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How to Renew a Driver's License in Georgia

A Georgia Driver's License can be renewed either in person at any Driver's License Customer Service Center in the State, by mail, over telephone or over the Internet. Georgia law requires DDS to administer a vision test to drivers over age 64 who must visit a Customer Service Center to undertake the test, and therefore cannot renew their driver's license by mail, phone or over the Internet.


  1. Sixty days prior to your license expiration date, which is typically your birthday, Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) will send you a renewal application. You will receive the renewal application if DDS has your digital signature, photograph and fingerprint on file. In addition, your driving record must be clear of any suspensions, cancellations or revocations.
  2. The renewal application will be mailed to your current address on file with DDS. You should notify DDS of any address changes.
  3. You must visit the DDS Customer Service Center if you wish to make changes to your name or address or other information. However, qualified licenses are eligible for a one-time free address change during the renewal cycle.
  4. Georgia driver's licenses are generally renewed for 5 or 8 years.


You must bring:

  1. Your expiring license or Proof of Identity if the expiring license is not available
  2. If your name has changed, documentation of the name change is required.
  3. A 5-year license renewal fee is $20 and a 8-year license renewal is $32. The acceptable form of payment is by cash, check, money order or credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover). The entire process takes place in five minutes, after which the renewed license will arrive by mail within four weeks.


When you renew by mail, you should prepare and/or complete:

  1. The renewal application form
  2. Credit card information for renewal fee of $20 for five-year renewal and $32 for 8-year renewal. There is no service fee to renew the license by mail.
  3. Mail all the documents to:
    Department of Driver Services

    Post Office Box 80447

    Conyers, GA 30013

The renewed driver's license will arrive by mail within four weeks.


  1. You cannot renew online on or after the expiration date.
  2. You will need the Resident Identification Number (RIN) located on the renewal notice.
  3. You can renew online by following these simple steps.
  4. Credit card information for renewal fee of $25 for five-year renewal and $35 for 10-year renewal.


Reviews of How to Renew a Driver's License in Georgia

It's 2015 and GA DMV is still not capable of sending out renewal forms! I see this complaint dates back to 2011.

I was discriminated against at the Cobb County office because I am white. The hatred that the almost ALL black staff have for white's is palpable in this office. They told us incorrectly what to bring and then they tacked additional items on after we returned, waited in line and went through the entire process. The one women didn't even look at my husbands documents and now he has the wrong address and also has to go back a 3rd time! Shame on your DMV officials for not doing something to stop the inefficienties, frustration and outright discrimination.

can you still renew lic on line or do you have to go in to driver lic center

I'm in the Military, my license expired when I was overseas and I haven't renewed it yet. Will I still be able to get a new license or renew it here in GA if my home of residency is in Wi?

I'm in the Military, my license expired when I was overseas and I haven't renewed it yet. Will I still be able to get a new license or renew it here in GA if my home of residency is in Wi?

I am moved from Arizona to Georgia recently and my Arizona driving license has expired. I am a non-immigrant worker on H1 Visa here. I got my Visa Extension reciept from USCIS. I need to transefer my driving license to Georgia and Extend it based on my Visa Extension receipt. Let me know if it can be done. As i have gone through some recent changes at DMV georgia rules and based on that my license can be renewed for next 120 days on providing visa extension reciept.

My driver's license expired 3 years ago because of living out of the US for work,Do I have to pass the driving test again

where do I need to go to apply for renewal of driver's license if I live in Douglasville? would the nearest place be in Carrollton,GA? If so, where is this location and what are the hours of operation when I can go renew my license?

I am H1-B Visa holder and my Visa expires next month. My company applied H1-B visa extension and it is pending currently. Is my recipt notice sufficient to extend my drivers license?

Where in ATL can my 80 year old mom get her license renewed...other than Memorial Drive?

Where in Fayette County or Coweta County can our driving licenses be renewed

We live in Peachtree City

Joy / John Boyden

where can my 80 yr old mother which license has expire get them renew.been expired about 2mos.

Hello. I have been living overseas for work and my license has expired in May 2011. Is there a way to renew my license online or my mail? Thank you.

I have a Intermediate Restricted Driver's License for the state of Tennessee but I moved to Georgia over the summer and it's time for me to get the "real license" so how should I go about doing that?

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Never receiced my dr. license in the mail

My license expired and I didn't realize it in time. If I go to the center to renew in person, do I get my new license that day, or do I have to wait for it in the mail? I also want a new picture since I look very different and I have had people kind of question if it was me. Can I get a new one with a new picture that same day?


a 87 yo lady, but she has run a red light & know for pulling out in front of cars. She has let her license expire & has been driving! She has got lost many times. (I'm upset as I was hit by a bad driver & can no longer work, so I feel Senior's like this put all our lives in danger. She has 2 neighbor's that will drive her around) now since she let DL expire will she only have to take eye exame or test?

Can I renew my CDL license on line?

I am a federal employee who works for the DoDEA and I was wondering if I can renew my GA drivers license online even though I reside temporarily in NC?

My license are suspended now....I HAVE been to court and had everything taking care of ..... so what do I need to do now to get my license back

I am former Richmond county deputy. If you have been to court and complied with the courts orders they should have given you a paper that basically tells DMV that you may reinstate your license. You take that paper to your local DMV office and pay the cost for the license. DO NOT drive until you have that license in your pocket, that paper that the courts give you is nothing more than a "permission slip" for DMV to reinstate your license. Until you obtain that license and you get stopped you will be arrested for driving with a suspended license. Hope this helps have a safe day.

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I was not able to find any information on how to renew a non-citizen driver license.

if a person is a non ctizen are they reported when applying


Today is March 10th and my birthday is March 28th. I need to renew my driver's license and have not received a renewal notice in the mail. What's the best way to renew my driver's license before it expires this year?

Today is March 9th, my license expires march 28, 2011. I have not received a renewal form. So I do not have a Rin number. How does one go about getting one to renew on line.

HOW DI i get a RIM?

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i need see on the stat of license and how i can get my license back