A VIN lookup can help ensure that you do not get conned into purchasing a used car with extensive issues. Most vehicle issues can be detected, and therefore, prevented by having a full VIN number lookup done on the vehicle beforehand. The information can be provided in a VIN lookup report accessed through one of two different methods in Georgia. Regardless of the method chosen, it is very important that you do not purchase a car, unless you have had a Georgia VIN check completed, first.

Ordering a VIN Lookup Online in Georgia

Checking VIN numbers online is very easy and convenient, as long as you have access to the internet and a few key pieces of information, including the VIN for the vehicle. The process for how to check a VIN number online includes providing the necessary information, paying the applicable fee and then instantly being able to access the report.

Access to an online VIN report will provide you with credible and up-to-date data that has been sourced from the U.S. Department of Justice, Georgia law enforcement, the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles and more. Also, you should keep in mind that you will also be able to access your VIN number report for 90 days, and you can have the report sent to your email address, as well. This online method is best for anyone interested in receiving the vehicle history information immediately, and without much work required to obtain it.

Requesting a VIN Code Lookup by Mail in Georgia

If you do not need a VIN number check done instantly, you can consider using the mail method, instead. Looking up VIN numbers through the mail is not the fastest method available, because you have to wait for your request to be processed, though it is a viable option if you do not have easy access to the internet.

To complete a request for a VIN lookup in Georgia through the mail, you will first need to fill out a Request for Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) form. Depending on whether you are requesting an MVR for yourself or for another individual, you will need to provide certain information on the form. After you fill out that document, you will need to mail it into the Georgia Department of Driver Services, along with an appropriate fee.

Then, you will wait for your request to be processed, and can expect to receive the VIN report in the mail after a couple of weeks’ time.

What info is in a Georgia VIN history report?

When you look up VIN numbers through the online method, you can expect to receive a lot of important information regarding the history of that vehicle. You should keep in mind that this information may vary, depending on what is applicable to the specific vehicle. In the VIN number report, you can generally expect to receive data regarding the following:

  • Accident history and total loss events
  • Seizure, towing and impound data
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Salvage history
  • Open recalls and defects data
  • Safety reports
  • Manufacturer info
  • Online sales history records
  • State DMV title brands
  • Theft status
  • Open lien information
  • Title information
  • Vehicle title problems
  • Odometer readings

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Georgia?

One of the most important reasons for a VIN number report to be obtained is to help you determine whether a vehicle is safe enough to be purchased. Even if the physical appearance of the vehicle is in good shape, and you hear positive things about the vehicle, a VIN check in Georgia can ensure that you know everything that you need to about its history. This can help protect you against purchasing a vehicle with problems that can end up costing you immensely at a later date.

Because of how important a VIN lookup is for buyers, if you are selling a vehicle, it is beneficial for you to look up the code, as well, so you can provide the report to any interested buyers. As long as the VIN number lookup shows a clean vehicle history, the report can help to reassure potential buyers that your vehicle is reliable and likely worth the price for which you are selling it. Providing peace of mind to anyone interested in purchasing your vehicle can help you to sell it quickly, and make a reasonable profit.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

Knowing how to check VIN numbers is very important, because the 17-digit vehicle ID number is crucial for any report to be provided. No matter if you choose to mail in your VIN number lookup request or get a VIN number check online, you will need to provide the number. For most cars, the VIN number is located:

  • On the engine block, underneath the hood of the car.
  • On the inside of the door, near where the driver’s door latches closed.
  • On the bottom of the windshield, in the lower corner of the driver’s side (usually visible from outside of the car).
  • On car registration paperwork and your auto insurance card/documents.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Georgia

A vehicle record request costs $5 in Georgia.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.