Oregon motorcycle license documents are official credentials issued by the state Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) that authorize the holder to legally operate his or her motorcycle within the state. The state DMV issues a motorcycle endorsement instead of standalone bike licenses for those who meet certain eligibility criteria. Therefore, in order to obtain a motorcycle license in OR, applicants must first hold a standard driver’s license.

Note that you will need a license endorsement if your motorcycle has an engine size larger than 50cc. Also, the division issues different endorsements for two-wheeled and three-wheeled motorcycles. Find out more about applying for a motorcycle license in OR by reviewing the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Oregon

Meeting the Oregon motorcycle license requirements is one of the most important steps when getting your motorcycle license in the state. The eligibility criteria for an endorsement are also in addition to the standard requirements for a regular license since the endorsement is added to an existing license. The following list outlines the common requirements you must meet when requesting a motorcycle credential:

  • You are 16 years of age or older.
  • You hold a valid standalone driving license.
  • You have obtained a motorcycle permit if required to do so.
  • You have completed a state-approved motorcycle safety course.
  • You are fit to safely operate a motorcycle in any traffic situation.
  • You are able to prove your identity, state residency, legal U.S. presence and Social Security Number (SSN).

When collecting the paperwork needed for an OR bike endorsement, applicants must ensure they have the documents that apply to their current circumstances. For instance, while U.S. citizens can prove their identity with an official U.S. birth certificate or passport, temporary residents will be required to submit the corresponding immigration documents.

Note: If you are transferring a valid motorcycle license or endorsement issued by another U.S. state, you will not be required to pass any DMV tests or complete a rider’s course.

Oregon Motorcycle License Training Courses

Applicants for Oregon motorbike endorsements will have to complete an approved motorcycle rider’s program, regardless of their age. For purposes of preparing motorcyclists for bike licenses, the state DMV has authorized Team Oregon as the only approved rider’s course provider. To qualify for a motorcycle endorsement in OR, applicants will either be required to complete the Basic Rider Training (BRT) course or the Intermediate Rider Training (IRT) course. If you complete the BRT program, your knowledge and on-cycle skills tests will be waived. Graduates from the IRT course will still be required to take the written knowledge exam.

Oregon Motorcycle License Tests

To obtain an Oregon motorcycle license, you will be required to prove that you have the knowledge and physical fitness necessary to safely operate a motorcycle. Therefore, when getting a motorcycle license, you will have to pass a vision screening and a motorcycle knowledge test. Note that the state DMV does not administer a road skills test when issuing motorcycle licenses in OR since you are required to complete a state-approved rider’s course with the goal of developing the necessary riding skills. Note that, while passing a written test is a strict requirement when getting a learner’s permit, you have the option of submitting a BRT course certificate instead of taking the test when requesting a bike endorsement in the state. The motorcycle license test contains 20 multiple choice question on topics such as road rules and regulations and safe riding practices.

Note: Riders who graduate from a rider’s course may also qualify for reduced vehicle insurance rates.

The Oregon Motorcycle License Application Process

To finalize the process of applying for a motorcycle license in Oregon, riders will be required to follow several steps. Note that you cannot initiate the bike license application procedure until you obtain a valid DMV driver’s license since the division adds the privilege to ride a motorcycle as an endorsement to existing credentials. If you hold a valid license to drive, you can get a motorcycle license in OR by completing these steps:

  • Make a DMV office visit to apply for a motorcycle permit.
  • Fill out the Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card, submit the supporting documentation, pass the initial tests and pay the permit fee.
  • Complete the mandatory rider education course through Team Oregon.
  • Make another DMV visit to apply for an endorsement by submitting the course certification, the supporting paperwork and application form and the endorsement fee.

Once the state DMV verifies that you meet the endorsement requirements, it will issue you a new credential with a bike endorsement, which will retain the expiration date of the original credential.

Oregon Motorcycle License Fees

Before issuing a license, the state DMV must verify payment for the applicable licensing fees. The total cost for a new endorsement will vary depending on whether or not the applicant is requesting both a driving license and a bike endorsement or simply adding the corresponding endorsement to an existing license to drive. Upgrading a current driver’s license with an Oregon motorbike endorsement costs $87, whereas getting a regular driving license and an endorsement package costs $144. Note that you may also be required to pay the $23.50 fee for the one-year motorcycle permit. Additional testing fees may be imposed as well.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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