Nevada state ID renewal and the process of replacing ID card credentials can be completed through the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) via various methods. However, certain methods of replacing and renewing ID card documents are only available to applicants who meet several eligibility criteria.

For example, the mail-in DMV ID replacement and renewal options are only available to groups of customers who are temporarily residing outside of the state, such as military members and federal employees. Learn more about renewing and replacing ID cards in NV by reading the sections outlined below.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Nevada

Renewing ID cards is a transaction that may be completed via several ways, such as online, by mail or in person. While the option to renew ID card online is the most convenient method to complete the procedure, applicants will be required to fulfill certain eligibility requirements.

The mail-in renewal option is also reserved for certain groups of customers. Applicants who are unable to complete the procedure to renew ID card credentials online or by mail can always renew in person through a local DMV office.

To inform ID card holders of their upcoming DMV ID renewal in Nevada and the methods that they can utilize in their current circumstances, the department mails out renewal notices 30 days prior to the credential’s expiration date.

How to Renew ID Cards in Nevada Online

Nondrivers can utilize the option to renew ID card online in Nevada only if their renewal notice contains an access code for MyDMV, the department’s online services portal. The department sends out internet access codes for ID card renewal to applicants who fulfill the following criteria:

  • They have completed their previous state ID renewal in person.
  • They do not have to update their personal information.
  • They are not renewing an expired ID card in NV.
  • They are not upgrading their standard ID card to a REAL ID credential.

After accessing the online DMV ID renewal application, the system will prompt you to complete several steps, such as entering certain types of information and paying the applicable fee with an electronic check or a valid credit or debit card. After processing your request to renew ID cards online, the department will manufacture your new card with your current photo on file and mail it to you within seven to 10 days.

How to Renew ID Cards in Nevada by Mail

The state DMV offers a mail-in option to renew identification cards to nondrivers who are unable to visit a nearby driver licensing location due to out-of-state obligations.

The mail-in state ID renewal can be completed by members of the military, federal employees and the spouses and dependents of these applicant groups up to two years after the expiration date of their ID cards. In order to process requests to renew ID cards by mail for these groups of customers, the department must also receive an out-of-state mailing address.

To complete the mail-in DMV ID renewal in NV, applicants will be required to send the special Renew by Mail application, proof of a valid reason to reside outside of the state and the fee payment to the address displayed on the form.

Mail-in renewal applicants may also be able to fax their request to the department.

How to Renew ID Cards in Nevada in Person

If you are required to complete the Nevada ID card renewal in person, then your renewal notice will state this information. However, the in-person method to renew current or expired ID cards is not restricted to applicants who are ineligible for the other alternative methods, outlined above.

To expedite the in-person renewal process, contact your nearby DMV location prior to making an office visit in order to schedule a visit and inquire about the documentation requirements. If you are not applying for a REAL ID credential when renewing ID cards in NV in person, then you will only be required to provide your existing ID card and submit the cost payment.

However, if you choose to obtain a REAL ID card, then you will have to fill out the standard application form for an ID card and submit proof of identity, state residency and Social Security Number. When your state ID renewal request is processed, a DMV representative will invalidate your previously issued card and issue you a temporary credential in lieu of the renewed card, which will arrive by mail.

Note: The state DMV also offers an option to renew ID cards through self-service kiosks installed at select locations within the state. You can utilize these kiosks only if you have received a renewal notice with an access code.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Nevada

The process of replacing identification cards is generally completed in the event of damaged, stolen or lost ID card credentials. The state DMV allows nondrivers to obtain a duplicate ID card in NV via several methods, such as online through the MyDMV portal or in person at a full service office. Note that, however, to utilize the option to replace ID card online, applicants will be required to meet certain eligibility requirements.

How to Replace ID Cards in Nevada Online

To apply for a Nevada copy of ID card via the internet, customers will first have to create a MyDMV account and log in with their ID card number and password. However, you will successfully submit your request for a replacement ID card only if you:

  • Have not changed your address since you have obtained your last ID card.
  • Have a current ID card that will not expire in the following two months.
  • Are not upgrading a standard ID card to a REAL ID credential.

After the system accepts your payment for the NV ID card copy, it will generate a confirmation of a successful transaction. The replacement identification card will contain your existing photo and it will be mailed to your address on file.

How to Replace ID Cards in Nevada in Person

Nondrivers who are ineligible to replace ID card credentials via the internet, and those who prefer to do so in person, can always finalize the replacement procedure through a nearby DMV branch office.

When completing the Nevada identification card replacement in person, you will be required to submit several supporting documents, which will be used to verify your date of birth and Social Security Number.

However, if you choose to obtain a REAL ID credential when replacing a standard identification card, then you will be required to submit documentation that meets the standards of the federal REAL ID Act. When a DMV official accepts the payment for the replacement ID card, you will be issued an interim credential. Your NV ID card copy will be mailed to you from a central DMV issuance site.

Note: Contact the state DMV to inquire whether or not you are able to replace your Nevada ID card via other methods as well.

Nevada ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

The final step in the procedure to renew ID cards and obtain identification card replacement in Nevada is paying the applicable DMV fees. The total cost for a renewed or duplicate ID card generally varies based on the type of application method that is used and whether or not the applicant is eligible for reduced-fee or free-of-charge ID cards.

The price of the NV DMV ID renewal and replacement procedures may also vary based on the applicant’s age and whether or not he or she is obtaining a four-year or an eight-year card. For example, when applying for an eight-year card during the state ID renewal and replacement procedures, applicants between 18 and 64 years of age will be required to pay a $22.25 fee, whereas four-year cards will cost $13.25.

Nondrivers older and younger than this customer group will be able to complete both procedures at a discounted rate. Homeless individuals and released prisoners may be eligible for a fee waiver when applying for a copy of ID card, granted they provide the necessary proof of eligibility.

Certain application methods for renewed or duplicate ID cards in NV will also require the payment of additional processing fees. For instance, if you are completing either procedure via the internet or through a self-service kiosk, you will have to pay an additional nominal fee.

Note: Late renewal fees may be requested from applicants who initiate the process of renewing ID cards after their period of renewal.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.