Drivers who have received traffic citations in Arkansas must resolve them in order to avoid facing harsh consequences that may affect their driving records. For that reason, motorists may choose to either fight traffic tickets by pleading “not guilty” or pay the required driving fines immediately after receiving the ticket.

Failure to dismiss traffic citations may result in even higher traffic fines than those written on your citation. Find out more information about the Arkansas ticket violation payment options available to drivers, by reading the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Arkansas
  • Arkansas traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Arkansas
  • Dismissal of charges in Arkansas
  • Lost tickets in Arkansas

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Arkansas

Drivers who face traffic citations in Arkansas are required to pay the driving fines written on their citations. You may choose to either pay your traffic ticket immediately after receiving it, thus admitting your guilt, or after failing to dismiss traffic citations in court.

Drivers can pay traffic fines online, in person or via mail. Note that payment options usually vary based on the local court handling your case.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online

Paying traffic tickets online in Arkansas is the fastest and most convenient method for drivers who want to settle their tickets right away. You can use the eTraffic online speeding ticket payment available through the Arkansas Judiciary website.

In order to use the eTraffic ticket violation payment service, you need to prepare and submit both your credit card and your citation number. Drivers who are paying traffic fines online will be subject to additional transaction fee. Note that paying driving fines in AR means that you are admitting guilt.

Arkansas Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Traffic tickets in Arkansas may bring you harsh consequences on your driving record, as well as an increase in your car insurance premiums, a driver’s license suspension, or an accumulation of high number of demerit points.

Drivers are recommended to hire a traffic citation attorney that will help them to avoid such penalties and high driving fines. Arkansas traffic ticket lawyers are specialists in citation laws and may provide you with the necessary information about driving or non-driving offenses as well as state laws and regulations.

They may also help you dismiss traffic tickets by advising you to enroll in a state-accepted defensive driving course. To find the best lawyer for you, simply snap an image of your ticket, answer a few questions and you will be provided with the name and contact information of a qualified traffic citation attorney.

Pleading Not Guilty in Arkansas

Drivers who have received traffic tickets in Arkansas can choose to either appear in court or to plead “not guilty” to their violation on or prior to the date listed on the issued traffic citation.

Holders of traffic tickets will receive a trial date from the court clerk, depending on the city or county where the violation occurred. Motorists can take traffic citation to court after they are fully prepared for the trial. They will need to collect evidence that will help them win the case.

Drivers with more severe traffic violations are encouraged to hire a legal representative, as this may be the most effective way of building a strong defense. You may find a qualified legal representative instantly online. Otherwise, a public defender may be appointed depending on the city or county jurisdiction handling the case.

Motorists will dismiss traffic tickets in Arkansas and will avoid accumulation of demerit points on their license history, if they manage to win the trial.

Dismissal of Charges in Arkansas

To dismiss traffic citations in Arkansas, drivers need to inspect the details written on their tickets before appearing in court. If your traffic ticket contains errors, you may easily dismiss the charge against you.

Such errors may happen in the information about the make and model of your vehicle, or in the date and time of the offense in question. Incorrect information may help you dismiss charges and win the case without appearing in court.

Moreover, drivers may dispute traffic citations by enrolling in a traffic school program accepted by the court. That way, they will be able to prevent point accumulation on their driving records.

Lost Tickets in Arkansas

The Arkansas traffic citations contain information that is important when settling your situation. Drivers need those details when contesting a traffic ticket or when paying driving fines. If you deal with a lost traffic ticket, you will need to contact the proper court and request all the necessary information that are crucial for winning your case.

Drivers who want to obtain details about their traffic citations in AR may be required to provide personal information, including their full name and driving license number.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.