The process of changing drivers license address in Georgia must be completed on each occasion a driver changes his or her mailing and/or residential address. Note that motorists are required to change drivers license address information within a specific time period of their move.

In order to assist in the procedure to change the address on drivers license credentials, the state Department of Driver Services (DDS) offers state residents the option to complete the GA drivers license change of address via its online services portal. Residents can learn how to change address on drivers license credentials in Georgia by reading the following sections.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Georgia Drivers License

Drivers typically complete the Georgia DMV license change of address when they change residences within the state. New state residents also finalize the procedure for an address change when they transfer their out-of-state credentials and apply for a new license upon their move within Georgia. Changing DMV license addresses is a transaction that is also completed by motorists whose credential and/or driving record contain an incorrect address.

Georgia Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

The procedure to change the address on a drivers license in Georgia must be initiated within a few weeks of any changes of the driver’s mailing and/or residential address. Motorists who fail to complete the DMV change address on license transaction may ultimately face certain consequences.

For example, you may receive a ticket for operating a vehicle with an outdated driving license. You may also fail to receive important notices sent by the DDS regarding your driving privileges.

Online Drivers License Address Changes in Georgia

Completing the Georgia driving license change of address via the internet is the fastest way to update your address with the state DDS. However, in order to change your drivers license address online, you will first be required to meet certain eligibility criteria. The department offers the option of changing driving license addresses in GA via the internet only to applicants who:

  • Are state residents and U.S. citizens.
  • Have updated their DDS online services account in recent years.
  • Hold a valid non-commercial driver’s license.

You can finalize the online DMV license change of address in GA after logging on to your account with your user ID and password. Then, the system will prompt you to provide several types of personal information, including your new address. When your identity and new address are verified, the department will change the address on your DMV license and issue you a replacement license to drive.

How to Change Your Address on Your Georgia Drivers License in Person

Changing a DMV license address in Georgia is a process that can also be completed through DDS customer service centers. When finalizing the procedure to change a drivers license address in person, applicants will be required to submit certain documents, which will vary based on whether or not they have already obtained a Secure ID credential that meets the standards of the federal REAL ID Act.

For example, if you are requesting a drivers license change of address in GA of a credential that is not Secure ID-certified, you may be asked to submit one proof of identification, one document with a verifiable Social Security Number and two proofs of a residential address. After verifying the submitted documentation, the department will update your DDS record and issue you a replacement credential.

Note: Noncitizens completing the procedure to change the address on a driving license will be required to submit different documents than those that are requested from U.S. citizens.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Georgia Resident

New state residents must complete the Georgia DMV license change of address and apply for an original DDS driving license within a few weeks of moving within the state. Transferring an out-of-state driving license is a procedure that can only be completed by applicants who are 18 years of age or older. When changing your driving license address information by applying for your first GA license to drive, you will be required to complete the following steps:

  • Surrender your out-of-state credential or an original driving record issued by your former state DMV.
  • Pass the vision exam.
  • Take the written and driving tests (if your license has been expired for longer than two years).
  • Present the full set of proofs of identity, state residency and Social Security Number, as mandated by the federal REAL ID Act.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Georgia DMV Address Change Fees

When completing the procedure to change a drivers license address in Georgia, applicants may or may not be required to pay a fee to the state DDS. Drivers who are applying for a DMV license change of address for the first time since their last renewal cycle will be able to update their information free of charge.

However, residents will be able to change address on DMV license credentials without paying a fee if they complete the procedure at least 150 days prior to the credential’s expiration date. In any case, a duplicate license with up-to-date information will cost $5.

Drivers who are requesting a second or subsequent driving license change of address in GA, or completing the procedure within 150 of the credential expiration date, will be able to finalize the transaction only if they renew license credentials at the same time. Applicants who finalize the renewal procedure via the internet are eligible for a discount. New state residents will be required to pay the new license fee when applying for their first Georgia driving license.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.