Completing traffic school in Arizona can be beneficial for drivers. Some of these benefits include ticket dismissal, a decreased car insurance rate and fulfillment of a court order. However, not all motorists qualify to participate in a defensive driving course. For instance, only residents who commit certain minor moving violations, among other requirements, may be awarded a ticket dismissal. In contrast, drivers charged with major moving violations may be court ordered to complete a course.

In an AZ defensive driving class, residents can expect to learn about safe driving techniques and factors that influence behavior. Motorists are usually given the option of choosing between an online or in-person course. However, a judge can restrict drivers to an in-person only driver safety course. All residents must pass a final exam and make sure that their certificate of completion is received by their court by the due date.

Who can attend traffic school in Arizona?

Drivers must meet certain eligibility requirements before they can attend traffic school in Arizona. Motorists are usually not required to take a course if they only receive a minor traffic violation. However, some are given the option by their county court if they wish to have a charged dismissed. An Arizona court will approve residents to complete a defensive driving course if they:

  • Only have one violation to dismiss.
  • Committed an eligible minor moving infraction.
  • Do not hold a commercial drivers license (CDL).

Additionally, there are several conditions that limit motorists’ eligibility to register for a driving safety course. Drivers will not be allowed to take a class if they:

  • Completed a defensive driving program for another citation within the past 12 months.
  • Were charged after an accident that resulted in death or serious injury.

Moreover, certain motorists are required to pass a course. These drivers include those who:

  • Are 18 years of age and younger who committed their first moving violation.
  • Received a major moving violation and are at risk of losing license suspension.
  • Accumulated 8 or more points on their driving record within a 12-month period.

However, these drivers are required to attend a specific DMV traffic school in Arizona called Traffic Survival School. This type of course focuses on the factors and behaviors associated with major moving violations.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Arizona

There is more than one type of defensive driving course in Arizona. State courts allow eligible and mandated motorists to complete a class either online or in person. Although, a judge can restrict a resident to an in-person course.

Furthermore, residents who receive a minor traffic citation can register for a defensive driving course. This class can be completed either online or in a classroom and is four hours long. Conversely, motorists who commit a major traffic violation will be required to attend a different type of school Traffic Survival School. This program is in-person only and eight hours long.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Arizona

Often, drivers ask whether it is better to complete an in-person or online traffic school in AZ. The most effective driver improvement course is one that is convenient and accessible for a motorist. For instance, an online course would be a suited for residents who prefer to spread out their learning rather than complete a class in one sitting. In addition an online setting is ideal for independent learners. An online program called iDriveSafely is an option for residents seeking an easy and convenient way to complete their course. Motorists are even able to use their mobile devices to access the class as long as they have a connection to the internet.

On the other hand, a classroom environment may be a better choice for drivers who want to complete the driving safety course in one sitting. In addition, motorists can interact with the other students and discuss the information they are learning.

How to Enroll in a Arizona Defensive Driving School

Enrollment in an Arizona defensive driving school involves first receiving approval or court order from a county judge. Motorists seeking to attend a program must find an accepted school online or in person for themselves. Some classroom-oriented courses will require prior payment online or over the phone. However, others ask for payment on the day of the class. Also, motorists participating in a classroom-oriented defensive driving course must bring the following items with them to class:

Online schools typically allow motorists to register and begin their driver improvement program immediately. There are many court-approved online providers. One such provider is iDriveSafely. This fully online traffic school handles all necessary paperwork and includes court fees in the final price. Assistance is available 24 hours per day and drivers can complete the course at their leisure.

Residents who are mandated to take a class will be given specific instructions on how to enroll in Traffic Survival School. These motorists have stricter requirements and will not have the choice to complete an online course.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Arizona

There are several benefits available from attending traffic school in Arizona. Eligible motorists may be able to:

  • Get a ticket dismissed.
  • Receive a discount on their auto insurance.
  • Fulfill a court order.
  • Develop safer driving habits.

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

Certain drivers are able to participate in a driver improvement program to dismiss a ticket. This option is limited to motorists who committed a qualifying minor violation, not those who are mandated to take a defensive driving course. This can benefit residents by preventing point accumulation and increases in their insurance premium. A ticket dismissal in Arizona also means that charged drivers will not have to pay for the citation.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

Residents may be able to obtain an auto insurance discount for completing a driver safety program. Not all insurance companies offer this reduction so it is important that motorists verify with their agent before registering for a class.

Companies that do offer a car insurance discount usually have specific requirements. Often, this discount is limited to motorists who are 55 years of age and older. They must register for driver improvement course voluntarily and for the purpose of reducing their insurance, not dismiss a ticket.

Qualified motorists can easily complete a driving safety course through iDriveSafely to receive their insurance rate reduction. It is an Arizona court-approved online driver improvement school that is easy to understand. It allows motorist to set their own learning pace and sends a certificate of completion at the end that can be submitted to an insurance agent.

Fulfill a Court Order

Some drivers may be court-ordered to complete a traffic school course. Fulfilling this requirement can help those motorists prevent additional penalties, such as license suspension or revocation. Court orders are often assigned to drivers who accumulated a certain amounts of points or committed a major moving violation. A court order is meant to teach these residents about the dangers and consequences of their driving behaviors.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

One of the greatest benefits that defensive driving courses offer is safe driving skills. Motorists receive citations for driving improperly or breaking a traffic law. However, residents who practice defensive driving techniques and are aware of Arizona traffic laws are less likely to receive citations or get into a car accident.

Arizona Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

An AZ defensive driving class provides motorists with the information they need to be safer drivers. Some of the information taught includes:

  • Impaired driving.
  • Maintaining a vehicle.
  • Safe highway driving.
  • Managing emergencies.

The above are general topics that many driver improvement programs cover. However, different locations and providers may teach certain topics more in depth than others. Motorists are required to pass a final exam at the end of their traffic course. Also, some courses include quizzes at the end of each section to help reinforce knowledge.

Arizona Defensive Driving Certificates

The completion of a drive safety program is signified by an AZ defensive driving certificate. This document confirms that a motorist has taken and completed a course. Certificates must be sent to a resident’s county court after completion. Usually, schools send the document directly to the court electronically but allow motorists to retain a copy. Drivers should verify with their court about the proper procedures for submitting their certificate of completion.

Arizona Traffic School vs. Drivers Education

Many motorists get confused about the differences between drivers education and traffic school in Arizona. One of the main distinctions is the experience of the residents in each class. For example, those in drivers ed are new, unlicensed motorists while defensive driving course students are those who are experienced but have received a citation.

Furthermore, drivers education courses usually cover more material than defensive driving programs. This is because new motorists must learn about all aspects of vehicle operation and safety. On the other hand, residents in a DMV traffic school simply need a review of safe driving and the factors that influence their behavior on the road.

Arizona Defensive Driving Course Fees

Residents are required to pay several fees for a defensive driving course in Arizona. While approved drivers do not have to pay for their citation, they will have to pay for the following:

  • Court diversion fee
  • State fee
  • State surcharge
  • School fee

Course prices range from $24 to $50, but the additional fees can make the resulting cost as much as $230, depending on the county.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.