You can use an Oregon motorcycle license in order to legally operate an approved two or three-wheeled vehicle on Oregon’s expansive roads and highways. Getting this kind of document is a special event for many drivers in the state, as motorcycle riding is beloved by many Oregonians. By working with the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Driver & Motor Vehicle Services (DMV), you too can get the driving documents that you need to fulfill this.

A motorbike license in Oregon is actually comprised of either an instructional permit for new drivers, or a series of endorsements to supplement the driver’s licenses of existing drivers in the state. You will need one of these documents to legally operate certain vehicles in the state, as well as some forms of safety education and knowledge testing. This article will discuss all of these topics in greater detail for Oregon drivers, and inform you of how to get the motorcycle documents that you need in the state.

What is an Oregon motorcycle endorsement?

With a motorcycle endorsement, Oregon drivers can have the opportunity to drive the motorcycle that they want, without sacrificing the ability to drive other vehicles. You must have a standard driver’s license in order to apply for one of these endorsements, which will allow you to add a motorcycle designation to your existing license.

However, there are also individual permits that you can get separately through the Oregon DMV, which can allow you to just drive motorcycles, and with restrictions. Thus, the three relevant documents in Oregon include:

  • The standard endorsement, for two-wheeled motorcycles.
  • The restricted endorsement, for three-wheeled motorcycles.
  • The instruction permit, for limited motorcycle practice driving.

Motorcycle Permit Requirements in Oregon

Considering the motorcycle permit age in Oregon is incredibly important, and other requirements may also play a role in whether or not you can begin riding a motorcycle in the state. To start, you must be no younger than 16 years of age to get your permit through the OR DMV.

You must also have your Oregon driver’s license, as motorcycles may only be legally operated in the state by those who are already familiar with driving. In addition, you will need to complete a specialized DMV knowledge test and vision exam before being allowed to purchase a permit.

Required Documents

In addition to these tests, an Oregon motorcycle permit applicant will need to provide the DMV with proof of their legal eligibility for such an impactful driving document. This can be done by bringing in original copies of the following to your permit application:

  • Documents showing your legal presence and applicable name changes in Oregon. These could be a birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate and more.
  • Documents showing your current Oregon residential address. These could be a school enrollment paper, vehicle registration, health benefits card and more.
  • Any documents that prove your immigration status, if applicable. These could be refugee travel documents, a foreign passport, Employment Authorization Cards and more.

Oregon Motorcycle Permit Rules and Restrictions

Tackling the Oregon DMV’s motorcycle permit restrictions is the first step for new motorcyclists in the state, but dealing with them while practicing for the official license test is extremely critical. The most limiting of these restrictions is also one of the most relevant ones, as Oregon permit holders cannot operate a motorcycle without the direct supervision of a licensed rider on a separate motorcycle, who is at least 21 years of age or older. In addition, you cannot use your permit outside of daylight hours in Oregon, and cannot carry any passengers without upgrading to a full endorsement.

How to Get a Motorcycle Permit in Oregon

Obtaining a DMV motorcycle permit in Oregon is possible only by collecting all of the information outlined above, and taking it to the DMV office nearest you. This is most easily accomplished by compiling all of your information with the OR DMV application form, giving it to the DMV customer service representative along with your fee, and taking the required knowledge and vision exams.

If these tests are passed, you can receive your permit once it is finished processing, and begin to practice driving for your license application. This permit will last for one year before expiring.

Oregon Motorcycle License Requirements

The Oregon motorcycle license age requirement is exactly the same as its permit requirement, meaning that Oregon residents who are 16 or older can have the opportunity to get their full license. In Oregon, however, these licenses work a little bit differently than in many other states.

Instead of being provided with a new license altogether, full motorcycle driving privileges in the state come in the form of a supplemental endorsement to your standard driver’s license. This means that all motorcycle drivers in Oregon must have a driver’s license.

For your Oregon motorcycle license endorsement to take effect, you must provide the DMV with all of the relevant documents once again, as well as information on your Team Oregon driver education course completion. Depending on which course was completed, you may be able to waive your skills test later on.

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Oregon

Finding out where to get a motorcycle license in Oregon should be quite easy, since you have already experienced working with the DMV to get your permit. In Oregon, there is no timespan that must pass before you are able to attempt a license application through the DMV. Therefore, whenever you feel ready, you may bring all of the necessary materials to the DMV for your skills test.

However, if your skills test has been waived as described below, you must simply confirm that your information is correct for your new endorsed license. This endorsement will arrive in the mail, at which point you will have full access to motorcycle use in the state of Oregon.

Getting an Oregon Motorcycle License as a New Resident

If you need new Oregon DMV motorcycle documents as a new resident of the state, the DMV can work with you to make that happen quickly and painlessly. You must simply surrender your existing out-of-state license, submit all of your required documents and wait for your new endorsed license to process.

You will not need to retake a knowledge or skills exam if your out-of-state license included a motorcycle endorsement. Additionally, while waiting for your Oregon license, you will receive a temporary license which will allow you to drive your motorcycle in the state legally.

Required Motorcycle Classes in Oregon

The motorcycle classes available in Oregon are very diverse, and it is easy to find a program that is a good fit for your instructional needs. One of the more popular providers, Team Oregon, has a Basic Rider Training course which is approved by the Oregon DMV. This program, when taken and passed, will be able to serve as a waiver for both the knowledge and driving skills tests needed for your endorsement. There is also the Intermediate Rider Training course available, which is an online course that can waive just the DMV knowledge test upon receiving a passing grade.

Taking a Team Oregon motorcycle safety course can allow interested motorcycle applicants to learn about the intricate details of the DMV tests. This includes learning about safety precautions that you should take, street signs, what to do when maneuvering around other vehicles, how to turn your motorcycle and more. Taking these courses can not only teach you all of this valuable cycling information, but it can also speed up your overall license process.

Oregon DMV Motorcycle Test Details

Dealing with the Oregon DMV motorcycle test process is the biggest challenge for future motorcyclists in the state, and so preparing for these exams will allow you to adequately complete whichever tests you may need. While the tests below may or may not be required for certain individuals, all Oregon drivers will need to pass the vision screening before they are to be given any driving documents.

Motorcycle Knowledge Test

The Oregon motorcycle knowledge test is made up of multiple-choice questions, which are drawn directly from the DMV’s Motorcycle & Moped Manual. This test is required for those looking for a permit in Oregon, but it can be waived if you have completed the right Oregon Basic Rider training course. The knowledge in this test is quite broad, and can encompass:

  • Distracted riding, and its dangers.
  • The effects of drugs, alcohol and bad weather on riding.
  • The proper riding gear and clothing.
  • What to do at intersections, and more.

Motorcycle Skills Test

Alternatively, the Oregon motorcycle skills test is a much more involved exam that measures students’ actual driving abilities. This involves driving a motorcycle in front of a test examiner, and following their instructions on where to drive, turn, park, swerve and more. Passing this test or completing a Basic Rider training course are both acceptable, and you will only need to perform one task or the other to get your endorsement.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in Oregon?

Getting a motorcycle license in Oregon is not required if you would like to drive a moped or scooter, which is a type of two/three-wheeled vehicle whose engine does not go above 50cc, or 30 miles per hour. These vehicles require no permit in order to begin driving and can be legally driven in the state of Oregon with a standard driver’s license.

On the other hand, there are many restrictions to driving a moped, such as never being able to carry passengers, not being able to use one on sidewalks while running the engine, or always being required to wear a helmet while driving one.

Oregon Motorcycle License Costs

Your final Oregon motorcycle license cost will be payable by cash, check, debit or credit card to the DMV upon visiting one of their statewide offices for your various application tests. These fees have varying prices, which can include:

  • The $23 one-year permit fee.
  • The $87 fee for residents who are upgrading an existing license.
  • The $144 fee for residents who do not have an Oregon driver’s license.
  • The $5 motorcycle knowledge test fee.
  • The $9 drive test fee.
  • The $26 permit replacement fee.
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.