You can get CDL training in Kentucky for a number of different reasons, but are you aware of why you might need it as a driver in the state? A CDL, or a commercial driver’s license, is a type of license that allows truck drivers, bus drivers, towing vehicle drivers and more to legally operate their vehicles on American roads. Going through KY CDL school is an excellent way to learn more about these unique vehicles and how to operate them in the state, but it is not right for everyone. There are many different types of endorsements that one can receive for this type of license, which each have different regulations and requirements.

Going through truck driving school in Kentucky can be a long process, but it also comes with many added benefits. These programs are designed to provide students with the information that they need to succeed their driving tests, which can be very complex and hard to pass if you are unprepared. While anyone can study these CDL materials on their own time, going through an accredited training process can be the most efficient way to get licensed and on the road in no time. This article will help Kentucky drivers to learn more about their future CDL, and how they can prepare to get one today.

What is CDL training in Kentucky?

Learning about Class A CDL training in Kentucky is the most popular choice for many Kentucky drivers, as this type of license is the most common for commercial purposes.

This allows you to operate a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds, and can tow vehicles that weigh greater than 10,000 pounds. You will often need specialized training to pass the test for this kind of license, as the standard maneuvers in this type of vehicle are not covered under standard driver’s education.

Conversely, Class B CDL training in Kentucky is meant for vehicles that are over 26,000 pounds but are meant to haul a load that is under 10,000 pounds.

This is an important distinction to make, as certain vehicles that are meant to tow heavier weights can operate differently, and therefore require a Class A license to use properly.

Class C licenses can also be purchased, which allow Kentucky drivers to operate a commercial vehicle that was designed to transport 16 or more people, or transport hazardous materials.

Is CDL school required in Kentucky?

There are many reasons to take CDL classes as a Kentucky driver. If you wish to work in a field that has many commercial vehicles, this training can be invaluable to your career, and can get you where you want to be professionally. However, strictly speaking, this training is not required when getting your CDL in Kentucky.

While taking these courses ahead of time will make passing your driving exams much more likely, there are no requirements to getting your CDL if you wish to study for the exams on your own time.

However, taking a KY CDL course after obtaining your license is actually a requirement if you have your school bus endorsement, and wish to use your CDL in Kentucky.

If this scenario applies to you, driving a school bus without the proper amount of training could result in losing your license or getting fines and other penalties. Regardless of what kind of commercial vehicle you plan to drive in Kentucky, getting trained before attempting your test is the best way to learn and understand the state’s laws.

Curriculum of Kentucky CDL Classes

Taking CDL prep in Kentucky is the smart move, as these courses cover a plethora of different commercial driving topics that you will encounter in your driving and knowledge exams.

There are also often a variety of different education options available for interested Kentuckians, and you can choose the program that is best suited to your needs as a prospective CDL owner.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

Completing your entire CDL training online in Kentucky is impossible, but many programs have online elements that go alongside in-class instruction.

This involves going to a school, community center or private organization, sitting in a class of students and learning about commercial driving information from an accredited instructor.

This process is a critical part of preparing for your future tests, as it teaches you a lot of information that normal driver’s education will not. Some relevant information for your Kentucky CDL written test includes:

  • Different control systems for commercial vehicles.
  • Space and speed management with a commercial vehicle.
  • How to handle bad driving conditions and other emergencies, and more.

All of this information will lead up to practice tests for your eventual General Knowledge test, which will involve knowing all about commercial driving basics. You can often learn this information online as well, through the Kentucky Driver Services website and other related resources.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

Preparing for your KY CDL test also involves actually practicing your driving skills with a commercial vehicle. In order to achieve this, most training programs have a certain number of instructed driving hours as part of their curriculum.

This process is equally important to the knowledge instruction, as it teaches students:

  • Driving strategies with oversized vehicles.
  • How to park and turn safely.
  • How to handle traffic, lane control and more.

How long is CDL training in Kentucky?

Your CDL driving test in Kentucky is important to consider, but only after you have gotten the necessary amount of training in order to feel ready for it.

There is a lot of information to remember with regards to commercial driving, and so it stands to reason that most programs will take some time to teach students everything that they should know. In general, these programs take roughly four weeks to complete in Kentucky. However, they may take more or less time based on which provider you choose.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Kentucky

Answering “Where is the best Kentucky truck driving school near me?” is subjective, but there have been many reviews of training programs throughout the state that give a good indication of your best options. Some of these might include:

  • Truck America Training of KY. With their 160 hour, just-over three week course, this program provides a faster method of getting your CDL and starting your driving career sooner.
  • CDL Training Services & Consulting, Inc. This program specializes in small classroom instruction with individualized learning, and a strong network of potential employers after the program’s end.
  • Bluegrass CDL Academy. A newer option for Kentucky drivers, this program has a four week training course that provides personalized tours and detailed schedules of instruction in order to learn the newest CDL strategies.

Benefits of Completing Kentucky Truck Driving School

Getting CDL jobs in Kentucky is much easier by taking advantage of this form of education. This is because most schools have an active relationship with commercial driving employers, and recommend their own students for open positions with those companies.

Finding a job normally can be hard, so utilizing the free networking that comes with training can be very useful in your job search. Additionally, of course, completing this training will make it more likely for you to pass your exams the first time, saving time and money.

CDL Training Costs in Kentucky

The CDL training cost in Kentucky is very comparable to the average cost of these programs around the country. This is because although they are often provided by private companies and institutions, the costs of training must remain competitive in order to keep tuition high.

On average, these training programs will cost around $4,000 in Kentucky. However, this cost can raise or lower, depending on where you apply, how long your program lasts and more.

Additionally, paid CDL training can be an option for certain Kentucky drivers who qualify. This is an option for certain training students who can use their practice driving to complete a driving job with their instructor. In turn, this on-the-job training can help to lower the costs of your overall training bill.

How to Self-Prep for Kentucky CDL Exams

You can utilize a CDL practice test in Kentucky if you are still not quite ready to take your official test in the state. These practice tests are provided online by multiple different CDL authorities, or even as a part of your training program.

The answers to these practice tests and your final test can be found in the Kentucky CDL Manual, which is obtainable online. However, if you wish to take a free CDL practice test with the best instruction around, taking advantage of a training program in Kentucky is highly recommended.

Last updated on Thursday, February 27 2020.