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Information for Disabled Drivers in Arizona

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In Arizona, drivers certified by licensed health personnel to have impaired mobility or a condition which substantially interferes with mobility may qualify for "Disabled" status.

You are also considered a disabled driver if you:

* Are unable to walk 200 m without resting due to orthopedic, arthritic or neurological condition.
* Need to use another person, support, a prosthetic device or a wheelchair.
* Have a disabling cardiac condition as per the American Heart Association standards.
* Have a disabling lung disease or need to use portable oxygen.
Disabled persons can acquire a Disabled Person (DP) placard or DP license plates. These entitle you to special parking privileges in areas designated for disabled persons, whenever you are the driver or a passenger of the vehicle. Misuse or abuse of these privileges is a misdemeanor and penalties are levied on individuals involved in such misuse.


You are considered to have disabled status when you acquire a DP placard or license plates. The DP license plate is issued to the vehicle while the placard is issued to the individual and cannot be transferred. The procedure to acquire these is explained below.

===Duration of status===

DP license plates or placards may be issued to those with permanent or temporary disabilities:

* Placards for the permanently disabled are valid for 5 years.
* Temporary DP placards are valid for up to 6 months.
* DP license plates are valid for the entire duration of the medical certification.
===How to apply for DP license plates or a DP placard===

To obtain DP license plate or placard:

# Download and complete the [ Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates.]
# Have a licensed physician, surgeon, physician's assistant, podiatrist, chiropractor, nurse practitioner or hospital administrator sign the Doctor's Certification of Disability portion of the form.
# Mail the completed form to the address on the form or to your local [ MVD office].

Issuance of a DP placard or plate is free. An annual fee of $25 is charged in case of a personalized DP plate.

Replacement of DP license plates requires a $5 fee.


Once the 5 year validity of permanent DP placards is over:

# You need to complete the [ renewal certificate].
# Sign it in the presence of a notary or a MVD agent.
# You can mail or submit it in person at any [ MVD office].
~ Incase of a temporary DP placard valid for 6 months, a new application will have to be submitted if the medical condition continues.

To replace lost, stolen or mutilated placards or plates:

# Download and complete the [ Application for Replacement Plates or Placards].
# Mail or submit the application, along with any fee to your local [ MVD office].
# A $5 fee is required for replacing DP license plates. Replacement of DP placards does not require any fee.

* [ Location and hours] of Arizona MVD offices.

Submitted by PLCook on 11th Mar 2016

If you have a handicap

If you have a handicap placard can it be used in any car you are riding in not just the car you own? If my daughter is giving me a ride in her car can I use my placard?


Submitted by ernestmilner (not verified) on 27th Feb 2012

link to renewal certificate

link to renewal certificate does not work on ANY browser!!! please advise

Submitted by FALCON929 (not verified) on 8th Apr 2012



Submitted by toml (not verified) on 8th Sep 2011

Link to application does not

Link to application does not work. How do I get an application for placard?

Submitted by scarballs (not verified) on 17th Feb 2012

need to apply for az placard

need to apply for az placard

Submitted by doopes (not verified) on 30th Oct 2011

I am trying to get

I am trying to get application for place card (Handicap)

Submitted by Li0ness (not verified) on 3rd Jun 2011

How do you report misuse of

How do you report misuse of handicap plates. I know for a fact of a family that is abusing this privilege. NO ONE is handicapped. In fact, the teen driving the car is not disabled and parks in handicap spaces (I've witnessed other driver's circling Walmart parking lot looking for a handicap space that this perfectly able person is occupying.) The plates are registered to the mother, who is not handicapped, but is a school bus driver and walks unassisted. When do plates expire? I am so sick of fraud!

Submitted by hatcheat on 6th Sep 2014

Seems you have a lot of

Seems you have a lot of excess time to spend watching parking lots that could be put to better use. You are butting your head against a stone wall. The action of people who disregard the rules of decency will not change because of your effort.

The only way to improve this problem is to let it begin with ME.

My wife whom has battled cancer for many years and I are both in our mid 80s and have a handicap plate. I have to admit that I have parked at times in a handicap space even though I am not handicapped. Sometime it's because I'm in a hurry to get something for her, or perhaps I'll be purchasing something heavy or any of a multitude of other reasons that only an 80 something year old person can understand. The point is we really don't know why the other person does what they do. All we can do here is look for another place to park and if you want to be really mean, flatten the tires.NO-NO BAD DOG. Best to just get the license # and report it to the police.

I'm glad you are showing concern. If more people would do that (600 billion or so)

wouldn't it be wonderful? God bless you.

Submitted by TLvop (not verified) on 23rd Oct 2011

While it's true that the

While it's true that the teenager should not be using their mother's plates, I am highly suspicious that you seem to think that the mother being employed and "walking unassisted" within your vision means she lacks a handicap. Not having a wheelchair doesn't mean one is unhandicapped. I can handle 3 flights of stairs and about 800 feet of walking per day, with rest -- yet people often tell me I am not handicapped, because my condition (severe arthritis and neurological damage) is invisible. Do you even know that the mother knows her child is misusing her plates?

Submitted by Anonymous on 10th May 2011

the link to the form for the

the link to the form for the disabled permit is broken