Paying driving fines in Delaware is a procedure that is often completed by drivers who are unable to beat a traffic ticket in DE through the state court system. If you choose to settle your traffic citation issue by submitting the ticket violation payment, you can do so via various methods. However, drivers who were not issued a voluntary assessment traffic ticket will be required to appear in court and provide their payments in person.

Note that, by paying your ticket in DE, you may also accumulate a certain amount of points on your driving record. Learn more about the procedure to pay speeding tickets in Delaware and other types of citations in the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Delaware
  • Delaware traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Delaware
  • Dismissal of charges in Delaware
  • Lost tickets in Delaware

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Delaware

The process of submitting traffic tickets payments in Delaware varies based on whether the driver is able to pay a DE traffic ticket by voluntary assessment or he or she is required to make a mandatory court appearance.

If you are not obliged to settle your traffic citation issue through a certain state court, you can submit your traffic fine payment via the internet, by mail, in person, by phone or by fax.

Regardless of the method chosen to pay driving tickets in DE, drivers must complete the procedure within 30 days of receiving the citation in order to avoid further fines and penalties.

Paying a Delaware Ticket Online

Paying traffic tickets online in Delaware is the fastest and most convenient method of providing your ticket violation payment within the state.

Note that not all state courts offer the option to pay traffic ticket online in DE. Also, traffic fines associated to certain offenses cannot be paid via the internet. To initiate the procedure to pay traffic fines online, motorists must first access the official online ePayment platform of the DE Criminal Justice Information System.

Then, you will be asked to provide your last name and your case number or your ticket number. When the system finds your traffic ticket case, you will be prompted to provide the payment with a valid credit card or an electronic check.

Paying a Delaware Ticket by Mail and in Person

Drivers who are unable to submit their Delaware traffic tickets payments via the internet can still do so via more conventional methods. For instance, drivers can fill out their traffic tickets and submit them by mail or in person.

When paying driving fines in DE by mail, ensure to include a check, money order or your credit card information for payment purposes. Mail the complete package to the DE Voluntary Assessment Center in Dover.

If you choose to pay in person, on the other hand, you can do so by visiting any Justice of the Peace court within the state or a payment kiosk of the Office of State Court Collections Enforcement (OSCCE).

Paying a Delaware Ticket by Phone and by Fax

Other convenient methods in which to pay traffic citations in DE is to submit your payments by phone or by fax. Regardless of whether you choose to pay by calling the Voluntary Assessment Center or by faxing a copy of your DE traffic citations, ensure you have a valid credit card and the information contained within the ticket.

Delaware Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Drivers who choose to fight traffic tickets in Delaware can increase their chances of successfully contesting a traffic ticket by hiring a traffic citation lawyer.

With the help of DE traffic ticket attorneys, you can easily avoid certain detrimental consequences of failing to dispute traffic tickets in court. You may find a traffic attorney using several methods, but the most convenient is simply to hire a traffic defense lawyer online. An experienced lawyer can help you:

  • Keep your driver’s record clean.
  • Avoid paying the traffic fine.
  • Reinstate your license after a suspension.
  • Maintain your vehicle insurance premiums.

Pleading Not Guilty in Delaware

To initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in Delaware, drivers must fill out their traffic citations correspondingly and mail or fax them to the address or the fax number displayed on the ticket.

The Voluntary Assessment Center will then schedule your traffic ticket trial and send you the relevant details such as the location, date and time of your trial. After carefully preparing your DE traffic ticket defense, you and your lawyer will be granted an opportunity to present the case.

If the judge rules against you, you will be required to pay the due traffic fines, and the state Division of Motor Vehicles may assess a certain number of demerit points on your record. The best way to build a strong traffic ticket defense is to consult a lawyer familiar with local laws.

You can be connected to qualified attorneys online by sending a picture of your ticket and providing routine information about your violations, the date the ticket was issued and the fine amount.

Note: Drivers may be able to earn a three-point credit, which is applied to future convictions of traffic violations in Delaware, by participating in a state-approved defensive driving course.

Dismissal of Charges in Delaware

If you are eligible for a Delaware traffic citation dismissal, you will not be required to provide the ticket violation payment associated with the citation, and your DE driving transcript will remain unaffected.

Drivers can generally utilize the option to dismiss traffic tickets in DE if they were issued a traffic ticket that contains incorrect information. Motorists can also earn eligibility for a DE traffic ticket dismissal if they successfully complete the Delaware Probation Before Judgment program.

If you are eligible to participate in the PBJ program, you will be placed on probation for a certain period of time, during which, you will be required to comply with certain terms and conditions.

Lost Tickets in Delaware

To recover a lost traffic citation in Delaware, drivers can either call the Voluntary Assessment Center or the Alderman’s Court in the municipality where they received the ticket.

If you fail to retrieve the information from a lost traffic ticket, you may encounter certain difficulties when completing the processes of paying driving fines or fighting traffic tickets in Delaware.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.