FREE Practice Test Sections

All the practice questions that you will find in’s Free Practice Tests are taken straight from the official Arizona driver handbook. Questions on state traffic signs, traffic signals, safe driving practices, road rules and road regulations are all featured.

Traffic Laws

Safety is a prime concern for Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division, and by focus on traffic laws in the written exam, the AZ MVD ensures that test takers share this concern. From requiring stops at a red light to reinforcing the right of way, Arizona’s traffic laws are designed to keep residents safe. Test your knowledge on these laws by taking a Sample Practice Test today.

Traffic Signals

You see plenty of traffic signals on your daily drives. Thus, it’s no surprise that the written drivers exam will focus on topics such as:

    • How to act in pedestrian crossings
    • How to handle lane movements
    • Traffic control procedures
    • How to operate on ramps

Try the Free Sample Practice Test to find out more about Arizona’s traffic signals.

Traffic Signs

All drivers need to be able to see, understand and obey traffic signs in their area.’s practice tests feature questions on all of Arizona’s traffic signs, to ensure you know them backwards and forwards.

Pavement Markings

To drive safely, you need to know your state’s most common pavement markings. For the Arizona written exam, you can expect to be tested on:

    • Turning, bicycle, shared-use and reversible lanes.
    • One-way roadways.
    • Zones of no passing.
    • Lane demarcations.
    • Road edges.

Fortunately,’s practice tests feature questions on these topics to boost your knowledge beforehand.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather affects drivers across the United States, and severe weather patterns can have negative effects on even the safest of drivers. When taking your written drivers test in Arizona, you will be asked to answer questions on situations that often come about in dangerous weather conditions, such as:

    • How to drive with wet brakes.
    • How to respond to brake failure.
    • How to deal with blown tires.
    • How to handle skidding.
    • How to manage jammed gas pedals.
    • How to respond to an engine malfunction.

Arizona DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To get the best possible results, suggests that you take note of the following crucial five steps. The checklist below features every step you need to successfully prepare for your written drivers exam:

    1. Go through the Arizona driver license manual to become familiar with all of the road rules and regulations. Focus on traffic signs and signals as well. The questions you encounter on the official knowledge exam will be taken from the information in these sections.
    2. Take the FREE Driver’s License Sample Test to see what the official driving test will be like. The questions on the DMV sample exam are taken from the same source as the official Arizona written test: the AZ Driver License Manual.
    3. Once you have taken a sample exam, use the comprehensive Study Guide. This study resource includes the most vital AZ driver’s license information featured on the state driver manual, and it is all presented in a clear, concise manner.
    4. Use your grade on the Sample Test as a way to gauge your driving knowledge. Think you need a little more test prep? Purchase’s Premium Practice Test for more questions and more practice.
    5. When you finally score a 90 percent on the practice test or better, you can set up your appointment with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, pass the official written drivers test and get your learners permit.

Getting Your AZ Driver’s License

While we know you’re excited to pass the written knowledge test, the Arizona driver’s license application process consists of much more than one exam. In order to get your license, you will have to check off all of the following steps:

    1. Take your Free Driving Test on
    2. Get the comprehensive Study Guide to improve your understanding on any sections of difficulty.
    3. Retake the practice test until you are happy with your results.
    4. Get all of your documents together for your trip to the DMV.
    5. Set up an appointment for your exam at the closest DMV office.
    6. Pass the written knowledge test.
    7. Undergo the required vision screening.
    8. Pass the road skills exam.
    9. Provide the documents you gathered.
    10. Get your Arizona drivers license.
Last updated on Friday, January 25 2019.