South Dakota driving records include individual’s identification details, past traffic violations, and past license suspensions or revocations. Read the sections below to learn more about the included information and see how to order your personal driving record.

What is on my South Dakota driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your South Dakota driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal SD driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles, it will contain:

  • Your personal details.
  • Drivers license dates of issue and expiry.
  • Traffic points.
  • Records about DUI violations.
  • Moving violations history.
  • Traffic offenses committed out-of-state.
  • Suspensions and revocations.
  • License cancelations and denials.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

What do points on my South Dakota driving record mean?

Points are registered on your South Dakota driving record to penalize moving violations you may have committed in and out of state. Offenses about speeding, standing, parking, equipment, size or weight set by the South Dakota DOT for highway damage are not assigned with points.

Depending on how severe the traffic offense was, you can get as few as two and as many as 10 points per violation. When you commit multiple offenses by one action, only the most severe gets points. By exploring the section below you will learn what events can result in points being added to your South Dakota driving record report:

  • DWI offenses: 10 points
  • Reckless driving: 8 points
  • Drag racing or failing to yield right of way: 6 points
  • Eluding or attempting to elude: 6 points
  • Improper passing: 4 points
  • Driving wrong side of the roadway: 4 points
  • Stop sign or light violation: 3 points
  • Other moving violations: 2 points

Collecting too many points on your SD DMV driving record means that your traffic habits are unsafe, thus your driving privileges may get restricted. By checking your personal motor vehicle history you will be able to prevent too may points being assigned to your record and avoid license suspension or revocation.

How do points against my South Dakota license affect me?

By getting too many points on your driving record from the South Dakota Department of Safety, your driver’s license can get suspended. Drivers can have their license suspended if they accumulate 15 traffic points in 12 consecutive months or 22 traffic points in 24 consecutive months. Maximum suspension periods are:

  • 60 days for a first suspension.
  • Six months for a second suspension.
  • One year for a third suspension.

Car insurance agents may relate your past record to continuous risky behavior and leave you out of discounted insurance quotes. Owning a clean driving record history is equally important for job application opportunities: recruitment officers prioritize applications from candidates who demonstrate safe road skills.

How do I remove drivers license points from my South Dakota record?

Although points will remain visible on the SD Department of Safety driving record report, you can remove an existing suspension or a restriction by completing corrective action assigned by the court. Depending on the type of the moving violation you have committed, you may need to complete one or more several steps including:

  • Paying reinstatement fees
  • Providing proof of SR-22 insurance
  • Retaking driving tests

How long do points stay on my South Dakota driving record?

Drivers license points on your South Dakota driving record stay in view for the full driving history. The total number of points accumulate until reaching the suspension limit, and can be cleared by taking improvement and reinstatement actions.

To keep your driving privileges, remember that the suspension limit for one year is maximum 15 points, and the suspension limit for two years is maximum 22 points.

South Dakota DUI Records

Convictions from your driving history relating to events in which you have been driving under the influence are put on your DUI arrest records. Depending on the severity of the DUI, alcohol-related offenses can be penalized with license revocation, or with additional fines and penalties. The lengths of the revocation periods are:

  • 30 days for a first DUI offense.
  • One year for a second and third DUI offense.
  • Two years for a fourth DUI offense.
  • Three years for a fifth DUI offense.

Reading your South Dakota driving record report is an easy way to check details about previous DUI-related steps ordered by the court, including imprisonment or alcohol improvement program.

How do I know if my South Dakota driving license is suspended?

The information about license suspension is included in the South Dakota motor vehicle record. By ordering a driving record report, you will be able to see dates and lengths of the suspension periods. Get your DMV driving record now to learn these facts and prevent stricter penalties, increased fines and longer suspension periods.

Previous Traffic Violations

Checking for previous moving violations is one of the key reasons to obtain your driving record. All past violations, including those you have been convicted of out of state, can be seen on your SD personal driving history.

Why do I need a copy of my South Dakota driving record?

Your South Dakota motor vehicle history is an important proof that you can drive responsibly. Commercial businesses hiring new truck drivers or public transportation companies look for accountable drivers to employ.

They will check employee driving records for past violations and to predict your future behavior. Run a driving record lookup before you prepare car insurance documentation to get discount deals from your agent.

Check for Points in South Dakota

Between two and 10 points can be assigned to a traffic violation on your South Dakota DPS driving record. Read the point section to check the total existing number, and avoid getting your license suspended or revoked by collecting too many within the time limits.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position in South Dakota

Employers check applicants’ driving histories to obtain evidence on how responsible they are when driving. Drivers who apply for CDL positions deal with increased responsibilities since they work with valuable business assets and passengers.

A presentable copy of your driving history will improve your chances of getting a job that carries increased risks. Purchase your SD driving record before you submit the application to increase your job prospects.

Lower South Dakota Car Insurance Premiums

Vehicle insurance agencies will provide quotes based on your personal driving history. A driver in line with traffic rules presents a low-risk insurance liability and will get cheaper deals. A driver who has many violations on the driver’s report, on the other hand, will have to pay higher premiums.

Take South Dakota Traffic School to Prevent Points

Unlike most other states, SD Department of Safety does not require mandatory traffic school to remove points from your driving record history. Instead, a defensive driving course can be ordered to offenders younger than 25 years to increase safety awareness. By obtaining a driving record copy you can check details about courses and fix untended issues.

Why do employers check your South Dakota driving record?

Hiring officers tend to employ new applicants who have demonstrated that they can act responsibly in their line of work. An easy way to check driver’s credibility is by researching their South Dakota driving histories.

Too many points or violations on a person’s driving history can present a risk for the business. To avoid potential business losses in medical bills or property damages, managers prefer to back up hiring decisions by checking employees driving history reports.

Different Types of South Dakota Driving Records

The South Dakota motor vehicle records prepared by the Department of Safety are specialized in two formats. Check the content below to identify which of them will address your needs.

3-Year Driving Record

The South Dakota three-year driving history contains information about past moving violations for personal, and for use by employers, insurance agents or government agencies.

3-Year CDL Driving Record

The three-year CDL driving history issued by the South Dakota DPS offices includes driving history details for holders of commercial driver’s licenses, including suspensions, revocations, cancelations or denials.

How do I fix a mistake on a South Dakota drivers history report?

Driving record reports contain various information entered for different reasons. For that reason, some of the information may be inaccurate. Details that are not entered correctly or not erased even when cleared can affect you driving privileges.

To avoid this, get your South Dakota DMV driving record now and check for inaccuracies. To correct errors, contact the South Dakota Department of Safety and submit correct information.

What is not included on my South Dakota driving record report?

Most relevant details about your personal driver’s history are included in the SD motor vehicle report. Details about criminal convictions or specifics about the vehicle model are part of the additional reports provided by

South Dakota Vehicle Registration History

The South Dakota vehicle registration history lists all vehicles that were registered under your name. By obtaining your car registration history report, you can confirm important details about owned vehicles and present it as evidence of car registration when it’s required in business or official dealings.

Driving Record Fees in South Dakota

A driving record in South Dakota costs $5.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.
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