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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Virginia Driver's License or ID Card

If your Virginia driver's license or identification card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can apply for a replacement or duplicate license at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Instructions for replacing a lost, stolen or mutilated Virginia driver's license or identification card:

You can choose to obtain a replacement driver's license (but not an identification card) online, using a PIN issued by the DMV. However, certain conditions can restrict you from obtaining a duplicate online. If the current photo on your license needs to be replaced, visit one of the DMV centers near you.

To apply in person, follow the instructions below:

  1. Locate the Virginia DMV office nearest you. Be sure to note the days and hours of operation.
  2. Download, complete and bring the Driver's License and Identification Card Application. You can also obtain the form at the DMV office.
  3. Bring proper identification. The State of Virginia requires that you present two pieces of primary ID. Persons under the age of 19 are only required to present one primary ID.
  4. Bring proof of legal presence in the US, unless previously provided by you and if it has not expired.
  5. Bring the correct fee. Normally, there is a $10 fee for replacing a lost, stolen, or mutilated license. Cash, checks, e-checks, money orders, check cards and major credit cards are accepted. Please contact your local DMV office to confirm the fee before applying in person, since fees may vary.

Instructions for Virginia residents who are temporarily out of state:

Virginia residents who are temporarily out of state and unable to apply in person may apply for a duplicate license or identification card online. But there are certain restrictions. Payment can be made via debit or credit card. The duplicate license or identification card will be processed and mailed to you in approximately 5-10 business days.

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Reviews of Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Virginia Driver's License or ID Card

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my lincense got stolen and i need a pin so i can get a new one

my wallet was stolen so i need a new license purse was stolen from my boyfriends mother and i even called the police on her because she riped it right out of my hands..but because they the police i mean didnt have the proof she did do it they said to try and make up with her and she would just return my had everything my social sercuity card birth cert.and liscences..well she had yet to return it..i called the police office once again they tell me i gota get a civil suite on her that it would take some time and some money to go to court.well i get pulled over today and the officer who pulled me over asked me if i was giving him the wrong information about myself.that the address i gave him wasnt on the thingie in his car pulled up..i gave him my right t number..but i was liein to him about the color of my eyes and my hair..i explained to him what was going on an him told me to check with dmv..i am going by there tomorow but is there any other advice from anyone on what i should do..its a crazy mess..HELP???????????????

The information on this website regarding peplacing a lost, stolen or mutilated Driver's License or ID card is INCORRECT.

You may order a REPLACEMENT Virginia ID or driver's license online; you cannot, however, RENEW an expired ID or DL.. that you must do at a DMV customer service center.

I'm glad I checked the official DMV website for Virginia, otherwise, I would have made any unnecessary trip to the DMV (which we all love doing)!

I lost my wallet

My purse got stolen it had my life in it my id birth certicate

I need to have a new licessense iussued I have lost mine

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i need to have a new licessense issued i have lost mine

i need to have a new license issued i have lost mine

i need a new licessense issued i lost mine

My name is Hector Eliseo Moran Martinez, I need send my PIN identification to new address please ,13600 Grandview Ave. woodbridge VA. 22191. To online enter DMV. Tank you.

I would like to apply pin number & customer number you can mail to the address is 2304 Spencer road Richmond, VA 23230 or you can email me at


I received my temporary driving permit on June 29, 2009. Two weeks ago my husband and I had to vacate our apartment. I am having all my mail forwarded to a temporary address until I can return to Virginia to a new place to live. I expected my drivers license to have been issued by now but it has not been forwarded to my temporary address. It is puzzling why I have not yet received my permanent license.

Can you assist me with this problem? I would like to be able to drive in the US with something more than a temporary permit.

Thanking you in advance, I am

Cholpon Tichacek Customer No. B69687341 CSC Location 696

my daughter has lost her va. i.d. card and she is 18 years of age what does she need to get another one

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