An Arizona commercial driver’s license (CDL) permits you to drive commercial trucks and trailers in Arizona and other U.S. states. In Arizona, a CDL must be renewed every 5 years in order to stay valid. There is a 6-month grace period before a CDL expiration in which the license can be renewed. To fully renew a CDL, the driver will be asked to supply evidence of their eligibility, fitness and residence.

For a CDL renewal in Arizona, you will need to visit a nearby Arizona DOT CDL office, pay the renewal fees and bring the correct set of documentation. For service members, there are some exemptions to the initial testing requirements and fees. Furthermore, Arizona does not require drivers to repeat skills tests in order to renew a CDL unless the driver is upgrading the class of his or her license or applying for a new endorsement to be added to the license.

When to Renew Your CDL License in Arizona

Arizona CDL licenses are valid for 5 years, after which they must be renewed. Drivers are responsible for renewing their CDL before the 5-year expiration date. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division will notify drivers 60 days before the expiration of their license, but the driver may renew his or her CDL as much as 6 months before it expires.

CDL Renewal Testing Requirements in Arizona

A skills or road test is not required for a CDL license renewal in Arizona, unless you are upgrading your license from a Class C to a Class B or a Class B to a Class A. A few other reasons a road test may be required are:

  • To apply for an endorsement that requires a separate road test, including motorcycle, passenger and school bus.
  • To remove an airbrake restriction from an existing CDL.
  • If there is cause to believe that you are non-compliant with the medical standards.
  • To restore your driving privilege after it has been suspended or revoked.

You can waive the skills CDL test if you are an eligible service member. Applicants who are on active duty or separated from active duty within the last year do not have to take a skills test. Additionally, applicants who can certify that they operated a commercial vehicle for at least two years before military discharge may waive the skill test.

Complete the Military Skills Test Waiver Form and submit it to an Arizona CDL office.

What do you need to renew your CDL license in Arizona?

In Arizona, you must go to a CDL location in order to complete your CDL renewal. You will be required to present evidence of your identity, medical fitness and permanent residency. The full list of documents that are required to renew your CDL include:

  • Your current Arizona CDL.
  • An ADOT card or a verified Medical Examiner Certificate.
  • Proof of your residence.
  • Proof of your identity.

Of the CDL requirements above, you must have at least two documents, one of which must be a photo identification. Additionally, one of those documents must be a primary document. If you do not have documentation that includes a photo of you, you may use three documents to prove your status and residence. However, one must still be a primary document.

Under Arizona law, primary documents are documents that prove identity, such as birth certificates, unexpired foreign or U.S. passports, certificates of naturalization or citizenship, unexpired permanent resident or resident alien card or an unexpired employment authorization card.

To satisfy CDL license requirements, your proof of residence must be an official legal or financial document that states your address.

All documents must be originals or copies of an original, in English and legally-certified by the issuing agency. You must also provide any documents to prove identity in the case of a name change, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Additionally, a CDL permit holder seeking to renew their permit as a license must bring the current permit and proof of one year of driving experience.

CDL Renewal Process in Arizona

You must apply for a CDL renewal in Arizona by visiting a CDL facility. Under Arizona state law, applying in person is the only legitimate way to renew a CDL. There are six different CDL offices in Arizona, and each has different hours.

Knowledge tests are conducted on a walk-in basis only, but road tests are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment at any of the offices below, call 602-255-0072.

Flagstaff CDL Office

1851 S. Milton Road, Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001

Hours: Wed and Thurs

7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Holbrook CDL Office

2108 E Navajo Blvd., Holbrook, Arizona, 86025

Hours: Tues and Thurs

8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Kingman CDL Office

3670 E. Andy Devine Ave. (HWY 66), Arizona, 86401

Hours: Wed and Thurs

7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Payson CDL Office

122 E. Hwy 260, Payson, Arizona 85541

Hours: Appt. only. Second and Fourth Thursday of every month.

Prescott CDL Office

1105 Commerce Dr., Prescott, Arizona, 86305

Hours: Tue – Wed

7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Show Low CDL Office

161 E. Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, Arizona, 85901

Hours: Mon and Wed

7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Arizona CDL Permit Renewal Requirements

To renew your permit, you must retake the CDL permit test. The CDL instruction permit is valid for 6 months. In general, you cannot renew a permit but there are two exceptions. If you meet one of the exception requirements, you may renew your permit one additional time for another 6 months.

To qualify for a CDL learners permit, you must be at least 21 years of age. You must also have at least one year of driving experience. However, if you are 18 years of age or older, you may qualify for the intra-state CDL permit.
Hazardous Material Endorsement CDL Renewal Requirements in Arizona

For most Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME) CDL holders, the expiration date of the license does not line up with the expiration date of their TSA Background Check. However, in order for the applicant to continue using his or her HME license, they must have both a valid license and a valid background check.

To renew a CDL, visit a CDL office to renew your license and take the CDL Hazmat test. You are given three attempts to pass the knowledge test, once per day. You must pass the test in order to maintain the HME endorsement on your license. A knowledge test is not required for the renewal of other license classes. The $10 HME fee is required.

To renew your TSA background check, apply to the TSA at least 60 days before the expiration date on your CDL. Provide the Driver’s License hazardous Materials Endorsement Application online through the TSA or by the toll-free phone line of the TSA HazMat Call Center at 877-429-7746. Upon an approval notification from the TSA, the Motor Vehicle Department will issue approval of your HME endorsement.

CDL Renewal Fees in Arizona

The CDL renewal cost in Arizona is dependent on the class of license. Class A and B CDLs have a $15 fee, Class C licenses have a $10 fee and HMEs have a $10 fee. Additionally, the fees for the road test and skills test are as follows:

  • $25 for a Class A or B CDL.
  • $12.50 for a Class C.
  • $5 for a passenger endorsement or school bus endorsement.

The fees for a new CDL or to complete a CDL transfer from another state are $25 for Class A and B, $12.50 for Class C and an additional $10 for all required endorsements (hazmat, tanker, passenger, etc.).

Payments may be made in cash, traveler’s check, check or money order paid to the Motor Vehicle Division. Credit cards are only permitted at some of the Arizona CDL offices.

Last updated on Thursday, March 5 2020.