You need to replace a motorcycle license in Arkansas if your credential is lost, stolen or damaged. Failing to do so could result in steep legal penalties, as it is against the law to operate a motorcycle without a valid license in your possession. Therefore, you should request a motorcycle license replacement in a timely manner in order to retain your riding privileges and ensure that you do not face any additional fees or penalties.

In Arkansas a duplicate motorcycle license can only be requested in person by visiting your local State Revenue Office (SRO) with the appropriate documentation and fees. Note that the SRO is not the same as your DMV office location.

However, residents who are temporarily out of state may have additional replacement methods available to them, depending on the circumstances. You can learn more about submitting a duplicate license request in Arkansas, as well as the documents and fees you must provide alongside your application in the following sections.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Arkansas?

A damaged, stolen or lost motorcycle license in Arkansas must be replaced immediately following the event, as you will not be permitted to legally ride a motorcycle until you have obtained a duplicate license. Keep in mind that getting a copy of your license is not the same as a driver’s license renewal.

Should you choose to operate a motorcycle without a valid motorcycle license on your person, you could face legal penalties such as fines and jail time. You motorcycle may also be towed at your expense if you are stopped and do not have a license.

Documents Required to Replace a Motorcycle License in Arkansas

Motorcycle license replacement documents are required whenever you are requesting a replacement license from any State Revenue Office. In order to request a duplicate license, you must be able to provide the office with proof of your identity. This can be done with either one “primary document” or two “secondary documents.”

When replacing a motorcycle license, primary documents include:

  • A valid U.S. passport.
  • A U.S. certified birth certificate.
  • A photo document that has been provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • A valid foreign passport with a U.S. visa.
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service documents, such as a Certificate of Citizenship, a Certificate of Naturalization, a
  • Permanent Resident Card or a Resident Alien Card.

Secondary documents include:

  • Concealed handgun license.
  • Pilot’s license.
  • Vehicle registration or title.
  • Health insurance card.
  • Tax documents received from the IRS.
  • Marriage certificate or license.

How to Replace an Arkansas Motorcycle License in Person

When following the steps for how to replace a motorcycle license in Arkansas, it is important to know that you may only submit your request in person at any State Revenue Office location. At this time, online, by-phone and by-mail requests are not permitted.

You will be required to complete an application at the office and provide the necessary proof of identification documents and duplicate license fees. A temporary motorcycle license will be issued to you during your visit, and you can expect to receive your new license by mail shortly thereafter.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Arkansas

If you need to replace a motorcycle license in Arkansas but are temporarily out of state, you will need to contact the Arkansas Revenue Office to inquire about other options that you may have for a replacement since you are unable to visit a location in person. Depending on the circumstances, the Arkansas Revenue Office may be willing to allow you to request a duplicate by mail.

However, additional supporting documents may be required. You can contact the Arkansas Revenue Office Driver Services Division at 501-371-581.

Arkansas Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

The Arkansas duplicate motorcycle license fee is $10. A duplicate non-driver ID card will be $5. The type of payment methods your local State Revenue Office will accept will be determined by each individual office. Therefore, it is important to call ahead of time to verify the payment methods that will be accepted at your local office.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.