Montana FREE Practice Test Sections

There is only one way to pass the DMV writing test: Study smart!

Use our FREE Sample Practice Test to ace the written drivers test your first time. Questions touch on a wide range of subjects, from pavement markings to traffic signs.

Traffic Laws

The Montana roadways are intended for all licensed drivers and registered vehicles. Law enforcement maintains statewide safety and efficiency, and you will be pulled over if caught making an illegal maneuver. This is the last thing you want to happen to you, especially in the very beginning when you are learning how to drive. Take care to review the sections on road rules and traffic laws thoroughly, and then try the Sample Driving Practice Exam.

Traffic Signals

We know you are familiar with them: Traffic signals are hanging over intersections and guiding traffic throughout every roadway in America. Traffic signals are the best way to guarantee safe crossings, and are integral in any drive. Part of the DMV written test will focus on their different meanings, such as the ones below:

  • Navigate traffic signals
  • Pedestrian crossing signals
  • Turn signals at an intersection
  • Entrance signals at a ramp

Use the free sample driving test and see how well you can follow traffic signals.

Traffic Signs

The Montana Sample Practice Test has a number of questions on traffic signs. Whether it’s knowing which shape indicates a type of sign, or whether the lane merges, there are a few dozen signs you need to know to be considered qualified to drive. Use the Study Guide to get ahead and get your learner’s permit!

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are another major point the DMV writing test focuses on. Similar to traffic signs, pavement markings show you how to drive on the road, as well as where you can or cannot pass. Some of the things road markings show are below:

  • Lane separations
  • No passing zones
  • Edges of the roadway
  • Turning lanes
  • Reversible lanes
  • One-way roads
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Sharrows (shared-use lanes)

Inclement Weather

Driving in inclement weather can be dangerous. Whether it is rain, snow or hail, there are different situations you must be prepared for. Review the chapters on driving in inclement weather and see how well you would do in these situations with the Sample Driver’s Test:

  • Driving with wet brakes
  • Brake failure
  • Blown tires
  • Engine malfunction
  • Skidding
  • Jammed gas pedals

DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

Get your learner’s permit in a flash. Beginner drivers who take the time to study for the written driver’s test are more likely to score over 90 percent. To help you pass the test on your first try, follow this effective five-step study process:

  1. Your first step is to review the Montana Driver Manual. Focus on the sections that cover road rules and traffic laws, as all the questions on the DMV drivers test will be related to these chapters. Also, spend time going over the road signs section.
  2. Then, take the Sample Test to see just how well you know the rules. With the sample test questions, you can get an idea of how questions will be asked and which topics you need to study more.
  3. Use the Montana Study Guide to focus on the most important traffic rules. Everything from navigating pavement markings to lane changes is covered. Information was pulled directly from the official drivers handbook and is organized in a no-frills cheat sheet for your convenience.
  4. Test yourself with the Premium Practice Test. This is the ultimate studying tool and is guaranteed to get you ready to pass the test on your first try.
  5. Check out your score. If you got 90% or higher, then you’re ready to take the DMV written test. Good luck!

Getting a Driver’s License

Your first step towards getting an MT driving license is to pass the written knowledge test. What comes next? After you get your learner’s permit, you are responsible for practicing behind the wheel with a supervising adult driver. See the full list of steps for getting a new driver license below!

  1. Take the free driving test.
  2. Use the Study Guide to learn the road rules fast.
  3. Take the practice driving exam and get a top-notch score.
  4. Gather all the required documents necessary for getting your drivers license.
  5. Make an appointment with your local DMV office.
  6. Take and pass the MT DMV written drivers exam.
  7. Start practicing how to drive for the first time.
  8. Pass the road skills driving exam.
  9. Submit your required documents.
  10. Pay the necessary drivers license fees, and get a new license!
Last updated on Monday, May 21 2018.