In the event of a damaged, stolen or lost ID card in Arkansas, nondrivers can complete the DMV ID replacement procedure through the state Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). The state ID renewal can also be completed through the department by owners of expired ID card credentials.

Note that these transactions are offered in addition to the procedure to apply for new ID cards. Learn how to renew ID card credentials and obtain an AR copy of ID card by reading the sections outlined below.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Arkansas

Nondrivers must complete the DMV ID renewal procedure on a regular basis since the state DFA issues ID cards that generally last for four years. The standard method to renew ID card credentials requires applicants to visit a local DFA revenue office and submit their application in person.

However, the department also offers a mail-in ID card renewal option for applicants who are temporarily outside of the state. The option to renew ID card online in AR is currently unavailable. Read more about the methods of renewing ID card credentials in the subsequent sections.

How to Renew ID Cards in Arkansas in Person

To renew ID cards in Arkansas, applicants will have to submit their request in person through a nearby DFA location. Therefore, prior to initiating the process of renewing ID cards, nondrivers must ensure they have collected the necessary items to finalize the transaction in order to avoid making another office visit.

Applicants for the DMV identification card renewal will generally be required to present their current ID card, have their photograph taken and arrange payment for the applicable fee. Nondrivers completing the Arkansas ID card renewal also have the option of requesting the Voluntary Enhanced Security ID card, which meets the standards of the federal REAL ID Act, instead of extending the validity of their standard ID.

If you request a REAL ID credential when completing the DMV ID renewal of a regular ID card, you will be asked to submit the full set of proofs of legal U.S. presence, state residency, identity and Social Security Number. Inquire about the list of acceptable supporting documents through a nearby DFA location.

Note: Only select DFA offices offer the REAL ID version of state-issued credentials.

How to Renew ID Cards in Arkansas by Mail

Identification card renewal can also be completed by mailing an application to the DFA Driver’s License Issuance unit in Little Rock, AR. However, the mail-in method to renew ID cards is only available to nondrivers who are residing outside of the state on a temporary basis.

Renewing ID cards in AR by mail is a procedure that can typically be completed by state residents who are currently studying or working outside of the state and by military members stationed in a state other than Arkansas. To learn whether or not you are eligible to complete the state ID renewal by mail, contact the DFA Driver’s License Issuance unit by phone.

If you qualify for this method of renewal, then the department will mail you an application package that contains detailed instructions on how to complete the procedure.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Arkansas

Obtaining a replacement ID card in Arkansas is a procedure that is generally completed by nondrivers with damaged, lost or stolen ID card credentials.

State residents also initiate the procedure to replace ID card documents when they change their name and/or gender or they have to correct an inaccuracy displayed on their credential. The option to replace ID card online in AR is currently not offered by the state DFA. Therefore, applicants will be required to submit their request in person through a nearby revenue office.

Note that applicants who are currently outside of the state may also be eligible to obtain a copy of ID card by mail via the same mail-in method used to renew an expired ID card.

How to Replace ID Cards in Arkansas in Person

To complete the process of replacing ID cards in AR through a state DFA location, applicants will be required to submit certain identification documents and pay the applicable replacement fee.For purposes of issuing an ID card copy, the department requires the submission of either one document from its primary list of documents or two forms from its list of secondary documentation.

Applicants for replacement ID cards in AR can choose from the following list of primary documents when completing the procedure:

  • U.S. passport or passport card.
  • A certificate of birth or a document proving birth abroad.
  • A foreign passport with a valid U.S. visa.
  • Documentation from the Department of Homeland Security or the Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • An Employment Authorization Card.
  • Documents issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Contact the department to inquire about the full list of acceptable primary and secondary documents.

The state DFA will process your request for a duplicate ID card once it accepts the fee payment and approves the submitted documentation. Regardless of whether you are obtaining an AR copy of ID card of a standard credential or one that complies with the REAL ID Act, you will still be required to pay the same fee.

How to Replace ID Cards in Arkansas by Mail

To finalize the DMV ID replacement while outside of the state, residents will be required to follow the same steps that apply to the out-of-state ID card renewal procedure. Therefore, in order to initiate the mail-in process of replacing identification cards in Arkansas, nondrivers will first be required to contact the DFA Driver’s License Issuance section and request an application packet.

State residents who qualify for the mail-in ID card replacement will receive the corresponding application with instructions on how to proceed with the procedure. The DFA package will include information about the required documents and the acceptable forms of payment for this special mail-in transaction.

Arkansas ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

Nondrivers can successfully renew ID cards or obtain a replacement ID card only by paying the applicable DFA fees. The current cost of the Arkansas state ID renewal is set at $5, which is the same as the fee for a new identification card. Note that the price to renew ID cards is identical for both standard and REAL ID cards. The process of replacing ID cards can be completed by paying the same $5 fee that applies to the renewal procedure, both for standard and REAL ID credentials as well.

Note: Contact the state DFA to learn whether or not certain groups of applicants are eligible for reduced fees for the renewal and replacement transaction.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.