Traffic school in Hawaii is a great resource for drivers. Those who enroll in a defensive driving class learn about the rules of the road and how to be safer drivers. In some cases, driving classes are mandatory for motorists who commit traffic violations. Whether you are required to complete a course that teaches you how to be a more defensive driver or you hope to earn a discount on your auto insurance, these educational courses can be valuable tools. Learn about the best traffic school options for you below.

1. Online Hawaii Traffic School:

The easiest way to complete a defensive driving course is to enroll in one online. Through driving schools that are available online, drivers are able to meet all state course requirements in the most convenient way. Simply sign up for an approved online driving course and complete the coursework on any internet-enabled device, including a computer or cellphone. Online courses are often preferable to other options, due to their:

  • Convenience. Take the course from wherever you are, without ever having to step into a classroom.
  • Flexibility. Complete coursework at any time or day, so it fits easily into your schedule.
  • Pacing. Finish the course at your own pace without the pressure of hard deadlines.

Drivers who complete a defensive driving course online may be able to fulfill court requirements, dismiss traffic tickets and even reduce their auto insurance rates without having to drive anywhere at all. If applicable, your driving school certificate may be sent directly to your court once you have completed the final exam.

2. Workbook Courses:

Traffic school workbooks are also available for drivers to complete their course from home. HI driving course workbooks offer the same information as their classroom and online counterparts. Each workbook comes with the same final exam that drivers must pass in order to receive their certificates. Similar to traffic school online, drivers complete the workbook at their own convenience without the hassle of attending formal classes. However, depending on when these books were written, they may be out of date, so be sure to find a book that is as current as possible.

3. In-Person Courses:

If you are unable to take driving classes online, you also have the option to take one in person. However, these courses are limited to Hawaii DMV approved traffic schools and involve a structured classroom environment. Unlike with online classes, in-person courses guide drivers through the material at a set pace. This means drivers must attend each class, regardless of any schedule conflicts. Additionally, drivers who have no local driving schools nearby have to spend extra time and money getting to class.

Hawaii Defensive Driving Courses

Many states offer driving school programs to drivers as a way to educate and enforce safe driving practices. In the state of Hawaii, motorists can enroll in a defensive driving course, either voluntarily or due to a court order. At the end of the course, drivers may be able to use their certificates to dismiss a traffic ticket or save money on car insurance. Note that driving school may not reduce any fines. You may still have to follow the steps to pay traffic tickets you receive as a result of driving violations. At the same time, some drivers choose to complete a course just to improve their knowledge and driving skills. Enroll in a defensive driving course online in HI to learn about driving practices, including things like:

  • State traffic laws.
  • Defensive driving tactics.
  • Ways to avoid road hazards.

Benefits of Traffic School in Hawaii

A defensive driving course in Hawaii has many benefits for drivers. When you complete a course and earn a traffic school certificate, you may be able to:

  • Reduce the effects of a moving violation on your driving record.
  • Receive discounts on auto insurance.
  • Avoid increases to your auto insurance premium in the event of a traffic accident.

Whether or not a driving course achieves these results depends on the kind of traffic citation you face and on your insurance provider. Whether traffic school is an option for dismissing your ticket is up to the discretion of the court. Either way, completing a course helps you improve your knowledge of driving tactics and traffic rules.

Why do I need traffic school?

There are several reasons motorists enroll in a course that teaches defensive driving. Some courts require drivers to attend a school, depending on the nature of the traffic violation. In other cases, courts allow drivers to complete traffic school for ticket dismissal. Make sure to obtain the judge’s permission before you enroll in a course for this purpose.

HI Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

In many states, drivers who complete a defensive driving course are eligible for insurance discounts. These are sometimes known as safe driving discounts, because these courses increase knowledge of safe driving practices. In Hawaii, a defensive driving course insurance discount may be available for adults or seniors. Whether or not you are eligible for one of these discounts depends on your insurance company and its particular policies.

Where to Take a Defensive Driver Course

Drivers have the option to take a traffic school course in a variety of formats. Third-party DMV approved traffic schools offer classes in a few locations throughout the state. If there is no local driving school near you, sign up for a convenient online course instead.

How to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course in Hawaii

If you are required to take a defensive driving course for a traffic violation, the court may provide you with instructions on finding a DMV-approved class. Choose the best traffic school option for you, either online, in a classroom or with a take-home workbook. Many drivers find online courses as the most convenient option available, since they can work from home and receive their results instantly.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate

Upon completing the coursework for a Hawaii defensive driving class, drivers are required to pass a final exam. Each driver receives a driving school certificate of completion for passing the course. This certificate may be submitted to the appropriate court either to fulfill a judge’s orders or have a ticket dismissed. Motorists can also submit the certificate to their insurance provider, in order to limit increases to their premium or receive a discount for safe driving.

Last updated on Thursday, July 26 2018.

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