Paying driving fines in Kansas is a process which is generally completed by motorists who are not able to challenge their citation in court. Drivers who decide to answer to their citation by submitting a KS traffic tickets payment may be able to finalize the procedure via several methods depending on the court handling their case.

By paying a speeding ticket or other types of citations, motorists admit their guilt to the offense. Drivers also have the option to fight traffic tickets in Kansas or enter a plea of “no contest” to settle their case. Read the sections below to learn more about traffic fines and payment options in Kansas:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Kansas
  • Kansas traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Kansas
  • Dismissal of charges in Kansas
  • Lost tickets in Kansas

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Kansas

Kansas ticket violation payment methods generally depend on the court in the county where the citation was issued. Some KS traffic violation courts allow traffic fines online payment submissions as the fastest and most convenient way to answer to a citation.

If you wish to settle your case by submitting the allotted fines and costs via the internet, you must first check whether the presiding court offers such an option. In addition to this, be prepared to provide details such as the traffic ticket number and the amount due to finalize the transaction.

In case paying traffic tickets online is not an option, you may be able to respond to your ticket via alternative methods. Such methods often include providing payment in person or via mail. Check the issued citation or contact the corresponding court to inquire about available payment options and further details.

Note: Drivers who choose to submit a traffic tickets payment in Kansas automatically plead guilty to the offense in question and may incur adverse effects on their driving records.

Kansas Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you received a traffic ticket in Kansas, but you believe you have been unjustly cited by a law enforcement officer, you may initiate the procedure of contesting a traffic citation instead of paying the allotted fines. In order to prepare a successful traffic ticket defense, you may consider the possibility of hiring an attorney to represent you in court.

You can hire a qualified attorney easily and conveniently online. KS traffic ticket lawyers often have the necessary skills and expertise to handle your case and ensure a positive outcome.

When hiring an attorney, he or she may help you avoid paying the set traffic fines and prevent the issuance of a suspended or revoked driving license. In addition to this, you may also avoid any changes on your driving transcript.

Pleading Not Guilty in Kansas

To initiate the process of fighting traffic citations in Kansas, motorists must notify the corresponding court and enter a plea of “not guilty” by the date stated on the bottom of their citation. Drivers contesting a traffic ticket in KS should then wait for a trial date to be scheduled.

When preparing your traffic ticket defense, you have a right to subpoena any witnesses that may testify on your behalf. Additionally, be prepared to present any relevant evidence, thus increasing your chances of winning the case.

Motorists who fail to dispute traffic citations will be required to pay the set fines and additional costs, and may face other penalties such as having the conviction placed against their driving record.

A ticket lawyer can be an essential resource when building a case, and if you would prefer to avoid the hassle of going to court yourself, a lawyer may be able to represent you. To find the best lawyer for you, send in an image of your ticket and answer a handful of short questions about your citation.

Dismissal of Charges in Kansas

Motorists who wish to avoid paying driving fines in Kansas may be able to do so by dismissing their charges through the state court system.

One of the options to dismiss traffic tickets in KS may be completing an authorized defensive driving course. Since this may vary on a case-by-case basis, contact the presiding court to check whether you are eligible for such action at the moment.

Should you not be able to dismiss your traffic citation via a traffic school course, then you must pay attention to the details displayed on your ticket. In the event of any incorrect information listed on your Kansas traffic fine, such as the date and time of the misdemeanor, you may be eligible for a dismissal of your summons.

Lost Tickets in Kansas

KS traffic citations generally include important information, such as the ticket number, date and total amount due and more. When fighting traffic tickets or challenging the issued citation, drivers will need to provide the aforementioned details to finalize either procedure.

In case of a lost traffic ticket, motorists must refer to the relevant court in the county where they received the summons to retrieve such information. Some Kansas traffic violation courts may even offer an online tool to search cases on their official websites. Contact the corresponding court and check your options to initiate your ticket search.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.