North Dakota FREE Practice Test Sections has created a series of free questions in a sample practice test derived from the key study material in the official North Dakota Non-Commercial Driver’s License Manual. Study the sections about traffic rules, road signs, signals and markings in North Dakota using our study package and ensure your success passing the ND written drivers exam at the DMV. Our free practice exam questions are identical to those given on the official DMV drivers exam which will save you valuable time by increasing your chances of passing the drivers test on your first try!

Signals, Signs and Road Markings

The official written driving test you will face at the DMV when you apply for a ND driver’s license includes a large portion of questions concerning traffic signs. Learn the mandatory instructions for driving directions by understanding the meaning of the shapes and the colors of North Dakota traffic signs. Affirm the knowledge by checking it against the free sample practice test questions designed by To get a passing result on the official written exam read about the basic sign groups, which include:

  • Warning signs.
  • Guide signs.
  • Information signs.
  • Work zone safety signals.
  • Pavement markings.

Practice the North Dakota Free Sample Practice Test questions to learn about the traffic signs you will be asked about on the North Dakota written exam.

Speed Limits, Passing and Lane Changes

A good driver not only adheres to road rules, but also knows how to keep in flow with the traffic. Study the rules to allow enough time to assess, adjust and give the right signal. Support everyone’s traffic safety by acquiring crucial facts about speed limits and passing other vehicles. Improve your knowledge skills for the DMV official written exam by practicing with the North Dakota free practice test questions about:

  • Speeding restrictions
  • Lane changes
  • Moving at roundabouts
  • Interchanges
  • Interstate driving

Inclement Weather

In order to be a responsible driver, you must know the safe way to operate a vehicle in extreme weather conditions such as, rain, snow, ice, or fog. Take in the knowledge to answer all official written exam questions by practicing with the options included in the free sample practice test. By reading the manual sections about inclement weather, you will be able to answer he free sample test questions about:

  • Winter driving.
  • Driving in low visibility.
  • Night driving restrictions.
  • Skids and flooding.
  • Passing snow removal equipment.

North Dakota DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To get a passing score on the North Dakota written drivers test in one go, recommends you to follow this five-step study plan:

  1. Start by reading the official North Dakota Non Commercial Driver’s Manual – The North Dakota drivers manual is the key study tool for first-time test takers. Read about signals, signs and road markings, speed limits, passing and changes and driving in inclement weather. The written knowledge exam at North Dakota DOT is made of questions from crucial manual sections.
  2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test – By completing the practice test you can be sure to ace the official written exam. The questions in the free drivers license sample test prepared by are composed from the North Dakota Non-Commercial Driver’s Manual. The all-inclusive sample test covers all manual sections.
  3. Review the the Study Guide – When you complete the free sample test, read the condensed North Dakota Study Guide. Our study guide is a shortened version of the official ND Driver’s Manual. The information in the study guide supports the basic knowledge from the manual to help you ingrain the material for the DOT written knowledge exam.
  4. Premium Practice Tests – The score of your Free Sample Test is a starting prediction of any extra action you need to take to bind the knowledge for your written drivers exam. Take the Premium Practice Test until you reach a score required to pass the official knowledge exam. Confirm that you are a strong candidate to get through the drivers exam with ease.
  5. Book an Appointment – A score of over 90 percent or higher on the DE free sample practice test certifies that you are ready to apply for the official written exam. Make an appointment with the North Dakota driver’s license office and pass the written drivers exam now!

Getting Your ND Driver’s License

Once you get a passing score on the ND written drivers test, you are good to go to complete the next steps that take you to the learner’s permit. To bring the application process to the end, complete this 10-step checklist:

  1. Read the North Dakota drivers manual.
  2. Try out the North Dakota Free Practice Driving Test.
  3. Strengthen the problem areas by reading the Study Guide.
  4. Practice with the premium sample tests questions to cement the material.
  5. Complete the application and collect the required documents.
  6. Make a test appointment at North Dakota DOT branch office.
  7. Take the official written knowledge exam.
  8. Get a vision test certificate.
  9. Pass the road skills test.
  10. Submit required forms, documents and fees at DMV.
Last updated on Friday, May 11 2018.