The Kansas DMV ID replacement and the state ID renewal are transactions offered by the Division of Vehicles of the state Department of Revenue to holders of official ID cards.

While the process of replacing ID card credentials is generally completed on a case-by-case basis by owners of damaged, stolen or lost credentials, the KS DMV ID renewal is a procedure that must be regularly finalized. Learn more about procedures to obtain renewed or duplicate ID card credentials by reading the sections outlined below.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Kansas

To complete the Kansas DMV identification card renewal, applicants will be required to present the necessary documentation and fee payment in person through a nearby driver licensing office.

The option to renew ID card online is currently unavailable. However, you can also finalize the KS state ID renewal by mail if you are currently residing outside of the state for purposes such as serving in the military, studying or performing missionary work.

Applicants who have not yet obtained an ID card that complies with the guidelines of the REAL ID Act have the option of applying for one during their next renewal cycle. If you are completing the ID card renewal in such circumstances, you may be required to submit additional documentation.

How to Renew ID Cards in Kansas in Person

Before initiating the standard DMV ID renewal in Kansas, state residents must ensure they have collected the necessary items prior to their office visit in order to avoid a second trip. To successfully renew ID card credentials, applicants will generally be required to submit the following items:

  • Their current state-issued ID card.
  • One proof of a Kansas residential address, such as their ID renewal postcard, a car registration or a rent agreement.
  • Payment for the applicable renewal fee.

Note: If you are requesting a REAL ID credential when completing the KS ID card renewal, you may be required to submit additional documentation used to confirm your identity and legal U.S. presence.

How to Renew ID Cards in Kansas by Mail

Applicants eligible to renew ID cards in KS by mail can do so by submitting the DOT Driver’s License Renewal, Extension or Replacement application (Form DEMI-1) to the DOT Topeka office. To complete the process of renewing ID card credentials by mail you must have a current photo in the DOT database and you must be a state resident.

In addition to the completed DEMI-1 form, an ID card renewal package must also include the applicant’s current ID card, payment for the fee and supporting documentation that proves he or she is currently unable to visit a DOT location. For example, if you are member of the military, you will be required to submit your military orders.

If you are studying outside of the state, on the other hand, you will be required to submit a document proving enrollment in an out-of-state educational institution.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Kansas

Replacing ID cards in Kansas is a procedure that can be completed by submitting the necessary identification items and payment for the fee in person, since the choice to replace ID card online is not currently offered by the state DOT. However, obtaining a KS copy of ID card is a transaction that can also be completed via the same mail-in method outlined above, provided you qualify to do so.

How to Replace ID Cards in Kansas in Person

State residents with a damaged, stolen or lost ID card in Kansas can obtain a replacement ID card by submitting two forms of identification and proof of state residency through any DOT branch office.

Applicants for an ID card copy in KS can review the department’s list A and list E of acceptable identification paperwork and choose a combination of two documents from these lists prior to their office visit. While list A contains primary identification documentation, such as U.S. passports or birth certificates, list E includes supporting paperwork, such as medical health records and military and student ID cards.

Note that noncitizens applying for duplicate ID cards will be required to submit an identification document from list B. To finalize your application for a KS ID card replacement, present one proof of state residency and the payment for the fee.

How to Replace ID Cards in Kansas by Mail

Ordering a copy of ID card credentials by mail is a procedure that can be finalized with the same application form used for the mail-in renewal process, outlined above. In addition to the paper request for replacing identification cards, applicants will be required to include two documents proving their identity and the payment for the corresponding fee.

To get a Kansas identification card replacement by mail, you will be required to submit your fee payment in the form of a check, money order or credit card, as the department does not accept mail-in cash payments.

Kansas ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

To successfully complete the KS DMV ID renewal or the procedure to replace ID card credentials, applicants will be required to pay the current applicable fee. When renewing ID cards, state residents will be required to provide the standard payment of $22, which includes a licensing fee of $14 and an $8 photo fee.

Disabled individuals and senior applicants older than 65 years of age can complete the KS state ID renewal at a reduced licensing fee of $10. Replacement ID cards, on the other hand, are available at the total cost of $12, which includes the standard $8 photo fee and a $4 licensing price.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.