Getting a background check in Washington is often times a compulsory procedure performed by agencies or the public, such as property owners or people who are recruiting new workers. Employers most often perform background investigations in order to examine the criminal and professional history of the individual they want to hire.

Property owners as well can conduct background screenings in Washington, if they want to choose the most suitable candidate to rent their property. Requests for background reports are carried out by the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

How to Get a Washington Background Check

Washington background reports may be performed online, by mail, fax or email. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) will provide you with background screenings for the individuals you want to investigate. Requestors can get a background check online or by sending a completed request form via mail, email or fax.

If you decide to perform a WA background search by mail you will have to complete a Request for Conviction Criminal History Record and include a check or money order for the applicable fee.

When applying via fax or email, you will need to complete a Bankcard Authorization form. No matter which method of getting a background check in Washington you implement, you will obtain the criminal record of the individual you want to investigate.

Ordering A Washington Background Check Online

Washington background screenings can also be conducted online, as the fastest method of getting criminal history conviction record. In order to perform a background check on a certain individual, you will have to provide the following personal information:

  • Individual’s full name.
  • Individual’s date of birth.
  • Individual’s gender.
  • Individual’s race.

Who needs a background check?

Background checks in Washington can be performed on individuals who want to rent a property or get a new job position. Requestors of background screenings can be employers searching for new employees or owners of properties that are for rent.

They can investigate the individuals’ past, and verify the validity of important documents like social security cards, WA drivers licenses, and birth certificates, by conducting criminal history checks to find out more information about their convictions, arrests and offenses.


Washington renter background checks are requested by landlords who want to rent their property to a certain individual. Online rental background reports will give you a clear image of the criminal past of candidates who want to live in your apartment.

You will easily eliminate those candidates who have vast rental criminal history check results. The WA renter background investigation will help you choose the most suitable tenant for your property.


Performing background checks for employment in Washington is a usual procedure that employers perform when searching for new employees to work in their companies. In fact, employers request job background checks in order to become familiar with the candidate’s criminal and professional history.

EMS/First Responders

Medical background investigations in Washington are a useful method for getting criminal records of the candidates who want to become first responders. Clinics and hospitals usually request EMS criminal history checks when employing new medical personnel.

You can try and keep a clean WA medical background report in order to make yourself the most suitable candidate for the position as first responder.

Care Givers

Performing complete background checks in Washington can help you choose the most suitable caregivers for your family members or children. The best method for getting information on a certain individual is to request a WA complete criminal record search. In it, you will find past criminal offenses and misdemeanors that the individual has committed.


Employee background checks in Washington are conducted by employers who are recruiting candidates for the open managerial position.

Employers need to perform complete background checks for employment in order to investigate the criminal and professional past of job candidates. Having a clean employee background report will make you the most suitable candidate for the position.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Performing a background check in Washington is needed for various reasons. Employers, landlords and the general public may request background investigations for WA residents who apply for job positions or want to rent property.

Get a background check in the following situations:

  • To secure a job position.
  • To rent an apartment.
  • To purchase a firearm.
  • To become a foster parent.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

Requestors perform Washington criminal history checks when they want to check the criminal history or other legal issues of an individual. Standard background checks show details about individuals who are applying for jobs or renting properties.

The WA criminal history checks, on the other hand, provide you with the individual’s past criminal offenses and misdemeanors.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.