Motorists with traffic tickets in Arkansas due to certain violations of motor vehicle laws generally have to appear in court and resolve their case in due time. Drivers have the option to either prepare a defense and plead “not guilty” to the violation in question or submit a payment, thus admitting their guilt. Learn all about how to fight speeding tickets and other citations and where to pay by reviewing the sections below.

Fighting an Arkansas Ticket

Drivers who decide to fight traffic tickets in Arkansas must either appear in court or notify a local court of their intention to plead “not guilty” to their violation on or prior to the date listed on the issued violation. Depending on their city or county, licensees will receive a trial date by the court clerk. Motorists who do not want to submit payment will need to prepare for the trial by collecting any evidence pertaining to their case.

Since more severe offenses such as a DUI may lead to a jail sentence, you may need to contact a traffic lawyer to represent you. Otherwise, a public defender may be appointed depending on your city or county of residence. Licensees who win their case will have their AR traffic ticket dismissed and will avoid accumulation of demerit points on their Arkansas driving record.

Paying an Arkansas Ticket

If you decide to pay your Arkansas traffic citation, thus pleading guilty to your offense, you may be able to utilize several methods. Paying online is the fastest and most convenient way to complete the steps necessary. In addition to this, you may also pay driving tickets online, in person or via mail. Note that payment options usually vary based on the local court handling your case.

Lost Tickets in Arkansas

Each traffic violation in Arkansas issued by a law enforcement officer includes important details, such as the citation number, due date, fees and any additional fines and more. If you have lost your violation information you will need to contact the presiding court and ask for all the information necessary to resolve your citation. To obtain details about your AR traffic violation, you may be required to provide personal information, including your name and driving license number.

Arkansas Fines and Penalties

Drivers will be required to pay traffic citations in Arkansas in a timely manner, so as to avoid further penalties, such as license suspensions or additional costs. Fees for AR traffic violations generally differ depending on the type of the offense committed, as well as the county where the motorist was cited. The most common traffic violation costs in Columbia County, for instance, are as follows:

  • Driving while under suspension due to DWI – $95
  • Following too close – $145
  • Careless and prohibited driving – $170
  • Driving under influence – $570

Note: Additional fees may apply if you do not provide payment as stated in your citation.

Points in Arkansas

Drivers who are unable to beat a traffic citation in AR will be required to pay the amount due timely and properly, and will incur negative points on their driving transcript. The number of traffic violation points will depend on the severity of the committed offense.

In general, points are assessed in a range between three and 14. If you fail to challenge a speeding ticket in Arkansas, for instance, you will amass three demerit points on your record. If you are convicted of reckless driving, you will incur eight driving points

In order to dismiss traffic tickets and prevent point accumulation on your report, you may be able to complete an authorized defensive driving course. Contact the court handling your case to check whether this option is currently available.

How Tickets Affect an Arkansas Drivers License

Motorists who fail to answer to their citation by either fighting or paying driving fines in Arkansas in due time, will face serious penalties. If they do not provide payment on or before the assigned date, the presiding court will issue a warrant for their arrest. In addition to this penalty, motorists will be handed down a suspended driving license and may be required to pay additional costs.

Since traffic citations lead to an increased number of penalty points on driving records, this may also result in a driving license suspension. If you accumulate between 14 and 17 points due to various violations, for instance, your credential may be suspended for a three-month period.

Arkansas Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Drivers with a multitude of AR traffic citations are also at risk of incurring higher vehicle insurance rates. Drivers that can dispute traffic ticket citations and win their case may avoid having their insurance premiums raised. In addition to this, drivers may also be able to lower vehicle coverage costs and dismiss traffic tickets by completing a traffic school, provided this option is available.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.