Performing a drivers license change of address in Illinois is necessary for licensees who have moved to another location and need to update their record with the Driver Services Division (DSD) of the IL Secretary of State (SOS). Drivers must complete the process of changing drivers license address information within 10 days to follow state rules and regulations.

The department offers several methods to change the address on drivers license credentials, including online and in person at a DSD facility. Motorists moving to Illinois from another state will also need to apply for an IL driving license change of address by transferring their out-of-state driving credentials. Motorists can learn how and where to change drivers license address in IL by reading the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Illinois Drivers License

Submitting a request to change address on DMV licenses is mandatory for motorists in Illinois who move to a new place of residence or change their primary address. For instance, motorists will need to start changing driving license addresses for all licensed drivers in the household after moving to a new residence.

A new driver moving from out of state need to request a new IL credential to operate a vehicle legally within Illinois. Completing an IL DMV change address on license transaction may also be necessary for drivers who receive a credential displaying incorrect personal details.

Illinois Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

If you move to a new place of residence, you must change drivers license address data within 10 days of your move. Learning how to change drivers license address in Illinois is an important procedure in order to receive DSD notices on time. If you fail to finalize your IL drivers license change of address in a timely manner, you may not receive drivers license renewal correspondence at the appropriate address.

Without changing drivers license address information, you may forget to renew your driving license credentials on time if you do not receive DSD correspondence. Operating a motor vehicle with an expired credential is punishable by law and may lead to fines and other penalties.

Online Drivers License Address Changes in Indiana

Changing drivers license address online in Illinois is the most convenient way to update your DSD address. In order to change address on a DMV license online, you must first visit the official SOS website, locate the online tool and enter the required information in the applicable fields.

Your IL online drivers license change of address procedure will require you to submit your driver license number, last four digits of your Social Security Number, date of birth and new address of residence. If you choose the change address drivers license option online, you must to submit a different address change document under the following circumstances:

  • You live in Illinois but your post office is located out of the state.
  • You have an out-of-state permanent address.
  • You reside in a city with a population less than 3,500 and only have a P.O. box address.

How to Change Your Address on Your Illinois Drivers License in Person

An in-person Illinois DMV change address on license option is available at an IL Secretary of State facility by presenting the required identification. Once in the office, licensees applying to change address on their DMV license can also purchase a corrected credential showing their new address.

Motorists applying for a new card after a drivers license address change must turn in their old license, present acceptable identification and provide payment for replacement. After submitting their IL drivers license change of address request, applicants will receive a temporary drivers license. The DSD will mail a permanent drivers license in approximately two weeks.

How to Change Your Address on Your Illinois Drivers License by Mail

Motorists may also be able to change their driving license address in Illinois by submitting a mail-in request to the Secretary of State. Motorists can change address on drivers license by mail if they are a college student or member of the military. Drivers who need to change address on DMV records and driving license credentials should contact the SOS and DSD to find out more about eligibility requirements.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Illinois Resident

New state residents must change address on driving licenses in IL by transferring their out-of-state license within 90 days of their move. When initiating a DMV address change on license procedure and purchasing a new license to drive, applicants must go to a DSD office in person to surrender their out-of-state credentials, pass any necessary tests and provide payment.

While making a drivers license address change, new residents must provide documents to prove their identity, IL residency and Social Security Number.

Illinois DMV Address Change Fees

Motorists changing driving license addresses in Illinois who wish to receive a new credential reflecting the update must pay a $5 fee for a replacement driving license. New state residents performing an Illinois DMV change address on license transaction to reflect their new state of residence must pay a new license fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.