The Transportation Department (ITD) generally issues Idaho disability placards to people who qualify for this type of permit under state laws. Having a disabled person placard is only an option to individuals with particular disabilities or impairments. Possessing a disability parking permit in Idaho authorizes disabled motorists to park in any public parking location with metered parking without paying any fees and provides them with additional benefits, such as access to fuel from full-service pumps at the same cost as fuel from self-service pumps.

In order to obtain a handicap parking tag through the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), individuals will need to furnish the required forms, including a particular application. The department may also provide for the issuance of duplicate and renewed permits to individuals with a lost or stolen placard, or a tag that is about to expire. For more details about Idaho disabled person parking stickers, review the sections below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Idaho

If you are currently wondering: “Who is eligible for handicap placards in Idaho?” note that the state Transportation Department issues such permits to individuals with certain impairment or disabilities as defined by state statutes. To meet the qualifications for disability placards, you will need to fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are a disabled individual who is not able to walk 200 feet or more without the assistance of another person.
  • You are unable to walk without the aid of a wheelchair, walker, braces, crutches or other similar devices.
  • You walk with great difficulty or discomfort due to certain neurologic, respiratory, cardiac or orthopedic impairment.

Once you confirm you meet the aforementioned Idaho disability placard requirements, you may obtain the placard by submitting a Disability License Plates and Placards (form ITD 3392) to the department through one of the available methods.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Idaho

Your Idaho application for disability placards involves several steps and will require you to provide the relevant forms timely and properly. Before presenting your disabled parking permit application, read the instructions listed on the form carefully so as to ensure you satisfy the eligibility requirements. Proceed with completing your application for disability placards by providing information in the relevant sections.

Remember to have a medical professional fill out and sign the certification section. Once this is finalized, send your application package to the state Transportation Department or go to a local county office in ID and furnish it in person.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Idaho by Mail

Applicants can submit a disabled parking tag application easily by mail. Before submitting their ID application for disability car permits, applicants must ensure they have finished all the aforementioned application steps, including having their medical certification completed by a licensed physician. Mail-in requests will need to be addressed to the Special Plates Unit of the state Transportation Department.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Idaho in Person

If you are unable to submit your request for disability placards by mail, you can visit your local county DMV and furnish the applicable documentation in person. Prior to visiting an office, remember to inspect your application form so as to ensure that all the information provided is accurate.

Any misrepresented information is considered unlawful and may lead to serious fines and penalties under state laws. Once you have your documents ready, go to a nearby ITD branch to submit them in person. If you choose to obtain your handicap parking tag in person, contact the Transportation Department beforehand in order to find out whether you will be required to present a photo ID.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Idaho

Disabled individuals are generally required to initiate a handicap placard renewal procedure if their current permit is about to expire. Renewal processes typically depend on the type of card individuals currently hold: a permanent permit or a temporary card.

If you are wondering how to renew a disability parking permit in Idaho, you may need to submit a properly completed application form and any supporting documents to finalize this process. You can also ask for detailed information about the available application methods and any additional requirements when contacting the state Transportation Department.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Idaho

Obtaining a disability placard replacement is usually a necessary procedure for disabled motorists who have lost their original card or have one that is damaged and ineligible to use. Individuals who would like to know how to replace a handicap parking permit in ID will also need to contact the ITD and inquire about this process.

When requesting a copy of their Idaho disability parking tag, applicants may also need to submit an application form to a local DMV office. They may be subject to additional requirements as well, such as surrendering the original permit if it is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Idaho Disability Placard Fees

Providing payment for the applicable handicap placard fees is usually mandatory for individuals who are eligible to finalize this process within the state. Applicants wondering, “How much is a disability placard in ID?” may not be required to arrange payment for any fees, as this type of permits are usually issued at no cost.

Disabled individuals who decide to request such license plates, on the other hand, may be subject to fees depending on the type of their plate. For example, personalized license plates involve an extra $25 initial fee and a $15 renewal price on an annual basis.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.