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A common need for Virginia drivers who have a damaged or lost drivers license card is a replacement or duplicate copy from the DMV. A DMV duplicate license can be necessary for other reasons as well. It is important to keep an updated documentation on hand in case requested by law enforcement. Drivers who operate a vehicle without valid credentials may be cited with a traffic violation. Registered voters also need to maintain the condition of their license, as it is often used as identification for voting purposes.

There are a number of ways to get a replacement drivers license in Virginia but certain motorist may not be permitted to use all available methods. To receive a replacement card, applicants will need to furnish certain details or documents during the process. To learn more about how to replace drivers license credentials in Virginia, read through the sections below.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Virginia?

Replacing drivers license credentials is required for a number of reasons. The most common reasons to replace drivers license documentation are losing or damaging your plastic card or having it stolen. Other circumstances include the following events:

  • A name change following marriage, divorce or adoption
  • An address change upon moving residences
  • Needing a photo update following significant changes in physical appearance
  • Exchanging a Social Security Number for a DMV-assigned license number
  • Organ donor status changes
  • Vision restriction removal following corrective eye surgery
  • Addition of a vision restriction or handicapped restriction due to age or failing health

Whatever your individual reason to seek out a drivers license replacement in Virginia, you will find information about the methods to obtain a new card in the sections below.

How to Replace Your Drivers License Online in Virginia

Certain eligible drivers can get a drivers license copy online, which is also a convenient way to complete the process if out of state. If eligible to replace lost drivers license online, then Virginia residents may access the online portal and log on using their driver’s license number or Social Security Number and date of birth.

Once logged on, the form will prompt the user through the process, culminating in fee payment and application submission. Every online request subject to the following conditions:

  • Your current credential is not expired, suspended, canceled or revoked
  • You are older than 18 years of age and your current license was issued after January 1, 2004
  • You do not need to change or correct your name or photo on your replacement drivers license
  • You do not owe money to the DMV for prior transactions
  • You do not need to show proof of legal presence
  • You have not already requested a card replacement online on the same day

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Mail in Virginia

You will need to mail your application for a duplicate drivers license in Virginia along with the payment for the replacement fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s License and ID Card Work Center in Richmond.

If your reason to replace lost drivers license credentials is to remove vision restrictions from your ID card following corrective eye surgery, then you will also need to send a vision screening report, which must be signed by your optometrist or ophthalmologist within three months of mailing if you wish to take the vision screening without wearing glasses or contacts.

How to Replace Your Virginia Drivers License in Person

If you cannot apply online or by mail and just want to know, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license?” then simply apply for a copy at one of the DMV customer service center locations. To expedite your visit to replace drivers license documentation, print out the application and have it filled out before you arrive.

Alternatively, you may fill this request form out at the DMV customer service center at the time of application. This form conveniently also allows for other services including a change of address, name change, change of voter registration address and an application for voter registration. Note that when you apply in person to get copy of drivers license credentials, a new photo will be taken.

When applying in person for a copy of drivers license replacement, you will need to submit two identification documents if you are 19 years of age or older in addition to the application form. For those applicants younger than 19, only one identification document is required.

Virginia Drivers License Replacement Fees

The fee to replace a lost drivers license in Virginia is varies depending on your method. If you plan to complete a drivers license renewal instead of a replacement because you are within your renewal period, then your new card will have a different cost.

In-person replacements cost $20. Online replacements costs $19.

Last updated on Monday, April 4 2022.