Background checks in Arizona are generally requested when businesses and government agencies hire new personnel. Note that under current state statutes, private businesses are ineligible to request a full police background check in AZ for employment purposes. The fingerprint-based criminal history check is available only to certain types of government and non-profit agencies, such as public schools and adoption agencies.

Individual residents can review their criminal history without restrictions as well. As proof of a clean criminal past, the state provides Fingerprint Clearance Cards to professionals from certain fields, which can then be presented to potential employers. Businesses may still be able to obtain a standard AZ background report, such as a driving report or a financial history report.

How to Get an Arizona Background Check

Getting a background check in Arizona is a process that can be completed via various methods.

Depending on the type of screening that is requested, you may be limited only to certain application approaches. For instance, organizations, companies and individuals that are authorized to obtain criminal record searches in AZ will be required to follow specific rules and regulations and submit their application by mail or in person.

Ordering an AZ online background check is a procedure limited to standard screenings, such as driving or credit reports.

Ordering an Arizona Background Check Online

Certain Arizona background check services, such as obtaining professional and educational history, driving records and credit history may be ordered via the internet. When submitting a request for a background check online in AZ, applicants will generally be required to provide several types of information, such as the record holder’s:

  • Full name and birth date.
  • Physical attributes (i.e., hair and eye color, weight, height and gender).
  • Residential and/or mailing address.
  • Social Security Number.

Ordering an Arizona Background Check in Person and by Mail

Arizona criminal history checks can be ordered by submitting a special application in person or by mail to the state Department of Public Safety (DPS). The procedure to request a full police background check will vary based on whether the order is submitted by an authorized party (agency, company or individual) or by the record holder himself or herself.

State-authorized requestors ordering an AZ criminal record search for other individuals will be required to submit proof of eligibility to request such data, fingerprint cards of the record holder and payment for the investigation fees. Applicants who have requested both state and federal search history will be required to pay a higher fee than those who request only state-based results.

Individuals can review their own personal background check by contacting the DPS and ordering the Record Review Packet. The department’s package will contain instructions on how to complete the process, blank fingerprint cards and contact information.

Who needs an Arizona background check?

The Arizona background verification process can be initiated by various parties, such as individuals, employers, licensing agencies and government institutions.

While AZ background search requests are generally submitted for employment purposes, such inquiries are also needed in different instances. For example, landlords and adoption agencies conduct complete background checks in AZ prior to approving their respective candidates.


Property owners often order rental background checks in Arizona in order to assess potential tenants. By requesting a full background check, landlords will have various types of information at their disposal during the terms negotiation process. A clean renter background report provides reassurance that the applicant will treat the living unit with respect and pay his or her rent on time as well.


The most common usage of background investigations in Arizona is during the pre-employment process. Businesses often base their final hiring decision on the information provided by the AZ employee background check. Both employers and job-seekers can conduct a standard online background search in order to prepare for any potential job interview.

EMS/First Responders

Medical background checks in Arizona are necessary when hiring new EMS personnel, as the profession requires workers that can care for injured and/or sick patients during potentially stressful situations. First responders working in the state fire departments will be checked as well.

Due to the job demands, hiring organizations generally request full EMS background screenings in AZ that include the applicant’s criminal, financial and personal information.


When hiring caregivers, employers request complete background checks in Arizona, as the care of a family member should be entrusted to individuals with clean records. By conducting a full investigation, you will ensure you are hiring an applicant who is suitable as a caregiver.

Non-profit organizations are also eligible to order a complete criminal record search in Arizona as potential caregivers at such agencies interact with vulnerable children and adults on a regular basis.


Applicants for a managerial position must undergo an Arizona background check for job purposes as well. Businesses generally require a detailed background check for employment that will include data about the applicant’s educational, professional and criminal past. In general, only applicants who can prove they are good role models for their team members are hired as managers.

When You Will Need a Background Check

An Arizona background screening is ordered for various reasons. Individuals and companies generally get a background check in AZ to complete a certain procedure. The most common situations in which you will need to apply for a background investigation include:

  • Seeking employment with a government institution.
  • Applying for a job that requires a certain level of trust.
  • Buying a firearm.
  • Applying for an official Arizona driver’s license through an AZ DMV branch.
  • Adopting a child.
  • Requesting a professional license in various fields.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

The types of available background checks in Arizona vary based on the aspect of the record holder’s past they are reviewing. For instance, full criminal record lookups in AZ will provide the applicant with the holder’s detailed criminal history. Criminal investigations are regulated by state laws, and only requestors approved by the Department of Public Safety will be able to obtain them.

Standard Arizona background screenings generally supply information about an individual’s credit history, driving record and his or her professional and educational past. Requestors can often conduct standard background check via the internet, and they are not required to follow special procedures, which are necessary when applying for a criminal record search.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.