While South Dakota SR-22 rates are often far higher than general insurance, it is important that you obtain and maintain this form of insurance, if required by the state. Failing to do so can result in further legal penalties, including the suspension of your driver’s license and serious fines. Therefore, you should know who need SR22 insurance as well as how to obtain this form of insurance.

If required to complete an SR22 form, it is important to be aware of this process as well as the potential consequences of a lapse in your coverage. In South Dakota, if required to obtain coverage, you must maintain that coverage for three years. Even if you no longer have a vehicle, you will be required to maintain the insurance on any type of vehicle that you are licensed for.

What is South Dakota SR22 insurance?

Before determining how to get SR22 insurance in South Dakota, it is important to first learn more about this form of insurance. SR22, also referred to as a certificate of insurance or financial responsibility filing, is a form of high-risk insurance that can be provided by most motor insurance agencies. The requirement for this type of high-risk insurance generally follows certain traffic-related offenses and convictions.

In South Dakota, SR22 insurance must be maintained for three years following the date of your conviction, even if you do not own a motor vehicle anymore. Additionally, South Dakota law requires that you have this form of high-risk insurance for each type of vehicle that you are licensed for. For example, if you have a Class 2, A3, B3 or C3 driver’s license, you will be required to have insurance for both a car and a motorcycle, even if you only own one or neither.

If you would rather only pay for one type of vehicle, your driver’s license must be changed before you cancel any part of your high-risk insurance. For example, after obtaining SR22 and reinstating your driver’s license, you can change the type of license that you have. Only after completing this step will you be permitted to change your insurance.

SR-22 rates are often higher than general motor insurance. Generally, premiums must be paid in full rather than on a monthly basis. If you change your insurance company or acquire a new vehicle within that three-year period, you must ask the insurance company that they refile your SR22 with the South Dakota Department of Public Safety in order to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Who needs SR22 insurance in South Dakota?

You should be aware of who needs SR22 insurance in South Dakota in order to avoid certain convictions that will result in this type of financial responsibility. Simply put, any South Dakota motorist that has his or her license suspended or revoked, is convicted for not operating a vehicle without insurance, vehicular manslaughter, DUI/DWI or the second reckless driving offense within a one-year period will be required to obtain and maintain this form of insurance.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in South Dakota

Despite SR-22 rates in South Dakota, it is important that you request insurance in order to satisfy financial responsibility requirements when reinstating your driving privileges. In addition to obtaining SR-22 insurance, you will also be required to pay a license reinstatement fee and an application fee in order to request a reinstatement.

Before a new South Dakota driver’s license will be issued, you will need to successfully pass vision, knowledge and driving exams. Additionally, some convictions, such as a DUI, will require that your license remain suspended for a certain amount of time before you can request a reinstatement. Even if this is the case, it is important to know that you must still request SR-22 after your conviction, even if you have not yet reinstated your driver’s license.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in South Dakota

You can obtain SR22 insurance quotes from most auto insurance companies. This must be done immediately following your conviction, but you do have the option of changing your current insurance to a new insurer when obtaining insurance or within the three-year period.

If you do change your insurer within the three-year period, you must have the insurance company file with the South Dakota Department of Public Safety immediately so that your proof of financial responsibility does not lapse.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in South Dakota

Should you fail to obtain or maintain SR22 insurance in South Dakota for three years from the date of your conviction, you will be subjected to further legal penalties. Failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility will result in a Class 2 misdemeanor, which can result in up to 30 days imprisonment, hefty fines or both.

Failing to file SR22 altogether with also result in the suspension of your driver’s license, vehicle registration and license plates. Therefore, it is important that you file for this form of insurance immediately after a conviction that would require it.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.