Obtaining an Illinois DMV ID replacement is a procedure that is generally initiated by individuals whose credentials have gone missing. Residents will need to apply for a state ID renewal, on the other hand, provided their credentials are about to expire. The procedures of replacing ID card documents and applying for a DMV identification card renewal can be conducted through the state Secretary of State (SOS).

Applicants may renew ID card credentials or obtain copies of these documents in person, once they submit the appropriate paperwork and arrange payment for the allotted fees. Prices to replace a stolen or lost ID card in Illinois may vary depending on the applicant’s age, as well as whether he or she has contacted a local police department office to report the case. Find out more about how and where to submit an IL application for lost ID card credentials or renew your identification document by reading the below sections.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Illinois

The procedure of renewing ID card documents is typically necessary for individuals with an expired credential or an ID card that is about to expire, so as to stay in accordance with the state rules and regulations. Prior to applying for an ID card renewal in IL, it is best to contact the Secretary of State and inquire about the available application methods.

In general, you may request to renew identification card documents in person by submitting the required paperwork and providing payment for the applicable fees. You may also receive a renewal notice prior to expiration as a courtesy reminder.

How to Renew ID Cards in Illinois in Person

Individuals who need to renew their identification card in Illinois may finalize their transaction by going to a nearby SOS location to present the necessary documentation. State residents can apply for a state ID renewal by submitting their current DMV identification card provided no changes are required and they have the document on hand.

Applicants who are not able to provide their ID card during the Illinois DMV ID renewal will need to present the following documents to complete the transaction:

  • Proof of written signature.
  • A document proving date of birth and Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Proof of Illinois residency, if they are requesting an address change to appear on their credential.

Once SOS processes your ID card renewal request, you will receive a Temporary State Identification (ID) Card valid for 90 days. This form will include a photograph and the basic information that appears on a permanent identification document. You may receive your permanent ID credential within a period of 15 business days.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Illinois

State residents will generally need to request an IL ID card copy if they have lost their document or it has been stolen. Individuals younger than 60 years of age with a lost ID card may report the incident to a nearby police office and obtain a replacement free of charge.

Reporting a lost or stolen ID card prior to initiating an ID card replacement procedure is usually necessary for the purposes of preventing identity theft as well. Applicants may generally present their Illinois application for a lost ID card in person at an SOS branch.

How to Replace ID Cards in Illinois in Person

If you are still wondering how to replace ID card credentials within the state, note that you will be required to submit a set of specific documents, including the following:

  • Proof of written signature.
  • Proof of Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth.
  • Proof of residency (if applicable).
  • Payment for the set prices to replace a stolen or lost state ID card in IL (if applicable).

Applicants replacing an ID card will receive a 90-day temporary document, which may be utilized as proof of identification until they receive their permanent card within a period of 15 business days.

Note: Contact a local SOS branch to find out whether the department offers other methods for obtaining a duplicate ID card in Illinois.

Illinois ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

In order to complete your Illinois DMV ID replacement and renewal procedures timely and properly, you must provide payment for the fees set forth by the Secretary of State. Prices generally depend on several factors, such as your age at the time of application. Individuals older than 18 years of age requesting a copy of ID card credentials, for example, can obtain one for a fee set at $20.

IL replacement ID card fees are lower for applicants younger than 18, as they will need to pay $10 to obtain a copy. Fees are subject to change without notice. Duplicate ID cards may also be obtained free of charge, provided you are an active member of the U.S. Armed Forces, member’s spouse or dependent child living with the member.

Individuals older than 60 years old can also request a duplicate identification card free of charge. No fee for a copy of an ID card in IL will apply to applicants younger than 60 if they present a police report when applying.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.