Changing drivers license address in Idaho is a necessary step for motorists who have moved to a new place of residence. Per Idaho laws, licensees will need to apply for a drivers license change of address no more than a month after they move. Updating driver records helps the Idaho Transportation Department send out notices to the correct address to prevent late license renewal and other types of correspondence.

Applicants have several available methods to change drivers license address in ID and finalize their procedure quickly and conveniently. Motorists wondering how and where to change drivers license address information should read the below sections for further information.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Idaho Drivers License

Motorists must submit a drivers license address change in ID after they move to a new residence or change their primary mailing address. Drivers may need to change address on DMV credentials with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) if their current license has incorrect information.

Motorists who moved from out of state must also complete an Idaho DMV license change of address by transferring their out-of-state driving credentials. Drivers who fail to change their drivers license address in Idaho and may not receive driver’s license renewal notices and other ITD correspondence.

Motorists who submit an address change form only update ITD records, not their physical license. License holds must submit a duplicate license request after making the necessary address changes.

Idaho Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

Finalizing the process to change address on drivers license credentials helps assure that motorists will receive important correspondences, such as suspension notices or renewal letters on time. The state Transportation Department requires licensees to submit a change address drivers license application no more than a few weeks after their move within state.

How to Change Your Address on Your Idaho Drivers License in Person

In order to change DMV license address information, applicants may visit a nearby ID county driver license office and submit the address change application. Drivers filling out an ID drivers license change of address may also update address information for other drivers who need to submit the same address updates. Drivers who want their new address to appear on the physical driving license must request a duplicate license or apply for a renewal, when eligible.

How to Change Your Address on Your Idaho Drivers License by Mail

If you are wondering how to change drivers license address in Idaho without visiting an ITD office, you may send your request by mail to the ITD P.O. box. When changing drivers license addresses in Idaho by mail, you will first need to print the application, complete it with the required information and mail it to the address listed on the form. The address change form is available for download on the official website of the Idaho Transportation Department.

Although the ITD does not offer an online drivers license address change, you can submit the address change form by email or fax to the Idaho Transportation Department. Once you complete the application, you may send the drivers license change of address form to the email or fax number listed on the application.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Idaho Resident

If you have recently moved to Idaho from out of the state, you must change your address on driving license credentials by applying for an ID license to operate a vehicle. You must change address on driving license credentials within 90 days after your move.

When you apply for an Idaho driving license, you must surrender your out-of-state driving credentials to the ITD. When you change your drivers license address to reflect your new state residence, you must provide proper documentation for ID driving credentials. When you change your address on drivers license documents from out of state, you must provide:

  • Proof of your age and identity.
  • Your Social Security card or number.
  • Proofs of Idaho residency or legal U.S. presence.

When you change your drivers license address, you must make sure to provide any certifications of driver’s education, if necessary. When you change drivers license address information after moving to Idaho, you may need to take driving, visions or knowledge test. If you have medical or vision issues that can affect driving abilities, you must provide certification from your physician that you are medically competent to operate a vehicle.

Idaho DMV Address Change Fees

After changing your drivers license address in Idaho, you may submit an application to get updated, duplicate driving credentials. After requesting a driving license change of address, you can purchase an updated drivers license card for $15.

If you are a new Idaho resident and need to change your drivers license address to reflect your move, you will need to purchase a new driving license and pay the full cost of a new license.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.