Traffic tickets in Hawaii are usually issued by state courts to drivers who have violated traffic laws and regulations. A driver may either take his or her case to court and fight it, or plead guilty and pay the fine by the due date written on the ticket. Learn all about how to fight traffic tickets and where to pay your ticket by reviewing the sections below.

Fighting a Hawaii Ticket

Drivers may fight traffic tickets in Hawaii by pleading “not guilty” within 21 days from the issuance of the citation. They have the option to either request a hearing at court or write a statement notifying the court of their actions. When fighting traffic tickets by requesting a court hearing, drivers must complete their ticket and mail it to the court that issued it.

To win your appeal by composing a written statement, you must explain in detail the incident and provide any evidence you might have. You will successfully beat your ticket if found innocent by the court for the offense you were charged with.

However, if the judge decides that you are guilty, you will have to pay fines and court fees, and you will face additional penalties. Although most citations will only involve minimal fees. A traffic offense could lead to jail time in some instances. It is important to address your ticket as soon as possible to avoid consequences.

Paying a Hawaii Ticket

Drivers can choose to pay traffic citations in Hawaii, thus pleading guilty to the offense they are accused of. Paying traffic tickets online can be done by using the eTraffic Hawai`i, which is the fastest and most secure method offered by the state of Hawaii. Additional methods for paying are the following: by mail, by phone or in person at a district court.

Lost Tickets in Hawaii

In order to appeal or to pay driving fines in Hawaii, drivers must have their tickets with them. Dealing with a lost ticket may prevent you from answering your citation. Failure to contest will result in a “default judgment” in favor of the state.

In order to avoid fees in a case of a lost ticket, drivers may file a motion to overthrow the “default judgment” and send money for the exact amount imposed by the court. You may also contact the Hawaii Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) by phone, or visit the court’s website and enter your citation number. When visiting the website you can submit a payment and avoid going to court.

Hawaii Fines and Penalties

A traffic ticket in Hawaii holds information about the offense committed and about the imposed fines and penalties that go with it. The cost of the fine may vary from $100 to $1,000 depending on the offense and on the number of previous violations.

However, drivers may also be expected to pay additional fees, court fees and surcharges. Drivers are advised to read their traffic citations if they want to find out the exact amount of money they have to pay in order to dismiss the ticket.

Points in Hawaii

Drivers facing traffic tickets in Hawaii will not accrue demerit points on their HI driving records, because Hawaii does not have a point system. However, each traffic violation, ticket or offense will be written in their driving records. Drivers may be ordered to pay fines or receive a mandatory community service if they accumulate several offenses or if the offense is a DUI.

In addition, the Hawaii Department of Transportation may take actions against their driving records. Nevertheless, drivers need to either pay or dispute in order to keep their driving records clean. You can also consult a traffic attorney in Hawaii. If you choose to represent yourself, you may not have access to all the appreciate legal statutes that could assist you in winning. A lawyer can help you decide if attempting to fight your ticket is a good decision in your case.

How Tickets Affect a Hawaii Drivers License

Committing too many traffic violations in Hawaii may affect your driver’s license, driving record, or car insurance. Accumulating several penalty points for committed offenses while operating a motor vehicle on public roads may result in a driver’s license suspension. Drivers who want to reinstate their driving privileges will have to satisfy certain requirements.

Contesting your offense is mandatory for drivers who want to reinstate their credentials, regardless of whether they will fight or pay their traffic fines. Completing a state-approved HI traffic school course does not guarantee the dismissal of your traffic ticket fine or court fees. Find out how to get out of a speeding ticket in Hawaii by consulting the court that is handling your case.

Hawaii Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Drivers who accumulate a multitude of traffic citations in Hawaii may get higher Hawaii car insurance rates. Therefore, drivers need to appeal or pay online in order to avoid high insurance premiums. By attending HI traffic school, drivers can enjoy the added benefit of qualifying for a discount on their auto insurance.

In some instances, you will not qualify for discounted insurance due to the nature of your traffic offense. You may have to wait months or years before you can apply for discounts or attend specified classes if your offense resulted in serious damage or is considered a serious misdemeanor or felony offense.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.