain a motorcycle endorsement:

  1. Complete application form- original must be submitted in person; no photocopies are allowed.
  2. Have your picture taken.
  3. Give a thumb print.
  4. Pay an application fee ($21).
  5. Pass the vision test.
  6. Pass the signs and traffic laws examination. See practice tests for more information on the written exam.
  7. Book an appointment for your examination by calling 651-297-3298 OR please see your local DDVS office for hours and locations.

New Applicants below 18

In addition to the above requirements, applicants under 18 must:

  1. Provide a parent/guardian's signature on the consent form
  2. Present proof that you have finished driver's education and driver training OR present your Minnesota driver's license. Please see Driver's Education and Driving Schools for additional details.
  3. Provide proof of birth date and legal status documentation.
  4. Present your true full name.
  5. Present your social security number.

Instruction Permit (Learner's Permit)

Once you complete the aforementioned prerequisites, you will be given an instruction permit. This permit will allow you to practice driving a motorcycle for a year.

Instruction Permit Restrictions

With your instruction permit you are not permitted to:

  • Drive on the highway.
  • Drive during the evening.
  • Ride with any passengers.

Applying for a Motorcycle License

Under 18

  1. You must first get a license or instruction permit before you can enroll for the Basic Rider course.
  2. Complete the Basic Rider course offered by the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC). For more information on this course please see motorcycle training course.
  3. Present the MMSC course certificate to your local DDVS office.

Over 18

  1. If you have a regular Minnesota driver license and motorcycle instruction permit before you attend a motorcycle driver training course offered by the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC).
  2. Present the course certificate to your local DDVS office.
  3. OR take the motorcycle driving test by scheduling an appointment at a DMV office.


There is a fee of $21 for the test and $11.75 for the endorsement.

Additional Information

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