To replace a lost driver’s license in Oregon, vehicle owners should determine the specific steps associated with the services they require. Replacement credentials are issued to Oregon drivers who have lost their document as well as to residents with stolen or damaged card. There are a few other reasons to get a replacement drivers license in OR which are described in the following section.

If you are looking for answers to questions like, “Where can I replace driver’s license documents in OR?” the information included below will help answer your concerns.

When is a Replacement Drivers License Required in Oregon?

As mentioned above, the most common reasons to replace your driver’s license in Oregon are when your driver’s license is lost, severely damaged The Oregon DMV describes other times that a duplicate driver’s license is essential. First, many drivers move frequently, but they need to update their address each time.

Although an address change process does not require a full Oregon driver’s license replacement, it does necessitate a modification to your existing license. You may apply for an address sticker replacement via the DMV’s online request form indicating that you would like an address sticker replacement.

The DMV will mail you a replacement address sticker that you can put right over the address area on your current driver’s license card.

Secondly, applying for a new credential is required upon getting married or divorced. A third reason for replacing driver’s license identification cards is when an Oregon resident undergoes a gender reassignment. Finally, you must apply for a replacement if you notice an error or typo on your card. To learn what documents you need and what processes to complete for each of these circumstances, continue reading.

Driver’s License Replacement Documents Required in Oregon

While not all Oregon DMV locations offer the same services, all Oregon duplicate driver’s license locations require the same information and documents of proof. These documents are used to verify lost driver’s license applications and should be in pristine condition, or close to it, and certified copies or originals.

The OR DMV cannot accept self-made copies or photocopies of original documents. The most commonly requested documents for replacing driver’s license in OR are listed below:

  • One proof of identification
  • One proof of legal name change
  • One proof of address representing your current residence
  • Verifiable Social Security card or permanent U.S. resident/workers permit documentation

Note that these documents are required to obtain a replacement are subject to change at any time and may be denied by the OR DMV for any reason, at any time. Furthermore, before issuing you a new credential, the DMV may request additional documents on a case-by-case basis.

How to Replace Your Driver’s License in Person in Oregon

Currently, the only way to obtain a duplicate driver’s license in Oregon is to apply for one in person at an OR DMV office. Oregon does not offer drivers the ability to replace documents by mail or to obtain an Oregon driver’s license copy online at this time. Therefore, you should locate your nearest Oregon DMV office and contact them to make sure they can replace documents and provide any other services you need.

Although each DMV branch office offers a different variety of services, most should be able to replace driver’s license credentials without a problem.

Once you have determined where to apply for your credentials, fill out the required form online. Print the completed document and bring it with you to the DMV. Be prepared to submit the application along with the required supporting documents listed in the previous section, and pay the necessary fees.

The OK lost driver’s license replacement fee requirement is summarized in the section below, as well as acceptable methods of payment. At your appointment, you will receive an interim card to carry in your wallet that will serve as proof of driving privileges while you wait for your permanent replacement driver’s license card to arrive in the mail.

Be sure to use your current mailing address when you fill out the application because the United States Postal Service will not forward a driver’s license to another address.

If your license is nearing its expiration date, you should gain information on renewing your license instead of applying for a duplicate. When renewing your credential, you must provide your updated information including any changes to your name, address or other details. Therefore, if you need to make changes to your license, you can complete the renewal and adjustment processes at the same time.

Oregon Driver’s License Replacement Fees

An Oregon duplicate driver’s license will require payment. You must pay the driver’s license replacement fee before receiving your document. Additionally, you may be required to pay additional fees if you require changes to your license. There may be a separate fee for duplicating your valid credential and for updating information.

All Oregon DMV offices accept MasterCard, VISA and Discover credit cards, cash and checks. The standard fee for replacing a PA drivers license is $26.50.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.