In the state of IL, SR-22 rates apply to drivers who receive a traffic violation resulting in the suspension of their driver license. The SR22 form is a rider on top of an automobile policy. The Secretary of State Driver Services Department requires the policy from drivers who the state deems as “problem drivers.” The insurance rider is a voucher from the insurance company that proves that the driver has liability insurance.

Drivers who are required to obtain SR22 must do so to reinstate their license. Further, motorists must maintain insurance for the duration of their suspension period. Failure to do so results in fees and reactivation of the original suspension. Below is more information on SR22 rates and how to get SR22 insurance if you are facing license suspension in the state of Illinois.

What is Illinois SR22 insurance?

Insurance companies charge Illinois SR-22 rates to drivers who require this extra coverage on top of their existing automobile policy. The SR22 is a form rather than an insurance policy itself. The form is the insurance company’s voucher that proves that a driver has liability coverage.

The state requires this extra coverage to minimize the financial risk to others should a driver have any future driving or traffic-related incidents. Insurance companies issue Illinois SR22 Insurance based on the types of vehicle owned or operated by the driver:

  • An Operator’s Certificate permits motorists to operate any non-owned certificate.
  • An Owner’s Certificate entitles the driver to operate any vehicle they own.
  • An Operators-Owners Certificate allows drivers to operate any vehicle both owned and non-owned.

Motorists must maintain this vital coverage for three years to reinstate their driving privileges. Failure to do so results in fines, penalties, and reactivation of the original suspension.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Illinois?

The Secretary of State Driver Services Department determines who needs SR22 insurance in Illinois based on the type and number of traffic-related convictions. According to the state, motorists must obtain SR22 for any offense that results in license suspension or revocation such as:

  • DUI convictions for those charged with driving under the influence with a Blood Alcohol level of .08 or more
  • Uninsured driver citations for drivers who fail to maintain the state minimum liability insurance
  • Parking violations or citations for repeated parking violations
  • Non-payment of court-ordered child support for drivers who do not have an outstanding child support balance
  • Tollway Violations/Evasions for drivers who fail to pay five or more toll violations

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in Illinois

Motorists must maintain an SR22 form in Illinois for three years. The Secretary of State removes the SR22 requirement at the end of 36 months provided the driver has satisfied all conditions required to reinstate the license.

Drivers should contact their insurance company at the end of 36 months to drop the coverage from their policy. Drivers with SR22 insurance may also be required to pay all applicable fees to regain driving privileges.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Illinois

The state does not offer Illinois SR22 insurance nor does it regulate rates that insurers charge for it. Drivers who require an Illinois SR22 should contact their insurance company. The insurance company may either add the form to the existing policy or require the motorist to purchase a new policy that contains the rider. Not all insurers offer the coverage. Drivers who need additional coverage are often those with a high number of driving offenses.

As such, insurers consider these drivers “high risk.” Given that, drivers looking for SR22 may find it challenging to locate an insurance company willing to provide it. Not only that, the additional coverage can be costly. Motorists should shop around for SR22 insurance quotes until they find a company willing to provide the coverage.

How to File SR22 Insurance in Illinois

The Driver Services Division mails an SR22 notification to drivers who are required to obtain the policy. Motorists have 90 days to file in SR22 to prevent suspension of their license. The Secretary of State Driver Services Department only accepts proof of SR22 from the insurance company rather than the driver.

Motorists must have their insurer file the form on their behalf. Once approved, the Driver Services Division sends a letter of acceptance to the driver.  The insurance company will also provide a copy of the SR22 to the driver upon approval. Should a motorist cancel their SR22 policy, the insurance company is required to notify the Driver Services Department.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Illinois

Motorists who fail to obtain SR22 will not be eligible to have their license reinstated at the end of the suspension period. Additionally, drivers must maintain SR22 insurance for a total of three years. Should a motorist not keep the insurance during their suspension, they are not eligible to have their license reinstated.

In some cases, the state may allow a motorist to retain driving privileges even though they are required to obtain the extra coverage. Should those drivers fail to submit an SR22, they will automatically have their license suspended until they get the required coverage.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.