The Georgia Department of Driver Services keeps a detailed driving record that shows your complete driving history. To learn more about the information stated on a driving history report and the best way to get your GA personal driving record, examine the sections below.

What is on my Georgia driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your Georgia driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal GA driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the Georgia Georgia Department of Driver Services DMV, it will contain:

  • A list of all car crashes.
  • A list of all driver’s license suspensions.
  • A list of violations.
  • Violation points.
  • Your home address.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your driver’s license status.
  • Your driver’s license application date.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

What do points on my Georgia driving record mean?

Points found on a Georgia Department of Driver Services full DMV driving record are any infractions you have on your Georgia driving history report. Infractions have different point values, and when they add up to a certain amount, your license may be revoked or suspended.

Infractions and point values can be viewed when you check your Georgia driving record. Points from the Georgia Department of Driver Services are marked as follows:

  • Violation of usage of wireless telecommunication device requirements: 1 point
  • Operating a vehicle while text messaging: 1 point
  • Possessing an alcoholic open container while driving: 2 points
  • Failure to obey traffic control device: 3 points
  • Failure to obey police officer: 3 points
  • Improper passing on hill or curve: 4 points
  • Reckless driving: 4 points
  • Unlawful passing of a school bus: 6 points
  • Aggressive driving: 6 points

If you have any incorrect points on your GA driving history report, these can be fixed by contacting your local DMV. Taking a traffic school course can remove points off your record.

How do points against my Georgia driver’s license affect me?

Georgia residents may have their drivers license suspended or revoked for receiving a certain amount of points in a given time period. The Georgia Department of Driver Services point system ranges from two to six points for a single conviction.

A driver who has accumulated 15 points or more within a 24-month period will have their driver’s license suspended. Traffic citation points or demerits added to your GA Department of Driver Services complete driving record can cause your license to be suspended, affect your employment status and raise your insurance rates.

How do I remove driver’s license points from my Georgia record?

In Georgia, drivers cannot remove points from a Department of Driver Services full driving record once they have been added on their driver’s license. If you accumulate too many drivers license points in Georgia, your auto insurance rates can spike and possible employment opportunities may be affected.

Residents have the option to reduce points on their full Georgia driving record from the DDS. To do so, residents must request a point reduction with the GA Department of Driver Services, and they can reduce up to seven points from their DDS driving history report once every five years. Additionally, drivers must successfully complete a state-approved traffic school program.

Once you complete a traffic school course and submit proof to any DDS Customer Service Center, the points will be deducted from your record.

How long do points stay on my Georgia driving record?

Driver license points remain on your Georgia personal driving record for two years and cannot be removed before that time period has ceased. Residents can request a point reduction with the Georgia DDS.

As a general rule, the points you accumulate will remain on your full driving record for the same length of time.

Georgia DUI Records

Georgia residents’ DUI criminal records are included in GA full driving history reports from the Department of Driver Services. State drivers may need to provide his or her DUI arrest record to take a driving course or to find out if an older incident has been removed.

How do I know if my Georgia driving license is suspended?

Drivers can check their drivers license status by obtaining a copy of their driving record in the state. The information that is in your Georgia driving report includes the reasons and durations for your driver’s license suspension.

Previous Traffic Violations in Georgia

Georgia drivers can check for previous traffic violations by ordering a copy of their DMV driving history report. Violations included in a GA driving record consist of speeding violations, running red lights, or not using your turn signal. Stay up-to-date on all the infractions that are still on your record by checking your personal driving record.

Why do I need a copy of my Georgia driving record?

Getting a copy of your driving record is important for a number of reasons. Ordering a copy of your Georgia driving record will provide you with information about your driving infractions.

By obtaining a GA DMV driving record, you will be prepared for several different scenarios such as applying for a job as a commercial driver and improving your auto insurance rates.

Check for Points in Georgia

The most common reason drivers request a copy of their driving records is to check for points on their driver’s license. The Georgia Department of Driver Services driving records provides you with point information.

Avoid accumulating points on your GA driving record by obeying traffic rules and regulations in the state in order to avoid accumulating points on your GA driving record. If you received a traffic infraction on your license, check to see how many points are on your drivers license with a copy of your Georgia DMV driving record.

Applying for a New Commercial Driver Position in Georgia

Employment opportunities for positions involving driving operating a company vehicle are dependent on your Georgia personal driving history. Most employers base their hiring decision on what is in your record to ensure the safety of their business and the public.

Lower Georgia Auto Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies determine your insurance premium by taking your basic information, like age and location, and combining it with the details of your driving record.

Keep the number of accidents and demerit points on your DMV driving record as low as possible to increase your chances of getting less expensive auto insurance premiums. If you have a bad driving record, your auto insurance premium will be significantly more expensive. advises you to order your copy of driving record in Georgia in order to know each violation you committed and to be able to clean it before applying for insurance. Once your driving history is clean, you can negotiate with an insurance company for lower insurance premiums.

Take Georgia Traffic School to Prevent Points

Attending traffic school in the state of Georgia can be beneficial in a number of ways. The first is that your auto insurance cannot be cancelled and your premiums cannot be raised. Secondly, completion of a state-approved traffic school course allows drivers to get a point reduction from the Department of Driver Services.

Submit a certificate of completion to any DDS Customer Service Center in order to receive a point reduction on your complete GA driving record.

Why do employers check your Georgia driving record?

Several employers require an employee driving history report for jobs that require driving, such as salespersons and delivery service jobs. Office companies may still require a GA driving record check since there are occasions where their employee may need to drive to projects, conferences, or job sites.

Your Georgia drivers license status and a copy of your driving history is required with any employment opportunity that entails operating a company vehicle. Any employment opportunity, which requires you to operate a vehicle, will look into your Georgia drivers license status and history. Any suspensions or revocations that appear on your GA driving record may affect your potential employment status.

In the event that an employee was involved in car accident, and is driving during work hours for the company, the employer would have to endure the costs of medical bills, repairing or replacing damaged vehicles and property, as well as potential lawsuits from third parties. By obtaining a copy of a potential employees’ motor vehicle record, employers and business owners can prevent hiring any unsafe drivers.

However, obtaining a copy of your driving history report allows you to rectify any mistakes and be honest with a potential employer about what is on it. Order your DMV driving record today and get started on fixing your drivers license status.

Different Types of Georgia Driving Records

In Georgia, you can request a three-year or a seven-year DMV driving record, also known as motor vehicle report (MVR). Potential employers, insurance provides and courts of law usually prefer to request certified copies of DMV complete driving records. Any driver in Georgia can order one of the MVR reports listed below from the DDS.

Non-Certified MVR

A Georgia non-certified MVR can be viewed and downloaded online. Non-certified reports cannot be submitted to an employer, insurance company, or other entity requesting a certified copy.

Certified MVR

A certified MVR, on the other hand, cannot be viewed online. Instead, they are printed and mailed to you. The history reflected on the report stops at the date of printing. Employers and insurance agencies often request certified copies of GA driving records for the hiring and insurance premium purposes.

How do I fix a mistake on my Georgia drivers history report?

In a situation when you think that the Georgia Department of Driver Services has made a mistake on your drivers history report, you will need to correct that mistake immediately. Order a copy of your personal driving record in GA from to check for inconsistencies and correct any mistakes.

Mistakes may include expired demerit points or completed suspension periods still on your record which could result in higher insurance premiums. Contact the Georgia DMV to correct any mistakes on your personal driving history report.

What is not included on my Georgia driving record report?

A Georgia drivers history does not include certain information that you might find useful. has set up resources to allow you to obtain the following information for your records:

Vehicle Registration History

Georgia vehicles you have registered in the state will show up in this section of the report. Certain situations require you to show proof of an older registration and obtaining your driving history will serve as said proof.

Driving Record Fees in Georgia

A three-year driving record in Georgia costs $6. Moreover, a seven-year record costs $8.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.
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