Oregon boat registration is available to boat owners through the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB), the department serving boaters through registration, education and enforcement. There are few exemptions for Oregon vessel registration and titling, but the state’s advanced online services make for an organized and prompt motorboat registration system.

Boaters have easy access to registration processes, across a variety of platforms including online, by mail and in person. Continue reading the sections below to learn how to register a boat in Oregon, including renewal and replacement guidelines.

Requirements for Boater Registration in Oregon

“What do you need to register a boat in Oregon?” is a common question many boaters may ask themselves. Requirements to register a boat in Oregon are straightforward and begin with completing the application for boat title/registration. Registration instructions include three ways to register a boat: online, in person or by mail, with the online option being the fastest way to obtain a new registration.

If the boat is new, Oregon boat registration instructions state that the applicant must provide the original manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO). Lastly, submit the documents along with fees to the Marine Board.

For a used boat registration, obtain the Oregon certificate of title from the seller. The seller must sign and date the release of interest line while the buyer must complete the new owner section. The last step is to submit documents with fees to the OSMB.

The OR boat registration form will require boaters to provide vessel description information, including the following items:

  • Year, length, hull identification number (HIN) and name of boat manufacturer
  • Primary source of propulsion
  • Hull material
  • Vessel type
  • Primary use or operation
  • Fuel type
  • Engine drive type
  • Security interest holder information

Exemptions From Boat Registration and Titling in State

“Is your boat exempt from registration in Oregon?” is a question many boaters may encounter. There are few common registration exemptions Oregon that boaters should be aware of. Rather than list which boats are exempt from registration in Oregon, it is more comprehensive to state which boats are not exempt.

The only boats that do not require registration and titling in Oregon are those without motors. All motorboats must be titled and registered regardless of size, construction or type and size of motor. Inflatable rafts with motors, personal watercraft such as jet skis, and sailboats measuring 12’ or longer must all be registered.

State Boat Insurance

While researching boat insurance rates in Oregon is not a requirement to register or operate a boat on state waters, the OSMB highly recommends it. It is important to know that boat insurance quotes in Oregon may be discounted if you present proof of having completed a boater safety education course.

State Boat Registration Fees

Boat registration fees in Oregon apply to any boat with a motor, regardless of its size. Sailboats longer than 12’ must also be registered. The boat registration cost in OR covers two years; all decals expire December 31. Registration fees are based on a simple formula that takes into consideration the length of the vessel. For every foot in length, $4.50 is assessed.

For example, how much does it cost to register a boat in OR that is 21’ long? Base registration fees would be 21 x $4.50 = $94.50. Round up to get $95. Add $5 for the Aquatic Invasive Species Surcharge. Total fees will equal $100.

Renewing Your State Boat Registration

You may renew boat registration online in Oregon via the RegLine system. Methods of how to renew your boat registration in Oregon also include the following options:

  • In-person boat registration renewal in Oregon can be done by visiting a Boat Registration Agent. The agent will charge a processing fee. A temporary permit will be issued for immediate use, and it can take 4 to 6 weeks for the permanent decals to arrive in the mail.
  • S. Mail renewal is best utilized by consulting the boat registration renewal coupon that is mailed to the registered owner near registration expiration every two years. Simply return the coupon with fees covering the amount indicated. Decals may take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, but you may ask the clerk to mail a temporary renewal receipt to you.

When renewing online for the first time, you must first create an account. You will know when to renew a boat registration in OR because all decals expire every other year on December 31.

Replacing Your State Boat Registration

To replace a boat registration in Oregon, write a letter requesting a duplicate registration card and duplicate decals. Procedures for registration replacement include providing the boat owner’s name, mailing address and the certificate number of the boat.

You cannot replace a boat registration online and must send your request to the Marine Board or visit the Marine Board in person and bring proof of ownership. Like the car registration replacement process, replacing registration documents helps vessel operators maintain boating privileges.

Boater Safety Courses in State

A boater safety course in Oregon is required of all boaters operating a motorboat powered by more than 10 horsepower. Furthermore, an Oregon boating safety course is also required for all youth boaters age 12 to 15 operating any size boat. Course options include classroom instruction, online courses or equivalency exams.

State Boater License

Boaters may apply for an OR boating license or education card after successfully completing the safety boating course. To apply for an online boating license, visit the RegLine online services site or print out the application and mail it in.

When submitting a license application by mail, include a check or money order in the amount of $10. Note that while boaters must possess this card to legally operate a motorboat in Oregon waters, it is only loosely referred to as a license. Unlike a drivers license, it is not an official license.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.