Vermont CDL training is helpful for drivers who are interested in pursuing the steps necessary to obtain their commercial drivers licenses (CDLs). There are many CDL classes located throughout the state that focus on building drivers’ confidence in their abilities behind the wheel in addition to gaining knowledge of road laws and other information that may be on the knowledge tests administered by the DMV. It is important for potential commercial drivers to fully understand how to safely operate commercial vehicles before attempting to obtain their CDLs. This can prevent them from having to take the tests a second time or having to extend the time they have left on their commercial drivers permits (CDPs).

By signing up for a CDL school in VT, a potential commercial driver can secure his or her chances of passing the exams on the first try. These courses can also allow drivers to get comfortable behind the wheels of commercial vehicles while they hold their CLPs. Most of these schools are also helpful for commercial driving job placement after graduation. To find out more about how a truck driving school can help a potential driver pass the DMV exams for a CDL, read through the following sections.

What is CDL training in Vermont?

You should consider signing up for Class A CDL training in Vermont if you are interested in becoming a tractor-trailer driver. Since there are extensive tests you must take with the DMV when applying for a CDL, this course can assist you in ensuring you have the skills and knowledge necessary to pass these exams.

Additionally, Class B CDL training is a popular choice and is reserved for potential straight truck drivers. Through many of these training programs, you can obtain classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training and the potential for job placement once you complete the course and earn your CDL. It is important to decide on your career path and decide how extensive you want your training program to be before choosing the school and course that is right for you.

Is CDL training required in Vermont?

In most cases, CDL training in VT is not required before you can take the exams to earn your commercial license. However, if you plan to become a bus driver, then you will be required to complete a school bus driver training clinic that is approved by the DMV. This CDL prep course reviews additional safety guidelines and regulations you must follow when transporting school children.

While you are not required to take CDL classes in Vermont for your CDL or other endorsements, the DMV still provides information on reputable schools in the area. The department encourages you as a potential commercial driver to enroll in these courses to ensure success when you complete the mandatory exams. You are also encouraged to attend one of these programs so you can obtain behind-the-wheel experience with a commercial vehicle and experienced driver/instructor.

Curriculum of Vermont CDL Classes

The curriculum provided depends on the VT truck driving school you sign up for and the license class you are seeking. Generally, these classes provide you with:

  • Classroom instruction.
  • Behind-the-wheel training.
  • Range instruction.

By covering this curriculum, the CDL classes can help prepare you for the skills and knowledge you will need to demonstrate to pass the CDL exams. Likewise, courses will cover information in the CDL handbook.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

There is no CDL training online option if you decide to sign up for a course since most schools include both in-class instruction and hands-on training. This classroom instruction is meant to prepare you for the CDL written test that you must first take to gain your CLP.

Therefore, it is important for you to complete these classroom hours and interact with the experienced instructor to learn how to safely operate a commercial vehicle. Being prepared for the CDL general knowledge test will also keep you and other students safe when you move on to the on-road portion of the training.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

A Vermont CDL test includes an on-road portion that requires you to show that you can handle the operation of a commercial vehicle safely and successfully. Most CDL classes include several behind-the-wheel hours so that you can gain these necessary skills and start to feel comfortable while driving.

These CDL schools also usually allow you to borrow the commercial vehicle that relates to the license you will be attaining for your road test with the DMV. Borrowing a commercial vehicle is beneficial since you will not have to worry about registering a vehicle in Vermont prior to the test that meets the class requirements for your license.

How long is CDL training in Vermont?

Before you take your CDL driving test, it is recommended that you completely finish all instruction related to your class. The amount of time it takes to complete this training is dependent on the school you choose and the license class you need to earn. Some classes can be completed in four weeks while others can take up to six months to complete.

Before signing up for a truck driving school in VT, you should ensure the class schedule works for you. This will prevent any delays in completing your training and moving on to take the DMV exams.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Vermont

If you are searching for a “truck driving school near me,” then keep in mind the list of potential options may be long. It is important to choose a school that works for your schedule and provides the specific training you need. The local Vermont DMV offices provide five reputable options for potential commercial drivers, including:

  • Giroux General Transportation. This Vermont CDL school offers training Monday through Friday and on occasional Saturdays to get you through the hours quickly. It is equipped with a variety of modern trucks for behind-the-wheel instruction and offers job placement upon completion of the course and the CDL license.
  • Northeast Driver Training. This CDL school offers courses for Class A, B or Hazardous Material endorsements. In addition to classroom instruction and on-road training with instructors, the courses also include information on completing logbook documentation and vehicle inspection reports for potential truck driving employment, which is different from vehicle identification number inspections.
  • Precision Driver Training School. This is considered one of the best CDL schools in VT because it requires a minimum of 150 hours of training. This includes classroom, driving and range training. As a student, you are required to pass each section to continue moving through the course and onto graduation. After graduation, you can pursue your CDL.
  • Pro Driver Training. There are many courses offered at this CDL school, including courses for Class A and Class B or to convert a Class B license to a Class A license. Additionally, advanced skill and endorsement training is available through this school. A minimum of 148 hours of classroom and on-road instruction must be completed to pass the course and attempt the DMV exams.
  • Stafford Technical Center. This CDL training program offers extensive classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction to ensure you are ready for the CDL exams with the DMV. Classes are held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and administered through the center’s Adult and Continuing Education program.

Benefits of Completing Vermont Truck Driving School

If you are interested in CDL jobs in Vermont, then enrolling in a course can be helpful. Not only will this course prepare you to take the DMV exams that are required to obtain your commercial license but they may also be your gateway to employers throughout the state.

Since these schools have good relationships with truck driving companies and other commercial driving companies in the industry, many can provide assistance with CDL job placement after you have graduated and earned your CDL.

CDL Training Costs in Vermont

The CDL training cost in VT can vary and is dependent upon the type of course you need and the school you enroll in. For example, if you sign up with Giroux General Transportation to complete a course for your Class A license, then your tuition will be $5,200. However, keep in mind that this price includes the DMV testing fees and you can utilize one of the school’s commercial vehicles for the test.

If you sign up for a course for your Class B CDL, then your tuition rate is $3,500. With Stafford Technical Center, you must pay $5,556 for a Class A course and $2,875 to complete a Class B CDL course. However, the required DOT physical exam for CDL credentials is typically a separate fee.

In some cases, you can get paid while training for CDL in Vermont if you have an employment opportunity lined up. Speak with your current or potential employer to see if you can have the course paid for by the company.

How to Self-Prep for Vermont CDL Exams

You should attempt to locate a VT CDL practice test online if you decide not to enroll in a course since it can help you to assess if you are ready to take the exam. It is important to thoroughly review the commercial driver handbook when studying for both the knowledge and on-road tests.

The CDL handbook includes all the material that you will need to know to pass the test, so take your time when reading and studying the manual. It is also important to get time behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle before you attempt to complete the road skills test.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.