The Arizona state ID renewal process and the procedure to replace ID card credentials are both offered through the state Department of Transportation (DOT) in addition to the procedure to obtain new ID cards.

While the AZ ID card renewal is a transaction that is completed to extend the validity of the document, replacing ID card is a process that is generally finalized by applicants with damaged, stolen or lost ID card documents. Learn more about the procedures to renew or replace ID card credentials by reading the following sections.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Arizona

The DMV ID renewal is a procedure that can be completed in person through a nearby DOT location. Note that the department does not currently offer the option to renew ID card online.

During the process of renewing ID card credentials, applicants also have the option of exchanging their standard ID for a Voluntary Travel ID document, which abides by the regulations of the REAL ID Act. Note that if you are applying for a REAL ID card when completing the AZ state ID renewal, you will be required to submit a different set of documents.

Note: You can initiate the DMV identification card renewal up to six months before the credential’s date of expiration.

How to Renew ID Cards in Arizona in Person

Prior to renewing ID cards in Arizona through a local DOT office or an authorized driving license provider, applicants must ensure they have collected the necessary items to successfully complete the identification card renewal. Nondrivers will generally be required to bring their existing ID card, an additional identification document, proof of legal U.S. presence and payment for the fee.

Applicants can finalize the procedure to renew ID card credentials by completing the following steps:

  • Fill out the standard AZ Driver License/Identification Card Application.
  • Have their photo taken.
  • Submit their current ID card and the supporting documentation.
  • Pay the applicable renewal fee.

After processing your AZ ID card renewal application, the department will issue you a temporary credential of a limited validity. You will receive the renewed ID card at the address that is currently on record with the state DOT.

When renewing identification cards, nondrivers can also request the REAL ID version, known as a Voluntary Travel ID. Applicants completing the state ID renewal in AZ for purposes of obtaining this secure card will be required to submit additional documentation.

The full set of required documents includes one proof of birth date and legal U.S. presence, two proofs of a state address and evidence of a Social Security Number. Note that holders of Voluntary ID credentials will be required to complete the identification card renewal procedure on an eight-year basis. Also, they may not have to submit the full list of paperwork during subsequent renewal transactions.

Certain groups of applicants, such as seniors older than 65 years of age, will receive ID cards with a validity of five years.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Arizona

While the Arizona DMV ID replacement is a transaction that is typically completed by nondrivers who have lost or damaged their credential, other circumstances may also provide reasons to complete this procedure. For instance, a replacement ID card is often requested when the nondriver has completed the official name change procedure or he or she wishes to update their ID card photo.

While the state DOT offers the option to replace ID card online in AZ, you may still be required to replace your credential in person for certain reasons. For instance, applicants replacing identification cards for purposes of updating their name and/or photo or removing the Social Security Number from their credential will be required to do so in person.

Note: Parents will be required to obtain an AZ copy of ID card on behalf of their children on a regular basis, as the child grows and his or her outward appearance changes.

How to Replace ID Cards in Arizona Online

To obtain an ID card replacement via the internet, nondrivers will first be required to access the ServiceArizona website, which is the official online services portal of the state DOT. Applicants can submit a request for a DMV ID replacement for both a standard and a Voluntary Travel ID. To finalize the online process of replacing ID cards in AZ, nondrivers will be required to:

  • Enter several types of personal information, such as date of birth and full name.
  • Provide their ID card number and their Social Security Number.
  • Choose the reason for obtaining a copy of ID card.
  • Pay the applicable replacement fee.
  • Review the transaction confirmation and print it if necessary.

When ordering an AZ replacement ID card, applicants can either choose to receive the new credential by standard mail or by express delivery. You can pay the fee with a valid debit or credit card. Also, if you are unable to enter the ID card number, you will need to provide your ZIP code, address and eye color.

How to Replace ID Cards in Arizona in Person

Nondrivers who choose to complete the Arizona DMV ID replacement in person, and those ineligible to replace ID cards online, can complete the transaction by visiting a driver licensing office.

To successfully obtain an AZ duplicate ID card in person, you will be required to submit several items and complete certain steps, which may vary depending on the reason for completing the procedure. For example, if you are applying for an identification card replacement because you have officially changed your name, you will be required to submit additional paperwork.

In the event of a lost ID card, on the other hand, you are also encouraged to report the incident to the police for purposes of preventing identity theft.

Contact the department to inquire whether or not you are able to replace ID cards in AZ via other methods.

Arizona ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

To final step in the procedure to renew ID cards in Arizona and the ID card replacement process is arranging payment for the applicable fees. The cost to complete the DMV ID renewal will vary based on whether you are renewing a standard or a Voluntary ID card.

While a standard ID card can be renewed by paying a $12 fee, the renewal of Voluntary Travel ID documents can be completed by paying a fee of $25. Replacing ID cards in AZ, on the other hand, is a process that currently costs $12 for both the standard and the REAL ID credential. However, depending on the method of obtaining your copy of ID card, you may be required to pay additional service fees.

To receive your AZ ID card copy by express delivery, for instance, you will have to pay an additional $16.95 fee.

Certain groups of applicants, such as seniors older than 65 years of age, may be eligible to complete the ID renewal and replacement procedures free of charge.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.