Drivers often choose to provide their traffic tickets payments in Arizona if they believe they cannot beat a traffic ticket in court. By doing so, you can avoid additional traffic ticket fines and costs and a lengthy court process. Note that motorists who utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online in AZ or via other methods are effectively declaring their guilt and waiving their right to a hearing.

One method to dismiss traffic tickets in AZ and avoid a conviction on your driving record is to initiate the procedure to fight traffic tickets within the state. Learn how to resolve an Arizona traffic citation issue by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Arizona
  • Arizona traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Arizona
  • Dismissal of charges in Arizona
  • Lost tickets in Arizona

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Arizona

The methods available to pay driving tickets in Arizona generally vary from court to court. While most courts allow drivers to pay traffic fines online in AZ, this option may be unavailable in certain circumstances.

For example, criminal traffic violations, which are considered misdemeanors, will require you to settle the issue in person through the corresponding court. Review several methods to pay speeding tickets in AZ and other types of citations in the sections below.

Paying an Arizona Ticket Online and by Phone

Licensed AZ drivers can generally pay traffic citations online in Arizona through the official Arizona Courts payment system. To initiate the process of paying traffic tickets online through the official state courts website, you must first enter your notice number, your traffic citation number or your case number.

After the system locates your AZ traffic fine information, you can finalize the procedure by providing your credit card information. Certain state courts offer the option to pay traffic tickets online through their official websites as well.

Another convenient AZ traffic ticket payment method is to contact the presiding court by phone and complete the procedure through the court telephone system. You can submit your driving fine payment with a valid credit card after establishing contact with the court representative.

Paying an Arizona Ticket via Other Methods

If you cannot remit your Arizona ticket violation payment via the internet or by phone, regardless of the reason, you will still be able to complete the procedure via more conventional methods. For example, courts typically accept traffic fine payments in person during their standard working hours.

Certain courts also have a drop box installed next to their entrance, which can be used to deposit your payment at any time.

Drivers may also be able to complete the process of paying driving fines in AZ by mail. If you choose to submit your driving fine payment via this method, you will be able to utilize only certain forms of payment, such as checks or money orders.

Arizona Traffic Ticket Attorneys

To avoid paying a traffic fine in Arizona and a conviction on your driver’s record, you can utilize the option to take traffic ticket to court. To increase your chances of winning your AZ traffic ticket case, you can hire a traffic citation attorney. You can begin your search for a traffic citation attorney in person at a big law firm or by contacting your State Bar association by phone.

However, these methods may require more work on your part. The most convenient method may be simply to find an attorney online who specializes in fighting traffic tickets. Regardless of whether you are facing criminal or civil traffic violation charges, an experienced lawyer can help you avoid:

  • Paying the AZ driving fine associated with the ticket.
  • An accumulation of demerit points.
  • A suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.
  • Increased vehicle insurance premiums.

Pleading Not Guilty in Arizona

Drivers may be able to initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in Arizona via several methods, which vary based on factors such as the type of traffic violation that you have committed and the policies of individual state courts.

To submit a request to dispute traffic tickets in AZ issued for misdemeanor offenses, for example, you will be required to visit the court in person on the scheduled date. After the court receives your decision to fight your traffic fine, it will set your official trial date.

To ensure the success of your AZ traffic ticket defense, collect any evidence that supports your testimony and call on any relevant witnesses.

Motorists found guilty of the traffic violation will be issued a sentence which will vary based on the severity of the offense. For example, in addition to paying a steep traffic fine for a driving under the influence (DUI) offense, drivers will also receive a jail and/or community service sentence.

A professional attorney specializing in traffic citations can help you ensure you have built the best possible case and may even be able to represent you in court without your needing to be there. To find the best attorney for you, simply take a picture of your ticket, answer a few questions and be instantly matched with a qualified attorney.

Note: You may be able to resolve your AZ traffic ticket issue and avoid going to court during a pretrial meeting with the state prosecutor. This option may be restricted to serious traffic violation cases.

Dismissal of Charges in Arizona

Eligibility to dismiss traffic citations in Arizona can also be earned by completing a state-approved defensive driving course.

Note that not all types of traffic ticket charges can be dismissed in this manner. Also, dismissing traffic citations in AZ with a certificate of completion of a traffic school program is an option that can generally be utilized only once within a two-year period. To learn whether or not you can dismiss driving fines via this method, contact the court that is processing your case.

Note: If the police officer failed to follow standard procedure when issuing you a traffic citation in AZ and/or included incorrect information on the ticket, then you may also be eligible for a ticket dismissal.

Lost Tickets in Arizona

Since Arizona traffic tickets are handled by different courts within the state, to locate a lost traffic violation ticket, or the information contained within, you must contact the court that is processing your case.

To expedite the process of paying traffic fines in AZ or submitting a “not guilty” plea, certain courts also allow you to search for your lost ticket via their official websites. Courts that process ticket violation payments through the online payment system of the state courts allow drivers to search for the necessary information through the Public Access to Court Case Information website.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.