The Illinois DMV motorcycle handbook is intended to be an instructive tool for motorcycle riders, non-riders and anyone who utilizes Illinois public roadways. The motorcycle DMV book contains explicit information about the Illinois laws and expectations that govern motorcycle operation.

Motorcyclists in Illinois are expected to abide by the same road rules as any other motorist. However, motorcyclists are bound to a special set of safety considerations given the exposed nature of cycling and a motorcycle’s smaller physical presence on the highway.

The Illinois DMV motorcycle manual contains valuable tips for those residents who wish to obtain a motorcycle license, as well as awareness-building strategies for non-motorcycle riders who only hold a driver’s license. Applicants for a motorcycle license can study this manual as a precursor to passing both the skills and knowledge portions of the Illinois motorcycle exam. Illinois drivers can continue reading the sections below for more information about the handbook for motorcycle operation. 

What topics are covered in the Illinois DMV motorcycle handbook?

The Illinois motorcycle handbook covers a wide range of important road topics for all current or potential riders to pay special attention to. Most of what the DMV motorcycle manual in Illinois consists of is safety-minded instructions on how to manage the road and a motorcycle in various weather and traffic conditions.

Motorcycle control and operation tips are key elements of the handbook. You can learn how to properly position your body, how to share lanes with larger vehicles, how to handle intersections in the least dangerous way and how to efficiently brake.

The motorcycle test book in Illinois offers specific advice on crash avoidance, the right clothing and accessories to ensure being seen by other drivers, how to deal with mechanical problems and tips for navigating dangerous surfaces. Riding at night and avoiding obstacles like animals and flying debris are covered topics.

Another topic includes points to remember when attempting to pull off the road. The Illinois DMV motorcycle handbook provides excellent resources for understanding how to carry passengers or cargo on a motorcycle, the required skills and equipment for earning your motorcycle license and the various weight and engine classification criteria for motorcycles within the state.  

Can an Illinois motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

Studying a motorcycle handbook in Illinois is the most effective way to ensure your best score on a motorcycle exam. Many aspects of Illinois motorcycle laws would not be common knowledge for the average driver, and this is where the manual can prove invaluable.

In order to pass a motorcycle exam, applicants must earn a passing score on a standardized skills test as well as a knowledge test. One test is written and the other one is practical. The handbook offers essential information on both aspects of the exam. The four basic exercises of the skills test are outlined as follows:

  • Cone weave and normal stop
  • Turn from a stop and U-turn
  • Quick stop
  • Obstacle swerve

The Illinois DMV motorcycle manual gives specific instructions for how to pass these exercises. The manual also attempts to help testing riders learn how to avoid stalling during the skills test, which can serve as an automatic exam failure if a rider stalls the engine a total of four times.

The Illinois motorcycle handbook also offers sample questions for the knowledge test, similar to the driver handbook for a standard license. Riders can practice questions in the manual itself and gain a solid understanding of what can be asked on the exam as well as how to give the best answer. Information about regional motorcycle riding training centers is provided in the handbook for additional support. 

What other materials can help Illinois applicants prepare for a motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

The Illinois motorcycle DMV book offers contact information for local training centers that can give prospective motorcycle license applicants a safe place to practice real-world riding skills in advance of facing their motorcycle exam. Sometimes the equipment outlined in the DMV motorcycle manual is offered for sale at these training locations. Riders can ensure that their bikes are in legal compliance with Illinois classification criteria.

They can also obtain information about how to anticipate certain aspects of the upcoming exam by working with trained professionals who have been riding motorcycles for years. The completion of some of the training programs suggested by the Illinois motorcycle test book can also lead to reduced insurance rates. 

Who else can benefit from an Illinois motorcycle manual?

The Illinois motorcycle permit study guide is not intended solely for those residents who wish to obtain a motorcycle license. It is important for all Illinois drivers to understand motorcycle safety as all residents will be sharing the road. Drivers who do not own a motorcycle or plan to ever ride one can still benefit from knowing what the rules and expectations for motorcycle riders in Illinois are.

Knowledge of how to share lanes and avoid collisions with motorcycles can prevent life-threatening road accidents for everyone. Knowledge of the Illinois motorcycle helmet laws are another component of the manual that may serve the interests of non-motorcycle riders.

Illinois does not mandate helmet use but the motorcycle manual offers statistics on crash survival for helmeted and non-helmeted riders. It is helpful for anyone to recognize the additional dangers of driving near a motorcycle rider with no helmet. The motorcycle safety manual may also be an informative tool for motorcycle dealers or other sellers who wish to make potential customers aware of motorcycle regulations in Illinois.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Manual

The Illinois motorcycle handbook is available at any official Department of Driver Services location. There is no charge for obtaining the DMV motorcycle handbook in a paper format, and it is also available for digital download on the website of the Illinois Secretary of State. Motorists can obtain the Illinois motorcycle operator manual here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.