FREE Practice Test Sections

Our FREE sample practice test questions are based on essential sections from the official Delaware Driver’s Manual to ensure your driving success! Using’s FREE sample practice test, you will learn all about traffic laws, road signs and signals used throughout the state of Delaware. Prepare yourself for the official DMV driver’s exam using our free practice exam and lock in your knowledge so you can tackle the DE written knowledge test, confidently.

Sharing the Road is Caring

One of the first lessons you will need to fully grasp about driving safely is how to properly share the road with other drivers. The Delaware written driving test will feature questions on how to manage space around you while operating a vehicle on public roadways. Be strongly prepared to answer these type of questions by using’s DE free practice test as an assistance tool. Study how to manage space ahead and behind, how to merge, pass other drivers and drive in special lanes and become a licensed driver by passing the official written exam!

All About Traffic Signs

Learn everything you need to know about traffic laws and master the written knowledge exam! The drivers license test features a section of questions that will test you on the ability to recognize and understand differently shaped and colored signs you will encounter on roadways. Interpret the meaning of each sign by reading through the sample questions provided in the free sample practice test. The different sign groups you will be tested on include:

  • Arrows.
  • Highway signs.
  • Guide signs.
  • Information signs.

Use the Delaware Free Sample Practice Test to learn about all the traffic signs you will meet on the road in Delaware.

Know your Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are a necessary component of driver’s education in Delaware. Test yourself on traffic signals adapted throughout public roadways by using our optimized free sample test questions. On the road, you will be faced with oncoming traffic from all directions. Learn how to act around regular pedestrian signals and accessible pedestrian signals by looking into the testing packet provided by Recognize overhead lane signals and flashing arrow panels and answer all the traffic signal questions correctly on the official written exam!

Speeding, Stopping and Braking

For you to be the best driver you can be, it is vital to make sure you drive with good position and at the right speed on roadways. Build a strong foundation about road rules such as speed and accelerating BEFORE you hit the road. Get prepared for the DMV official written exam by testing yourself using the questions from the Delaware free practice test and strengthen your knowledge pertaining to:

  • Speeding restrictions.
  • Minimum speed requirements.
  • Speed signs.
  • Speed limits.

Be Safe in Inclement Weather

Drivers often experience bad weather and as a result, need to drive in unpleasant road conditions. Learning about driving in weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice or fog is essential. By reviewing the practice questions from the free sample test, you will familiarize with vehicle management in critical weather. Study the material provided in the free sample test to answers questions about:

  • Driving in rain and snow.
  • Night driving.
  • Blown tires.
  • Wet brakes or brake failure.
  • Sight distance rules.

Delaware DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To pass the Delaware written exam, recommends you to follow this five-step written driving test study checklist to prepare for the official exam:

  1. Study the official Delaware Driver’s Manual: The Delaware drivers manual is the first learning instrument for all key test material. Focus on sections about sharing the road, traffic signs and traffic signals, speeding, stopping and braking and driving in inclement weather. The official drivers written exam contains questions from all relevant manual sections.
  2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test: This will make you feel prepared for the official driving test. The free sample test questions are extracted from the Delaware Driver’s Manual topics. We make sure all relevant issues are included in our exam questions.
  3. Read the Study Guide: Once you have taken the drivers license sample test, review the’s condensed Delaware Study Guide. This guide is a summarized version of the official DE Driver’s Manual. The information in the study guide helps in memorizing the material for the DMV written exam.
  4. Take the Premium Practice Tests: The score of your Free Sample Test will tell you about next steps that you need to take to back up the knowledge on your written drivers exam. Take the Premium Practice Test until you reach a passing score. Get knowledge and security that you will pass the official drivers exam on the first try.
  5. Schedule an Appointment: A score of over 90 percent on the practice test is a confirmation that you are ready to take the official written exam. Book your official test appointment with the Delaware DMV and pass the written drivers exam now!

Getting Your DE Driver’s License

When you achieve a score to pass on the DE DMV written drivers test, you have come a step closer to getting your driver’s license. To complete the process, follow this 10-step checklist:

  1. Read the Delaware drivers manual.
  2. Take the Delaware Free Practice Driving Test.
  3. Examine the Study Guide to strengthen troublesome spots.
  4. Practice with the premium sample tests until you make sure that you know the material.
  5. Complete the application and collect the required documents relevant for getting your driver’s license.
  6. Schedule an appointment to take the test.
  7. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
  8. Get a vision test.
  9. Pass the road skills test.
  10. Submit required forms, documents and fees at DMV.
Last updated on Thursday, May 17 2018.