Anyone wanting to operate a motorcycle must carry a valid, up-to date New Hampshire motorcycle license, an appropriate permit, or have a motorcycle endorsement added to their existing driver’s license. These credentials allow the motorcycle driver to utilize the New Hampshire public road system, but also holds them to the rules and responsibilities as all other vehicle drivers using the same streets and highways.

Prospective motorcycle drivers begin by applying for a learner’s permit, valid for 45 days or until the permit holder obtains a permanent motorcycle license or motorcycle endorsement. This document, obtained in the DMV, allows an individual to drive a motorcycle, but does not permit the carrying of passengers. Passing a vision test and a motorcycle knowledge test are requirements.

What is a New Hampshire motorcycle endorsement?

If you have an automobile driver’s license and want to operate a motorcycle then you only need to add a motorcycle endorsement to your existing license. Passing the motorcycle rider training program or taking and passing the motorcycle skills test at a DMV office is mandatory in order to apply for this M endorsement in New Hampshire. The DMV requires that you bring the following to your visit:

  • Your current New Hampshire driver’s license
  • A check, cash, or credit card to pay for the $30 fee
  • A completed Application for Motorcycle Endorsement
  • One of the following to show proof of fitness to operate a motorcycle:
    • A motorcycle skills test which demonstrates passing grade
    • A Motorcycle Rider Training Program completion card, demonstrating successful completion of course, within one year.

Motorcycle Permit Requirements in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire anyone wanting to operate a motorcycle must go through the process of first acquiring a learner’s permit, which allows the driver to operate a motorcycle until they obtain a motorcycle driver’s license or a motorcycle endorsement. Applicants for the permit should study the New Hampshire Motorcycle Handbook, to best prepare for the motorcycle knowledge test which must be passed and must also pass the mandatory vision test. The motorcycle permit age in New Hampshire is a factor as a learner’s permit is issued to any resident who is either 18 years of age or older, or is between 16 and 18 years or age and has successfully passed an approved driver education program. This permit is valid for 45 days or until the future motorcycle driver obtains the required motorcycle licensing and cannot be renewed.

There are certain additional requirements for motorcycle permit in New Hampshire and these are the same as mentioned before when acquiring a motorcycle license. Applicants must go to the local DMV office with a current and valid license, must be prepared to pay the $30 fee, and those that already have a driver’s license must come with a completed motorcycle endorsement application.

New Hampshire Motorcycle Permit Rules and Restrictions

What does a motorcycle permit allow you to do in New Hampshire? A learner’s permit allows you the exposure to the same public roadway system as all other drivers, but the permit comes with certain motorcycle permit restrictions that you must adhere to. If you are a permit holder you may only operate a motorcycle during daylight hours. Additionally, you must not ride a motorcycle with any passengers on board.

How to Get a Motorcycle Permit in New Hampshire

Drivers seeking a New Hampshire motorcycle permit must visit a local DMV office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM and be able to pass a vision test and a motorcycle knowledge test. A DMV motorcycle permit test is only available on a walk-in basis. They can find the location nearest to them by visiting the New Hampshire DMV website. Any driver under the age of 18 must have successfully completed a motorcycle Basic Rider Class, which is a course designed for beginners with little or no motorcycle experience, and must have a parental permission form, signed by parent or guardian.

New Hampshire Motorcycle License Requirements

Drivers wanting to obtain a motorcycle license must meet the requirements for motorcycle license in New Hampshire. These requirements vary depending on the age, citizenship status and their current driver’s license status. This also includes meeting the minimum motorcycle license age of 16 years, passing a vision test and showing proof that they are fit enough to safely operate a motorcycle. They can prove that they are so fit by passing a motorcycle Basic Rider Class or by taking and passing a motorcycle skills test at the DMV site. Drivers can enroll for the Basic Rider Class by sending a completed course registration form to:

New Hampshire Dept. of Safety
DMV – Motorcycle Rider Training
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305
Fax: (603) 271-0368

Required Documents

It is mandatory that you pass the motorcycle classes, also called the Basic Rider Course, or take and pass the motorcycle skills test to apply for a motorcycle license in New Hampshire. You must bring with you to the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles office the following documentation:

  • Your New Hampshire driver’s license. It must be valid and current.
  • Proof of citizenship or residency. Non-U.S. citizens with established residency should review the requirements of the New Hampshire Permanent Resident, Asylee, Refugee, Employment Authorization Card (EAD).
  • A completed Application for Motorcycle Endorsement. This covers 3-wheel and motor driven motorcycles.
  • A credit card, check, or cash to cover the $30 fee.
  • One of the following to show that you are fit to operate a motorcycle in New Hampshire:
    • A motorcycle skills test showing that you passed
    • A Motorcycle Rider Training Program completion card showing that you successfully completed the course less within one calendar year.

How to Get a Motorcycle License in New Hampshire

A local DMV office is where to get a motorcycle license in New Hampshire. Applicants must submit a completed application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card along with appropriate documentation when visiting the DMV. The documentation includes a current and valid driver’s license and proof of either the passing of a motorcycle driving test in New Hampshire or a completion card showing successful conclusion of a motorcycle rider training program. The $30 fee should also be brought. Any applicant who has paid for a motorcycle learner’s permit within one year of applying for a motorcycle license, does not have to pay the $30 fee.

In New Hampshire an online motor cycle test is acceptable for the renewal of a driver’s license, including a motorcycle license, and a motorcycle endorsement for someone who already has a driver’s license. Any driver who receives a renewal notice from the state’s DMV with a Renewal Identification Number (RIN) included is eligible to renew online. There are no additional costs associated with the online renewal process, the fees are the same as if you were to renew in person.

Getting a New Hampshire Motorcycle License as a New Resident

All New Hampshire residents are required to have a valid New Hampshire driver’s license to drive a vehicle legally in the state, and this includes motorcycle drivers. Motorcycle drivers who move to the state of New Hampshire from another state must obtain a New Hampshire motorcycle license within 60 days of becoming a resident of New Hampshire in order to be in compliance.

Required Motorcycle Classes in New Hampshire

Applicants for a New Hampshire motorcycle license or motorcycle learner’s permit need to show the ability to balance on and ride a bicycle and must prove fitness to drive a motorcycle. Passing a motorcycle Basic Rider Class is one way for a driver over 18 to prove that they are fit to operate a motorcycle and that they have received proper motorcycle training in New Hampshire. An already licensed driver who successfully completes this class can obtain his or her motor cycle endorsement without any additional testing at the DMV. It is mandatory for drivers under 18 to pass this Basic Rider Course.

New Hampshire offers additional motorcycle classes, like the intermediate and experienced rider courses which are more focused on refreshing and improving the driving skills of the more experienced motorcycle drivers.

New Hampshire DMV Motorcycle Test Details

Prospective New Hampshire motorcycle drivers are required to pass a vision test, a knowledge test, and either successfully pass a Basic Rider Course or pass a motorcycle skills test before they can receive their motorcycle license. These tests are provided at various stages of the licensing process, with the vision and knowledge testing done at the beginning stage, when the driver is applying for a motorcycle permit.

Vision Test

  • You must be able to prove you have 20/40 vision in both eyes
  • Corrective eyewear such as contact lenses or glasses are acceptable, but then must be worn at all times when driving.

Motorcycle Written Test

  • You will be asked multiple choice questions
  • You must score 80% or higher to pass
  • All tests are random. You will not see the same test if you have to take again.

Motorcycle Road Test

  • Tests your driving habits
  • Tests how well you know the rules of the roadway and traffic signs
  • Tests your ability to handle your vehicle in all kinds of conditions
  • Tests your coping mechanisms for dealing with stress when driving in traffic

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire all drivers must have the appropriate class of license to operate the type of vehicle they will be driving. Every vehicle is identified and classified based on the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating and body style. According to the Division of Motor Vehicles of the New Hampshire Department of Safety you do not need a DMV motorcycle license to operate a scooter. In order to drive a moped, motor scooter, bicycle with an attached motor or any small motorcycle with no more than 5 horsepower a Motor-Driven cycle License is required.

New Hampshire Motorcycle License Costs

The motorcycle license cost in New Hampshire varies depending on what type of licensing you wish to obtain. How much does it costs to get a motorcycle license? Below you can see prices associated with the various stages an applicant may be in.

  • Motorcycle permit – $30
  • Motorcycle only license – $55
  • First time motorcycle endorsement – $30
  • Renewal of motorcycle endorsement – $5

Drivers that apply for their license within a year of receiving their permit will see their licensing fees waived.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.