Washington DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

Just like the official written drivers test, the practice test questions featured on DMV.com are taken from the Washington driver handbook. These free questions focus on all of the main driving topics, including: traffic signs, traffic signals, road rules, road regulations and vehicle operation procedures.

Traffic Laws

The laws of traffic were established to keep residents safe while they are driving. A few examples of the laws featured on the official driving test include speed limits and turn signal requirements. To become familiar with all of Washington traffic laws, and to test your knowledge of them, use DMV.com’s Sample Practice Exams.

Traffic Signals

Adhering to traffic signals is a common part of everyone’s daily drives. So be prepared to answer questions on the written knowledge test about:

    • Traffic control signals.
    • Signals in crossings.
    • Lane change signals.
    • Ramp signals.

Traffic Signs

You must be able to recognize and respect traffic signs to be a safe driver in Washington. Take a DMV.com Free Sample Practice Test to become familiar with all of the possible state sign questions.

Pavement Markings

Your knowledge of Washington’s pavement markings is crucial for maintaining safety on the state roadways. Get an idea of how well you know the following state road lines by taking the free DMV.com practice exam:

    • One-way street markings
    • Lane demarcations
    • No-pass lines
    • Roadway edge markings
    • Turning and reversible lanes
    • Bike lanes
    • Shared-use lane markings (sharrows)

Inclement Weather

Weather patterns can be a danger no matter where you live. Therefore, your written driver’s test will feature a number of questions on how to operate your vehicle in inclement weather. Be prepared to answer questions on dealing with all of the following weather-related issues:

    • Wet brakes/brake failure
    • Engine malfunctions
    • Tires that have been blown
    • Tire skidding
    • Gas pedal jams

Washington DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

If you want to get the best results on your written drivers exam, take the following checklist to heart. This five-step method is a surefire way to pass your Washington drivers license test.

    1. Download the Washington driver handbook and read through all of the main topics, including the rules and regulations of the road, traffic signals and more. The questions that you find on the official Washington exam will be taken from the information found in these paragraphs.
    2. Try your hand at a DMV.com Driver’s License Sample Test. Our sample test is modeled after the official exam and takes questions from the official information found in the state driver handbook.
    3. Purchase our simplified DMV.com Study Guide. Our guide presents all of the key points of the WA driver handbook in a way that is easy to grasp and easy to hold on to for test day.
    4. Gauge your knowledge on your Sample Test results, and purchase our Premium Practice Test if you feel that you need some extra study materials.
    5. Achieve a score of 90 percent or better, and schedule your appointment at the local driver license office. You are ready to get your Washington learner’s permit.

Getting Your WA Driver’s License

Although taking the written drivers exam is an important part of the driver’s license application process, there are various other steps that all test takers in Washington must complete. To successfully apply for your driving license, be sure to complete these 10 steps:

    1. Try out the Free Driving Test on DMV.com
    2. Get DMV.com’s Study Guide to hone your knowledge on road rules and regulations in Washington.
    3. Go through the driving practice test as many times as required to get the results you’re looking for.
    4. Get the required documentation together, including acceptable proofs of identification.
    5. Set up an appointment time at your nearest driver license office in WA.
    6. Pass the written drivers exam to get your instruction permit.
    7. Complete the necessary hours of driving practice, whether it is with a parent or in a driver training course.
    8. Pass the required vision screening.
    9. Pass the DMV road skills exam at a local testing location.
    10. Submit the documents that you gathered and payment to obtain your official Washington driver’s license.
Last updated on Friday, January 18 2019.