A Kentucky defensive driving course is required of anyone with a court-ordered requirement to attend. The state traffic school is only available to those who are not currently under suspension at the time of citation. Also, only those who have been referred to the program may take the training.

In the state, the defensive driving class may be completed entirely online or in person. The training is often required to help a driver retain their driving privileges or to reinstate driving privileges. A key benefit of the course is that it teaches students the skills needed to keep other motorists and pedestrians safe and to avoid future traffic-related incidents. Learn more about the course requirements, who must enroll and what you can expect during the program.

Who can attend traffic school in Kentucky?

Residents may only take the Kentucky defensive driving course upon referral from the district or federal court where the violation occurred. Driver safety training is only available to those who are not under suspension at the time of the citation. Motorists who receive a conviction carrying a mandatory license suspension are not eligible to take the training. The class may only be taken once within twelve months. Non-residents and unlicensed motorists are also prohibited from taking the training.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Kentucky

Drivers may take the Kentucky defensive driving course online or in person through classroom instruction. The program offers many convenient options to attend including morning, evening and weekend classes. There are several program locations throughout the state that offer the training.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Kentucky

In KY, online traffic school is a convenient option for those wish to complete the training at their own pace. The online program does not require in-person visits to a classroom. The training material is delivered online in the form of slideshows, videos and online quizzes.

The classroom option requires students to attend a four-hour class. During the training, students listen to lectures, participate in discussions and learn techniques that help improve driver safety.

How to Enroll in a Kentucky Defensive Driving School

Motorists may enroll in DMV traffic school by registering with the state approved Interactive Education Concepts. Students register for this defensive driving course by creating an account on the program’s website. Students will need to provide their full name, email address and the date of approval from the State Traffic School Enrollment Notice. There is a fee for the course. However, motorists may register and begin the program before making payment.

Those who wish to attend driver improvement school in person must register online by visiting the Kentucky State Traffic School website. Motorists must provide their full name, drivers license number and date of birth to register. Students must pay a fee to register for the training.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Kentucky

Motorists who complete a KY driving safety course receive many benefits that impact their driving record and potentially their auto insurance premiums. Specific benefits of the program include the following:

  • Avoid points on a driving record
  • Reinstate a drivers license
  • Avoid increases on auto insurance premiums

Avoid Points on Your Driving Record

When a student attends a DMV approved traffic school, the court may waive points assessed for the traffic violation for which the driver is attending the program. A reduction in points could help a student avoid suspension of their license due to excessive points.

Retain or Reinstate a Drivers License

The district court issues court orders for individuals who receive specific traffic violations. These court orders may require a motorist to attend a class to retain their driving privileges. If a motorist does not comply with the court order, their license will be suspended until they complete the training.

Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies may raise insurance premiums for drivers with excessive traffic violations. The insurer may offer a driver safety course insurance discount if the driver completes an approved program. Not all insurance companies offer this as an option. Motorists should check with their insurer before registering for a class.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Aside from the legal and financial benefits of completing the program, drivers learn valuable skills that help them make smart decisions while driving. Students learn techniques to help improve their safety behind the wheel thus protecting themselves and other motorists.

Kentucky Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

The online KY driver improvement program consists of six chapters covering a variety of driver safety topics. Topics covered in traffic school include a review of Kentucky traffic laws, the state driver point system, driving under the influence and pedestrian safety. The class may require quizzes which the student must pass to complete the training. The classroom program covers the same topics as the online course and may be completed in one four-hour session.

Kentucky Defensive Driving Certificates

A Kentucky defensive driving certificate demonstrates that a driver has passed the required safety education training. Motorists must provide the certificate when following the process to reinstate their license. Those who take the online training will receive their certificate within 30 minutes of completing the program. The online provider reports course completion to the state the next day.

Kentucky Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

In Kentucky, defensive driving courses are aimed at traffic offenders who are court ordered to take the class. The class focuses on helping motorists improve safe driving skills and learn techniques to avoid traffic-related incidents. Drivers must take the training to avoid points on their license or to reinstate their driving privileges.

Drivers education, on the other hand, is a general education course designed for unlicensed motorists. Anyone who wishes to obtain a license in the state must take drivers education. Drivers education courses typically include behind-the-wheel instruction whereas a DMV defensive driving course does not.

Kentucky Defensive Driving Course Fees

You can expect to pay around a $15 fee for the Kentucky defensive driving course. Those who wish to enroll in the online class can expect to pay an estimated $39 fee to the course provider.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.