A Rhode Island motorcycle driver’s license is an official document that allows riders to legally operate their motorcycles on public roads within the state. The motorcycle license is issued through the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (RI DMV) of the state Department of Revenue (DOR). Moreover, a Class M license may be obtained through a DMV branch in the form of an endorsement added to an existing driver’s license.

Applicants can get an endorsement only if they present a valid state driver’s license to the Rhode Island DMV. During the application procedure, drivers will first be required to apply for a permit and then replace it with a full license. Find out how and where to get motorcycle licenses in Rhode Island by reviewing the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Rhode Island

When applying for a motorbike license in Rhode Island, motorists will be required to meet certain eligibility criteria for both a standard license and an endorsement. Motorists who want a Class M permit may be required to:

  • Provide a completed LI-1 form.
  • Present a certificate of completion from the motorcycle safety course.
  • Submit a current and valid Rhode Island driver’s license.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Applicants for an RI motorcycle driver’s license may be required to presents only an LI-1 form along with a current driver’s license or a permit. Note that the permit is valid for 18 months only, therefore riders are encouraged to obtain an unrestricted license after holding a permit for a minimum of 30 days.

Note: New residents who hold an out-of-state motorcycle license may be able to convert their current endorsement to their new RI driving credential.

Rhode Island Motorcycle License Training Courses

Prior to requesting a Rhode Island motorcycle driver’s license, applicants must complete a state-approved motorbike safety program, regardless of their age. To obtain a learner’s permit, riders are required to complete only a basic course program, provided by the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). More experienced riders who have already obtained their full bike licenses may have the option to enroll in more advanced courses in order to refresh their skills or learn something new. Contact a local RI DMV branch for further information about the available training facilities within the state.

Rhode Island Motorcycle License Tests

Motorists who want to apply for a bike license will be required to complete a state-approved motorbike safety program. However, they will also have to pass an eye test and insert the test results on the permit application form. Moreover, permit applicants will also have to pass a knowledge test. When applying for a first-time license, applicants will also be required to pass a road test. To discover more detailed information about the examinations required for a license, contact the Rhode Island DMV.

The Rhode Island Motorcycle License Application Process

When motorists apply for a motorcycle driver’s license, they may have to request a standard driver’s license if they do not already hold one. To complete the process, drivers must obtain a learning permit and convert it into a driving license by passing the skills test. Applicants will be required to submit a set of identity documents, an application form and a payment for the applicable fees. The procedure to get a license can be finalized after applicants:

  • Provide a certificate of completion of a state-approved Basic Rider Course.
  • Complete and submit the LI-1 form.
  • Submit the current driver’s license.
  • Present additional documentation, if needed.
  • Take and pass the required examinations.
  • Submit payment for the applicable fees.

The RI DMV will issue a Class M permit after reviewing the submitted paperwork. Riders will be required to hold the permit for at least 30 days, during which they must avoid committing driving violations. After completion of the probationary period, motorists may revisit the office to have the endorsement added to their driving license.

Rhode Island Motorcycle License Fees

The final step of the motorcycle licensing application process is the submission of payment for the applicable fees. Applicants may have to first obtain a learners permit at a fee of $26.50. Then, the permit can be replaced for a license with a full bike license by paying the same amount. Riders who lose their credentials may obtain a duplicate if they pay the same fee of $26.50. Also, by completing the drivers license renewal procedure at the cost of $61.50, riders will prolong their endorsement as well. Note that the RI DMV may change the cost without notice. Therefore, make sure to contact the RI DMV beforehand in order to discover the fees.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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