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How to Renew a Driver's License in Georgia

Drivers License Online Services Guide

Georgia Drivers License Renewal

Renewing drivers licenses in Georgia is a task that must be carried out by drivers in order for them to maintain their driving credentials with the state. GA DDS license renewals are available via three different methods: by mail, online or in person. In order to apply for drivers license renewals remotely with the Department of Drivers Services, residents must meet certain qualifications that are outlined in the sections below. For more information on how to renew drivers licenses in Georgia, continue reading.

How to Renew Your GA Driver's License

Renew Georgia Drivers License

Note: To find out your driver's license expiration date, locate it on the front of your card. Your driver's license expiration date is also your date of birth.

Residents can renew their drivers licenses in GA in one of three ways: online, in-person or by mail. Online drivers license renewal applicants and by-mail applicants must meet a certain set of criteria to be eligible to get their credentials outside of a DDS location. Generally, GA DDS license renewal applicants will need to complete a drivers license application form and provide original copies of the following types of documents:

  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of residential address.
  • Full Social Security Number.
  • Proof of legal presence in the United States.


Georgia drivers license renewal fees are the same as the cost of obtaining an initial driving license. The price is $32 to renew GA driving licenses in person or by mail. Online drivers license renewal applicants receive a $5 discount off of their renewal fee for utilizing the GA Department of Driver Services website. To apply for the drivers license renewal fee discount, a driver must meet the online application requirements.

When to Renew Your Georgia Driver's License

Residents can apply for a GA DDS license renewal up to 150 days prior to the expiration date. Drivers can also renew expired drivers licenses up to two years following the date of expiration.

Expired License

Residents have up to two years to renew expired drivers licenses in GA without penalty. After two years, applicants with an expired drivers license must re-take the DMV exam in order to regain their driving privileges. The exam involves passing a written road rules and signs test, vision screening and driving test. Renewing your drivers license following a long hiatus can be challenging. Be prepared to pass your Georgia driver's license exam by taking an online practice test.

Temporary Licenses

Georgia drivers license renewal applicants who apply in person will be issued temporary licenses to use until their permanent license arrives to their residential address by mail. Permanent driver's licenses usually arrive within 14 days of application. Upon receiving their permanent credentials, drivers must destroy their temporary or interim licenses to protect their information.

Requirements to Renew a Georgia License

To renew drivers licenses in Georgia, residents are required to present documents to qualify for a Secure ID. Drivers who are renewing their GA drivers license for the first time since the Secure ID guidelines were put in place will need to apply in person with the following information:

  • Proof of residential address.
  • Full Social Security Number.
  • Proof of legal presence in the United States.

Drivers qualify to renew their drivers license online if their current credential is a Secure ID compliant card - as designated with a gold and white star in the top right hand corner. To apply for a drivers license renewal by mail or online, drivers must meet a separate set of criteria as outlined in the sections below.

Renew a GA Suspended License

To renew drivers licenses in Georgia that have been suspended or revoked, drivers must first follow the steps to settle the terms of their reinstatement as determined by the GA Department of Driver Services. Motorists cannot renew their drivers licenses until their driving privileges have been restored. Drivers with suspended drivers licenses can instead apply for a ID card renewal either online or in person during their suspension period.

GA Drivers License Online Renewal

Motorists can renew drivers licenses online in Georgia through the GA DDS online services portal. Applicants wondering can you renew your license online in Georgia must answer yes to all of the requirements listed below in order to qualify for online drivers license renewal:

  • You currently hold a DDS-issued license that is Secure ID compliant.
  • You hold a non-commercial license that has not been expired for longer than two years.
  • Your driver's license is not suspended, revoked or cancelled.
  • You are younger than 65 years of age.
  • You are a Georgia resident.
  • You are a U.S. citizen.
  • You have a valid credit or debit card to furnish the online drivers license renewal fee.

Note: While drivers with a suspended license cannot renew their license online, they can apply via the DDS online services portal for the renewal of a limited permit or identification card.

Renewing Your GA Drivers License in Person

In-person drivers license renewal applicants must present the required documentation in order to process their transactions. The requirements to renew drivers Georgia licenses at a DDS location include:

  • Filling out a driver's license ID form.
  • Taking a new driver license photo.
  • Passing a vision exam if you are 64 years of age and older.
  • Presenting documents that show:
    • Proof of identity.
    • Proof of residential address.
    • Full social security number.
    • Proof of legal presence in the United States.

The Georgia DDS license renewal applicant will be issued a temporary license to use while their permanent card is prepared and mailed to their residential address on record with the DMV.

Non-U.S. Citizen

To renew drivers licenses in Georgia, non-U.S. citizens must appear in person at a GA DDS location with the appropriate forms of identification. State residents who are not citizens of the country are not permitted to utilize mail-in or online drivers license renewal options. Non-U.S. citizens applying for a renewed driving license must present documents proving identity, residential address, social security number and proof of their legal presence in the United States.

Mail-in Renewals

Georgia DMV license renewals by mail are available for certain residents temporarily located out of the state or for those physically incapable of visiting the DMV office. To renew your drivers license while you are out of state, you must fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Residents stationed by the military out-of-state and their dependents.
  • Residents attending school out-of-state and their dependents.
  • Residents working out of state and their dependents.
  • Residents who are physically incapacitate and unable to make a trip to a DDS office.

Applicants renewing their drivers licenses while they are out of state must be U.S. citizens and submit a signed and notarized application form, along with the following forms:

  • Vision Form, if 60 years of age and older.
  • Signed letter or verification from the applicable organization, which can verify the resident's reason for applying for a driver's license renewal via mail.

Drivers License Extensions

Military members stationed out-of-state are granted a six-month grace period to utilize their expired drivers license that begins upon their return to Georgia. Service members are exempt from being cited for an expired drivers license during this time period. However, in which case they are cited, they must bring a copy of their official military orders or signed verification from their commanding officer along with the citation to a DDS customer service office. The service member will be issued a waiver.

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