CDL training in Maryland is a more common need for MD drivers than you might realize, thanks in large part to the importance of trucking across the Old Line State. Getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a straightforward process, but it is more involved than the standard driver’s licensing process. While both are regulated by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), commercial licenses are only possible to obtain after getting your standard license. Additionally, MD CDL school is different than standard driver’s education, as it is often provided by different groups. Understanding these differences is critical and a huge part of becoming a commercial driver in Maryland.

Attending one of the many Maryland truck driving school programs in the state is intuitive, smart and highly recommended for all CDL applicants. However, you can also get away with skipping this process if you feel ready to head straight into your driving tests. This course of action is usually not encouraged, as there are many important aspects of commercial driving that you can only get through training, and passing your tests the first time should always be a Maryland driver’s first priority.

What is CDL training in Maryland?

You may need Class A CDL training in Maryland if you are one of the thousands of drivers in the state who wish to get their commercial drivers’ license.

This type of license is the most intensive of all CDLs in Maryland, but it is also the most commonly needed license for commercial driving jobs across America.

With this license, you will be able to operate commercial vehicles that weigh over 26,000 pounds, and haul loads of over 10,000 pounds. These types of vehicles can be difficult to maneuver, and therefore require more training on average to master.

On the other hand, Maryland Class B CDL training is useful if you would like to drive a commercial vehicle that is over 26,000 pounds, but designed to haul a load that is under 10,000 pounds.

While this is more limiting than getting a Class A license, it also allows you to get your license more quickly and easily. There are also Class C licenses available for drivers who wish to carry 16 passengers or more in their commercial vehicle or who wish to carry hazardous materials.

You can also apply for additional endorsements on each type of license, which can allow you to drive another commercial vehicle type in Maryland with the proper amount of training.

Is CDL school required in Maryland?

CDL prep in Maryland should not be overlooked, as it is the best way for drivers in the state to learn, understand and experience firsthand the difficulties of driving a commercial vehicle. However, if you so choose, you may in fact skip the entire training process altogether.

Although commercial driving is very different than normal driving, the Maryland BMV allows drivers to apply for a CDL without taking a training course. This method is usually frowned upon, as not putting in the time to go through training will make you very likely to fail your driving and knowledge exams at least once.

Curriculum of Maryland CDL Classes

An official MD CDL instructional school is made up of many different parts, which each come together to make up the commercial driving process in the state.

When you take one of these courses, you will be expected to engage in both of the training types listed below. This will allow Maryland drivers to prepare equally for both the final knowledge and driving tests, and get the practice that they need to get a CDL.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

Although Maryland CDL training online is very limited when looking for resources by yourself, the most efficient method of getting trained for this program is to attend a course in person.

Nearly all training programs in Maryland have a classroom element, which involves:

  • Listening to lectures from knowledgeable CDL professionals.
  • Studying the basic concepts and laws of commercial driving.
  • Receiving individualized attention, and asking questions about the CDL materials.
  • Taking practice exams and other ways to prepare for your final test.

In addition, you can learn how to take an online CDL test in Maryland through this type of course, which will help you to learn the content and phrasing of real BMV test questions.

While the in-class portion of a training program is important, it is also just as vital to do your own preparations.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

Before you can take your CDL test in Maryland, it is also a good idea to take advantage of a training program’s driving instruction service.

This allows Maryland drivers to operate a commercial vehicle under the supervision of an instructor, and practice a number of different maneuvers. This includes driving on different types of roads, parking, turning, reacting to driving emergencies and more.

How long is CDL training in Maryland?

Maryland CDL classes can last for quite a while, because of the many different factors that can go into getting a CDL in the state.

In Maryland, you will only need to attend a preparation course for as long as it takes to feel ready for your driving and knowledge tests. However, if you decide to stay for your entire training, most courses in the state usually last for around four to six weeks. Of course, you may also choose to get your learner’s permit by yourself, and get your CDL on your own in as little as two weeks.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Maryland

If you are wondering, “How can I find the best truck driving school near me in Maryland?” then you are not alone.

Many Maryland drivers want to find the right driving programs to meet their needs every year, and do not know where to look. Luckily, there have been many highly rated training programs to emerge in the state, such as:

  • HCDL Training Center. This program has received rave reviews from their customers for great instruction, customer support and facilities. They offer both Class A and Class B license training.
  • CDL Training. This comprehensive service is one of the best CDL schools in that it provides instruction in English and Spanish and has a highly rated course. They also offer a job placement program for students who excel in the training and tests.
  • CDL 4 Less. This is a much more affordable way to get the CDL that you need in Maryland. They offer low prices and competitive payment plans, which allow for tuition costs up to $2,000 less than certain providers.

Benefits of Completing Maryland Truck Driving School

The process of applying for CDL jobs in Maryland can seem tedious after you get your license, but there are plenty of ways that you can get a head start with the right training.

As discussed above, certain training programs tend to offer job placement services, due to their partnership with a commercial driving company. Many trucking companies look for new CDL owners, and recruit straight from training courses.

Additionally, going through this training can even help you to apply to random driving jobs, as many companies view training as a positive resume builder.

CDL Training Costs in Maryland

CDL training cost estimates in Maryland can be one of the hardest factors to find during your CDL process. While the costs of applying and renewing your license are readily available through the MD BMV, there are many different training costs that come from each training provider.

On average, these tend to range around $4,000, but that number can go up or down depending on where you look. For example, the cheapest option at CDL 4 Less listed above is $2,200 for a six-to-eight session Class A training program. In general, the longer your training program, the more expensive that training will be.

How to Self-Prep for Maryland CDL Exams

Taking a Maryland CDL practice test is by far the best way to prepare for your eventual exams that lead up to getting a CDL in the state.

These can be in the form of knowledge exams that test your CDL information, or driving exams that test your comfort with driving a commercial vehicle. While some of these practice options can be found online, others are limited to training programs.

Additionally, all of your needed information for these tests can be found on the Maryland BMV website. Their MD CDL handbook is a free manual which compiles all of the test information and releases it to the public each year. Reading this manual is a great way to supplement your training, and prepare the right way for your Maryland CDL application.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.