A lost drivers license in Nevada is always an inconvenience, especially when it means losing your primary form of identification in the process. A missing copy of driving license credentials can be truly harmful if your license was stolen or landed in the hands of a thief. It is best to replace driving credentials within one business day if possible. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides three easy methods for doing so, which include online, at a kiosk, in person and by mail if you are out of state.

Whatever method you choose to get a replacement drivers license in Nevada, you must meet requirements specific to that method. This may entail providing certain information, documents or payment type. Learn detailed information on how to replace drivers license in NV when you read through the sections below.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Nevada?

A Nevada drivers license replacement is required more often than you might think. Most applicants who replace drivers license documents do so because they have a lost or seriously damaged their driving license card. Information, as well as the photo, need to be legible for the card to be considered valid.

If a law enforcement officer cannot read your license or identify your likeness, then you may be issued a traffic ticket for not having adequate driving credentials while operating a vehicle in the state. However, a missing or marred card is not the only reasons to request a duplicate.

Because a valid copy of drivers license documentation must always include your most recent details, you may need an updated card if weight loss, gender reassignment or another factor results in a noticeable change in your appearance. You will also need a drivers license replacement if you experience a name change or move to a new home.

Whatever your reason for the request, you can easily get a new copy of this important document by initiating one of the processes detailed below.

How to Replace Your Drivers License Online in Nevada

Ordering a drivers license copy online through Nevada’s portal system is another easy option to request a replacement. Replacing drivers license documentation online requires users to meet the same qualifications listed below for kiosk replacement.

You must have the issue date of your latest license and the original drivers license number to log into the site. If you do not know these numbers, then the NV DMV asks that you get copy of drivers license documentation in person or at a kiosk.

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Kiosk in Nevada

Nevada offers duplicate drivers license services in English and Spanish through a statewide network of self-service kiosks located at DMV offices and partner locations. If you are wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license in NV as fast as possible?” then replacement by kiosk is likely the answer.

Everyone seeking to replace drivers license credentials at a kiosk must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must not have a suspended or revoked license
  • Your address must match the one currently on file
  • The license must have 60 or more days remaining in its current renewal period

Ordering a Nevada copy of drivers license credentials at a kiosk is simple. You will use the touchscreen to follow the prompts, verify your information and pay your fee. Kiosks accept cash, check, MasterCard, Discover and Visa card payments. Although you cannot receive a hard copy of your license on the spot, you can use your kiosk receipt to prove your valid driving credentials if necessary. Your DMV duplicate license will arrive in the mail within seven to 10 days.

How to Replace Your Nevada Drivers License in Person

You must replace lost drivers license in person at an NV DMV office if you have any of the restrictions listed above or if you want to replace a commercial license. Locate your nearest DMV office and, if it is one of the larger offices, make an appointment online. Larger NV DMV offices include those in Carson City, Las Vegas and Reno.

The DMV recommends using your drivers license replacement appointment to upgrade to a REAL ID-compliant license if you have not yet done so. To get copy of drivers license that is a REAL ID, bring one document for proof of identity, such as a state-issued birth certificate or a U.S. passport.

Your replacement drivers license request must also include proof of your Social Security Number, usually by showing the original copy of your Social Security card. You will also need two documents that show your NV residential address, such as a utility bill and lease agreement. Finally, complete the application and submit all of these documents along with your fee payment.

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in Nevada

Nevada provides licensed drivers a mail-in method to replace drivers license credentials while temporarily living out-of-state. Download and complete duplicate drivers license application form and be sure to sign it. You will need to include the fee payment via check, money order or debit/credit card authorization.

Do not send cash payments with any request sent to the NV DMV by mail. Submit all documents to the address listed on the form.

Nevada Drivers License Replacement Fees

The fee to replace drivers license credentials in Nevada is usually $18.25. However, kiosk drivers license replacement services incur an additional processing fee. If you need to complete a drivers license renewal because it is less than 60 days from expiration, then you will also need to cover the renewal fee. The DMV waives fees for individuals experiencing homelessness and recently released prisoners.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.